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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 156 – All of you have a woman, I want one too! 2/2 At the waterfall. Wei Chang and Lie Gu sat on the small stools and quietly waited for the outcome. Tang Wei stood at Wei Chang’s back and pinched his back for him. Meanwhile, Lie Gu enjoyed his three women’s services of back massage, hand massage, and leg massage. Who said that there wasn’t any advantage in having more wives? “Why are they still not back.” Lie Gu was a bit jittery from waiting. It has been a few hours already, isn’t it just a matter of seconds if His Honor wants to deal with Ye Zizi? Or, could it be that… Within Lie Gu’s mind, an image appeared, Ye Zizi was tied up, and His Honor was holding onto a whip and fiercely whipping onto Ye Zizi. “Your Ho… Boss!!!” Wei Chang suddenly stood up and shouted out. “Boss.” Lie Gu hurriedly stood up and shouted out. However, there is only the boss’s figure here, where did Zizi go to? Could it be that… Lie Gu looked at His Honor in disbelief and asked dazedly, “Boss, where is Zizi?” Ye Hua took out a cigarette and walked towards the tent, “She died.” Wei Chang and Lie Gu were stunned, seemingly like they had been struck by lightning. They could not imagine that the adorable Zizi had died just like this. Lie Gu was evidently feeling very sad. Lie Gu plopped on the ground and howled in grief, “Zizi, why are you so foolish, when you can’t win, do you not know how to run instead? I haven’t even had the chance to let you ride onto me…” Tears were flowing down from Wei Chang’s eyes. Back then, Zizi even wanted to compete with me, and right now… Suddenly, Lie Gu felt that there was a person on his shoulders, and he said gravely, “All of you, don’t mess around, I’m not in the mood!!!” However, his ears were grabbed onto. Lie Gu immediately opened his eyes. These women are too outrageous, can’t they see that I am not in the mood right now! However, when Lie Gu saw the ponytails that were swaying around in front of his eyes, he was stunned. Soon after, Lie Gu slowly turned his head around. “Hehe, Big Skeleton Dragon, did you miss Zizi?” Ye Zizi said sweetly. Ye Zizi could be seen riding on Lie Gu’s shoulders and grabbing onto Lie Gu’s ears with her hands. Lie Gu did not know how to express the joy that he was feeling right now, the expression that was on his face was very expressive. Immediately, Lie Gu soared up to the sky, and Ye Zizi shouted out excitedly, “I finally rode onto Big Skeleton Dragon~” When Lie Gu flew into the clouds, he immediately revealed his true body. Ye Zizi looked very tiny when she was sitting on Lie Gu’s true body. “Roar!” Lie Gu’s dragon roar that was filled with excitement rang out within the sky. Quite a number of people heard the dragon roar and they thought that they were hallucinating. However, Lie Gu did not roar out for a second time, because he was warned by Ye Hua. Without long, the two landed onto the ground, and upon landing onto the ground, Ye Zizi threw herself into Wei Chang’s embrace and hang onto him like a koala bear. “Gluttonous Monster, Zizi saw that you cried just now.” Wei Chang laughed lightly, “You saw wrongly.” “Humph, humph~ I didn’t see wrongly~ Still don’t want to admit it huh? When are you going to compete with me again?” “If you want to compete with me, it will only do if the boss allows it.” Wei Chang rubbed onto Ye Zizi’s head and laughed. Ye Zizi pursed her lips. Suddenly, she saw that there were four women beside her and her eyes lighted up, “Wow, such beautiful clothes, I want to wear it too~” In actuality, the four maids were still currently in astonishment. Originally, they thought that the loli was an enemy, and didn’t expect that, in the end, the loli was actually a teammate, it was unbelievable to them. The four maids still did not know what the situation was, and they seemed very respectful towards Ye Zizi. “Where did you buy this outfit from? I want to buy one too~” Ye Zizi touched onto the lace of the skirt and asked curiously. Little loli adding on with a maid outfit. Wei Chang and Lie Gu explained the identities of the four women to Ye Zizi, and Ye Zizi immediately felt that it was unfair, “It won’t do, all of you have a woman, Zizi also wants a woman too!” Wei Chang, “……” Lie Gu, “……” Four maids, “……” http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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