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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 152 – The might of the snap of the fingers 2/2 The three thousand people landed at the location, and immediately, they occupied half of the valley’s space. The three big shots immediately saw Emperor Cang who had been sucked dry. However, the three of them immediately moved their gaze away from Emperor Cang’s body after merely taking a look. After all, with the way Emperor Cang looked right now, even if his mother was here, she also wouldn’t be able to recognize him. Because Ye Zizi’s back was faced against the crowd of people, the three big shots merely felt that Ye Zizi seemed familiar. On the other hand, because they were facing face to face with Ye Hua, they felt that this man’s appearance was rather stylish. On that side, there are two men and four women, and on the other side, there are tents there. Seems like they are here for camping. And looking at the four women’s alluring attire, the tastes of this group of people sure are heavy. And just what is the meaning of this loli in front of us that is wearing a princess dress? Looking at the two, they seem to be preparing to fight with each other. Man Kai was the kind of person that couldn’t stand seeing a little girl being bullied. “I say, how can you be like this, to bully even a little girl!” While speaking, with an evil smile on the corner of his mouth, Man Kai walked towards Ye Zizi. Ye Hua silently lighted up a stick of cigarette. Man Kai patted onto Ye Zizi’s shoulder and said with a smile, “Little girl, don’t be afraid, big brother is here, if you have any troubles, you can tell big brother.” “Big brother~ Is that true~” Ye Zizi turned her head around and said with a smile on her face. Man Kai’s pupils turned bigger and bigger. This… isn’t this the f**king loli that was within the coffin?! A strand of hair silently entered into the mouth of the flabbergasted Man Kai. And within a few seconds, Man Kai turned into a dried-up corpse. However, the hair did not come out of Man Kai’s body, and was currently propping up Man Kai's body. This caused the group of people at the back of Man Kai to think that Man Kai was currently still whispering with the little loli. “Building Master Man, it is more or less enough already!” He Feng wrinkled his brows and shouted out. So many disciples are looking at you right now, even if you don’t want your face, I still want my face. Seeing that Man Kai did not respond, everyone couldn’t help but become alert. Shu Zhenhai shouted out loudly, “Building Master Man! Stop while you can, don’t overdo it! Don’t throw away the face of your Phoenix King Building!” Phoenix King Building’s disciples were feeling awkward to death right now. Our building master’s bad habit is acting up again. Ye Zizi used her hair to control Man Kai’s body and slowly turned Man Kai’s body around. The dried-up Man Kai could be seen stretching out both of his hands and making v signs with both of his hands. Meanwhile, after Ye Zizi’s head turned around 180 degrees, she shouted out sweetly, “Yay~” Everyone gasped and took a step backward. At the moment of life and death, He Feng and Shu Zhenhai immediately shouted out loudly, “Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!” All of us are clear of Man Kai’s strength, since the loli is able to kill Man Kai without making any sound at all, her strength is definitely insanely strong. The people that were dispatched over to this location must have definitely been sucked dry by her! “Damned little rabbits, trying to run away again~” Ye Zizi puffed her cheeks and said while panting with rage. Thousands and thousands of strands of hair began stretching out at high speed, causing others to not be able to help but tremble in fear. Snap! At this moment, the sound of fingers snapping into each other rang out within the valley. Ye Zizi went into a daze and slowly turned her head around. While with a cigarette in his mouth, Ye Hua’s right hand was lifted up. Ye Zizi’s gaze congealed! A round red color barrier immediately appeared around Ye Zizi’s body. Sizzle! The round barrier seemed to be enduring a strong attack and was slightly trembling. Soon after, cracks after cracks appeared on the barrier, forming a spiderweb-like crack on the barrier. Ye Zizi looked curiously at the barrier. However, as for the three thousand people that were running away, they instantly turned into dust, seemingly as if they have never appeared before. And the cliffs that were around the valley were reduced to nothing by the formless power. The pitiful Emperor Cang, originally, he still had a corpse, but right now, there was not even a single residue left of him. This was the version of the fingers snap that had been powered down multiple times. Ye Hua could be said to have been prompted by a sudden impulse to test out the might of the fingers snap. Ye Hua felt that the strength of the fingers snap was pretty good, it was able to deal fatal damage towards those people. However, towards Ye Zizi, the fingers snap didn’t have any effect on her. Ye Zizi redrew her defensive barrier and said while panting with rage, “Big skeleton head, you are annoying! You destroyed all of my food, you have to compensate me!” http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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