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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 154 – Unequalled in close combat 1/2 Thinking back to the past, I was truly foolish, leaving a bunch of top-rate equipment at the side and not using them, and being obstinate on defeating my opponents while being unarmed. After going through those few years of cognition, Ye Hua felt that wearing equipment was also a kind of advantage. Of course! Every mage has the heart of a warrior! Death Mage was the same too. Suddenly! Cracks appeared on the ground that was below Ye Zizi’s feet, and the air seemed like it was trembling. Ye Hua’s gaze immediately congealed. Ye Zizi could be seen holding onto her helmet with one of her hand and suddenly laughing out loudly, “You are looking down too much on me, Ye Zizi! Big skeleton head, you have truly made me become angry!” Bang! Ye Zizi’s aura erupted out from her body in all directions, and the blood fog that was emitting out from the Blood Lone Illumination became even denser than it was before! “Seems like your strength has also become somewhat stronger. That’s fine too! Let’s fight!” Ye Hua raised the Heavy Serene Shield that was on his hand, placed the Gold Flame Dark Blade on top of the Heavy Serene Shield, and leaned slightly forward with his body. Don’t see that Ye Zizi was just a little loli, her power burst was the most ferocious amongst all of the Seven Sins. Back then, even Ye Hua also wouldn’t dare to directly take on Ye Zizi’s pike attack. However, it was different right now, Ye Hua has the confidence to use powers that he was weak in to prevail over Ye Zizi! “Go and die!” Ye Zizi let out a holler and her body jumped high up into the sky. Ye Hua raised his head slightly, and he saw that there was a sky full of blood fog behind Ye Zizi’s body. Within the blood fog, countless grievance spirits that had a sinister look on their faces appeared. The miserable voices that were emitted out from the grievance spirits were able to make one feel agitated. “I have said before! Your moves are useless against me! I am able to completely suppress you!” Ye Hua raised his Heavy Serene Shield. Bang! A huge sound rang throughout the heaven and earth. The originally clear and boundless sky became filled with black clouds, and very quickly, the sky was dyed red by the blood fog, causing the sky to seem like it had sunk into a pool of blood. The collision of the shield and pike caused a huge airwave to appear, and everything that was around the collision evaporated. And this was just a mere simple collision only. A bunch of blood fog could be seen emitting out from the Blood Lone Illumination, and the blood fog immediately covered Ye Hua’s body. If it was a corporeal body, it was reckoned that the corporeal body would have already become dried up by now! However, Ye Hua was a skeleton, and he did not possess such a thing like blood essence. Ye Hua’s true body itself was able to put Ye Zizi at a disadvantage. “I have said before, your moves are useless against me!” Ye Hua’s gaze turned cold, and the Gold Flame Dark Blade that was in his hand slashed towards Ye Zizi with a frantic might! Ye Zizi snorted and she straightforwardly used her left hand to grab onto the blade! Ye Hua’s brows wrinkled. The degree of Ye Zizi’s strength has surpassed my estimation. It seems like, after reviving from death, she has become stronger too, she is no longer the Ye Zizi that she was in the past. “Your strength is not bad, and this is indeed a good blade too. However, it is still not enough to break through my Profound Moon Armor!” Ye Zizi snorted in disdain. Although Ye Hua was surprised at Ye Zizi’s strength, it was unlikely for Ye Hua to get defeated by Ye Zizi. “I have said before, this blade is used for breaking through your Profound Moon Armor!” Ye Hua said coldly. “What a joke!” However, right after Ye Zizi finished speaking, she saw a gold color liquid flowing towards her hand. Ye Zizi immediately let go of the Gold Flame Dark Blade and began crazily shaking her left hand, wanting to shake off the disgusting gold color liquid that was on her hand. However, no matter how she shook, it was useless. “Take note of your feet.” Ye Hua reminded. Ye Zizi took a look at her feet, and she saw that another gold color liquid had attached itself onto one of her feet. “Ye Zizi, if you had listened to my words and not poke two holes on your armor, you wouldn’t have died! But, you just wouldn’t listen to me!” Ye Hua shouted out coldly. Back then, the reason that Ye Zizi died was because the human Overlords found her weak point and landed a fatal attack onto her. Ye Zizi jumped up and down franticly, causing countless big holes to appear on the ground. However, the two gold color liquids were like superglue, firmly sticking onto Ye Zizi’s back. Currently, the two gold color liquids were slowly crawling towards the Profound Moon Armor’s holes. “Get off of me! Ah!!!” Ye Zizi who was within the armor suddenly let out a wail. Ye Hua looked silently at Ye Zizi. The Profound Moon Armor is merely Ye Zizi’s first line of defense, her true body is the second line of defense. However, the three Overlords from back then did not even give Ye Zizi the chance to change into her true form. Of course, I am able to do that too right now, but… http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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