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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 157 – Hopeless 2/2 It was already deep within the night right now, and both Wei Chang and Lie Gu have entered into their tents too. Without long after Lie Gu entered his tent, the tent began shaking crazily. However, Lie Gu cleverly placed a barrier around his tent, to prevent from disturbing His Honor. On Wei Chang’s side, Wei Chang was not so direct like Lie Gu. Looking at Lie Gu’s tent, Wei Chang wants to express that he was very jealous. “Uncle Wei, it’s so late already, quickly come in and rest.” Tang Wei opened the corner of the tent entrance and called out to Wei Chang tenderly. Right now, Wei Chang really wanted to ask His Honor for a stick of cigarette to calm himself down, his heartbeat was beating a bit fast currently. “Uncle Wei?” Tang Wei shouted out with her face red. Wei Chang immediately revealed out a resolute look on his face. I will do as His Honor suggested to me, I will straightforwardly push Tang Wei over! Seeing that Uncle Wei was walking over, Tang Wei shyly hid into the tent. Tang Wei’s face was thoroughly red, and she was feeling extremely nervous. Entering into the tent, the theme of the tent could be seen to be red, appearing rather festive. Looking at Xiao Tang who was lowering her head and the shy look on her, Wei Chang swallowed his saliva. What should I do right now!!! Seeing that Uncle Wei was dazedly looking at her, Tang Wei lightly bit onto her lower lip and began slowly removing her clothes. Wei Chang was greatly startled, “Xiao Tang, what are you doing?” “Taking off my clothes and going to sleep.” Xiao Tang’s pretty face was extremely red right now. Uncle Wei is so stupid, what else is there to do after taking off my clothes. Wei Chang could be seen stretching out both of his hands. Tang Wei felt that her heart was about to jump out of her chest. Uncle Wei is finally taking the initiative. However… Wei Chang helped Tang Wei to wear back the clothes that she was slowly undressing and said with concern, “The valley is cold when it is late at the night, it is better to wear your clothes while you sleep.” Tang Wei, “……” First blood. Right now, Tang Wei’s heart was filled with shadow. Uncle Wei, can you be even more honest? Wei Chang let out a breath, then straightforwardly lied down. What should I do… How should I push Xiao Tang over… I’m online waiting for an answer, it's very urgent... Seeing that Uncle Wei lied down, Tang Wei followed along and lied down right by Uncle Wei’s side. The tent became quiet again. After a long while, Tang Wei flipped her body over and lightly hugged onto Wei Chang. Meanwhile, Wei Chang stretched out his hand and embraced onto Tang Wei’s slender waist. This time, Tang Wei felt that it was promising and said shyly, “Uncle Wei, don’t you want to do it?” “I want to.” Wei Chang said gravely. “Then, what are you still being in a daze for…” Tang Wei felt that she was going to have to hide herself in a hole. I have already crazily hinted to Uncle Wei, but why does Uncle Wei still not have any reaction. Wei Chang sighed, “I do want to sleep, but I really can’t fall asleep.” Pfff! Double kill! Tang Wei immediately felt a bit dizzy. I really want to cry… Does anyone have any good ideas for me? After a while, Tang Wei calmed herself down. I just don’t believe that Uncle Wei doesn’t understand. Before coming to this trip, I had done my homework! Slowly stretching out her slender hand, Tang Wei rubbed onto Uncle Wei’s chest. Will you still not understand after this! Wei Chang was very gratified as he smiled and said tenderly, “Xiao Tang, Uncle Wei is not tired, you don’t have to massage for Uncle Wei.” Pfff!! Triple kill! Uncle Wei actually thinks that I am giving him a massage, my god!!! How could it be? Seems like I have no choice but to use my trump card! “Hmm~ Hmm~ Hmm~” Tang Wei steeled her heart and let out extremely alluring moans while rubbing onto Wei Chang’s chest. Which man would be able to endure this? In any way, Tang Wei doesn’t believe that her Uncle Wei would be able to endure it! Wei Chang could be seen being startled as he asked with concern, “Xiao Tang, what’s the matter? Did your respiratory tract get infected?” Pfff! Quadra kill! Tang Wei felt that she had been struck by a lightning… Wei Chang said worriedly, “This valley is humid, you have to pay attention to your own body do you understand?” Tang Wei remained silent, she could no longer think normally. In the past, I felt that Uncle Wei’s symptom was only mild, but from the looks of it, not only is it not mild, it is severe. This is a sickness, it has to be treated. Right now, Tang Wei felt that she must treat Uncle Wei’s sickness, no matter how shameless she has to be, she must also save Uncle Wei. Tang Wei could be seen hugging onto Wei Chang’s arm and saying tenderly, “Uncle Wei, you can be at ease, today is my safe day, there won’t be any problem.” Wei Chang lightly caressed onto Tang Wei’s beautiful hair and said gravely, “Uncle Wei knows. With Uncle Wei here, not only will today be your safe day! From now on, every day would be your safe day!” Penta kill! Ace! Your woman has been eliminated by you. Tang Wei felt that Uncle Wei was hopeless… My god… Meanwhile, Wei Chang was currently thinking about what he should do to be able to push over Xiao Tang who was beside him. Pushing Xiao Tang over straightforwardly would seem not mannered enough, and dilly-dallying is not my style too. I’m really at a loss right now, is there anyone that can give me an idea on what to do. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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