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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 154 – Unequalled in close combat 2/2 After trials and tribulations, the two golden color liquids finally crawled into the holes. Ye Zizi who was still jumping around franticly a while ago immediately stopped moving, seemingly like her body had been frozen. “You!!! Just what is this thing!” Ye Zizi questioned. Ye Hua said calmly, “What is formidable about the Gold Flame Dark Blade is not the blade itself, but that two golden color liquids. They are able to integrate into one’s blood and distribute viruses throughout one’s body, which in turn causes one to lose their fighting strength. At that time, your Profound Moon Armor will be but just a decoration.” “So this is the case! Big skeleton head! You are formidable, but I am not willing to lose just like this!” Ye Zizi’s tone became weaker and weaker, seemingly like she was about to collapse at any moment. Ye Hua let out a breath, “Admit your defeat and surrender!” Ye Zizi laughed miserably, then collapsed unwillingly. A breeze blew by. The damaged ground seemed like the surface of the moon, there were holes everywhere. The sight of this place right now was enough to let one exclaim in astonishment. Ye Hua who had a full set of godly equip equipped did not move at all and was still looking at Ye Zizi who had collapsed. After a long while, Ye Hua spoke, “Is it fun?” Ye Zizi who had collapsed paused for a moment and there was still no response from her. “You are still the same as you were in the past.” Ye Hua said gravely. Ye Zizi’s temperament did not change, so just what is going on with her? Ye Zizi could be seen immediately standing up and snorted lovably, “Big skeleton head, you are so boring.” Ye Hua sighed. Seems like I have underestimated Ye Zizi’s capabilities. After reviving from the dead, she has become even stronger. Her situation is the same as me, Wei Chang, and Lie Gu. Ye Hua kept the Gold Flame Dark Blade within his hand and soon after, he summoned out a sharp sword. “Dark Cold Soul!” The cold air that was emitting out from the sword caused Ye Zizi to become dazed, “Big skeleton head, you are shameless.” Ye Hua snorted as he jumped up to the sky with his body, “For me to fight in close-combat with you, I am already giving you face!” The sword energy shot towards Ye Zizi like a raging sea wave. The sword energy brought along a might that was able to crush all living things with it, and the heaven and earth suddenly changed color. Ye Zizi who was within the armor congealed her gaze, and not willing to be outdone, she raised up the Blood Lone Illumination within her hand. The red light of the pike’s body increased sharply. This was the collision between strength and strength. Although the reason that Ye Hua chose to fight like this was because that Ye Zizi was after all one of his subordinates, Ye Hua having the heart of a warrior was also a part of the reason. A loud sound that was enough to shock one’s heart rang out. When the two strengths collided, an explosion was immediately formed! The boundless strengths rushed up to the sky and broke through the blood-red clouds. The terrifying airflow swept crazily in all directions, forming into a terrifying astral wind! “Big skeleton head, your strength is indeed pretty good, but compared to me, you are still lacking by a bit.” Ye Zizi laughed lovably. Ye Hua laughed lightly, “Is that so? I will let you see just what is called strength!” “I will look forward to it~” The two could be seen launching a confrontation of strength with each other. The scene was just like the end of the world, the ground was trembling, and the sky was oppressive. Bang! Bang! Bang! Loud sounds resounded throughout the heaven and earth. The two’s battle had entered into the climax. The more Ye Zizi fought, the more excited she became, and her strength kept increasing as she fought. Adding on with the Profound Moon Armor, Ye Zizi could be said to be close to invincible. Each of the Seven Sins has their own unique capability. Ye Zizi’s strength and power burst were the strongest amongst the Seven Sins, and she was even somewhat stronger compared to Lie Gu. However, Lie Gu was an invincible existence when it comes to air combat. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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