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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 153 – You! You are cheating! 1/2 A trace of smile appeared on the corner of Ye Hua’s mouth, lightly waving his left hand, the two immediately disappeared from the valley. Wei Chang looked at the two people that disappeared, then turned his head around and looked at Lie Gu. “Gluttonous Monster, quickly think of a way.” Lie Gu said anxiously, and his true form was about to appear because of his anxiousness. Lie Gu looked at the spot where the two disappeared from and took in a deep breath, “The reason that His Honor didn’t go and look for them is because he wanted to take a look at their attitudes.” “But, Zizi is different! All of us watched Zizi grow up from when she was just like a baby.” Lie Gu was like an ant that was in a hot pan. I’m afraid that once His Honor becomes angry, he would destroy Zizi. How would Wei Chang not under the situation right now? There were good sides within humanity, but there were also bad sides within humanity. Suspicions! “His Honor is no longer the same as he was in the past. He won’t be like how he was in the past and not be able to understand things.” Wei Chang sighed. Soon after, he walked to the small stool and picked up the fishing pole. However, he did not fling out the fishing pole. From this, it could be seen, in actuality, Wei Chang was also feeling very worried. Lie Gu stamped his foot heavily onto the ground, and the ground immediately began trembling, broken rocks began falling down from the mountains nearby, and the birds that were within the forest immediately flew to the sky. The two right now could not do anything, all they could do was to wait for the outcome. If they were to meddle into the matter with force, it would only cause the outcome to become worse! On the other side. Ye Zizi looked at her surroundings curiously. The scorching sun was shining right onto her, and there were lots of worn-out houses and logs that were rotten around the place, who knows how long it has been since anyone last lived in those houses. “Big skeleton head, what did you bring me over here for?” Ye Zizi asked curiously. It felt as if the two were completely not intending to fight with each other. While smoking onto the cigarette, Ye Hua walked to the side of a rotten log and lighted touched onto the log with the tip of his finger. Immediately, the rotten log turned into scraps of woods. “Back then, you were right here.” Ye Hua exhaled out a mouth of smoke and said faintly. Ye Zizi pouted her mouth, “What was I doing here?” Ye Hua did not answer her question and said calmly, “You were very obstinate. Originally, I wanted to kill you, but you were lucky." “Boasting.” Ye Zizi snorted as her head tilted up 45 degrees. Ye Zizi was adorable to death. “In the end, you were saved, and you became one of my subordinates.” Ye Zizi spread out her hands, “Alright, you are boasting way up to the sky now.” “If you are able to recall your memories now, I can forget and forgive your wrongdoings!” Ye Hua’s tone changed, and an eerie killing intent was emitted out from him. Ye Zizi turned silent for a while, and suddenly, she seemed as if she has recalled something, “I recalled something!” Ye Hua paused for a moment, “Really?” “Haha, big skeleton head, you are so easy to bluff.” Ye Zizi stuck out her tongue and made a face at Ye Hua. Ye Zizi’s action caused Ye Hua to become rather angry and a strong killing intent immediately erupted out from Ye Hua’s entire body. The killing intent was like a huge ocean wave, causing the surrounding air to seem like it was going to solidify, and also causing the surrounding to feel suffocating. The sharp aura caused Ye Zizi’s ponytails to flutter within the air. Meanwhile, there was completely no fear on Ye Zizi’s face, and even more, an unprecedented excitement appeared on her adorable face. “Big skeleton head, you are formidable! I also know how to do that too~” A killing intent that was on par with Ye Hua’s killing intent burst out from Ye Zizi’s entire body. Although the two killing intents were formless, when the two killing intents collided, a change within the nature of the two killing intents happened. It could be seen, the two killing intents turned into substances, and scattered outwards in a circular shape. The killing intents were like a sharp blade, cutting everything in its path. Within the radius of 10 kilometers, there was not a single tree that was 1 meter tall, countless things were cut into half by the two killing intents. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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