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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 158 – Younger female cousin 2/2 After speaking, Ye Hua walked out of the tent and lighted up a stick of cigarette. The air here sure is good. The four maids woke up very early on to start preparing the breakfast, and currently, Wei Chang was sitting at the waterside and dazing off, while Lie Gu still hasn’t woken up. “What’s the matter?” Ye Hua stood at the side and asked. Wei Chang was startled as he hurriedly stood up and shouted out in a low voice, “Your Honor.” Ye Hua exhaled out a mouth of smoke, “Why do you look so miserable early in the morning.” How could Wei Chang tell his situation to Ye Hua, his situation was too embarrassing… “Your Honor is overthinking it, subordinate is just merely pondering over a question.” “Oh? What is it that you are pondering about?” Wei Chang really wanted to give himself a slap right now. There are so many excuses for me to use, and I actually used such an excuse instead. I’m going to have to face His Honor’s exam again. I hope that I still remember the key points that I circled in the past. “I am pondering about Your Honor’s action last night, about why Your Honor gave that Nine Demons Pagoda to Wang Dabao, and not someone else.” Under an urgent situation, Wei Chang’s brain began revolving quickly, and he began speaking whatever nonsense that came to his mind with a serious look on his face. Ye Hua felt that it was interesting and continued listening to Wei Chang. Wei Chang breathed in and breathed out, then continued speaking, “Although Wang Dabao seems like he belongs to the south, his wife actually belongs to the north, and I heard that this Wang Dabao listens to whatever his wife says. Therefore, giving the ancient godly item to him is equivalent to giving it to the north. Since the south’s prestige suffered damage this time, they would definitely send a punitive expedition against the north’s powers!” Ye Hua flicked the cigarette bud and revealed out a praising gaze, “Not bad, this is exactly my intention. We will let them fight amongst themselves, and after they have finished fighting, we will come out on stage and tell them the truth. I really want to see what kind of expressions those humans would have during that time. Playing the humans within my skeleton palm, it sure feels great!” “Your Honor is brilliant, using an opponent’s methods against themselves!” Ye Hua patted onto Wei Chang’s shoulder, “Not bad, you even know how to use words like these now.” “When subordinate is free, subordinate would take a look at some of the humans’ books.” A slight arc appeared on the corner of Ye Hua’s mouth, “Alright, go and call Lie Gu to wake up, we will go and pick up Ye Zizi after we have finished eating.” “Yes!” At this moment, Qing Ya finished changing her clothes and walked out of the tent. Qing Ya could be seen stretching out both of her arms and enjoying the clean air while with her eyes closed. Unexpected to her, a cigarette smell suddenly floated towards her. Qing Ya rolled her eyes at Ye Hua, then went and took a look at what they were going to eat for breakfast. Under Qing Ya’s lead, a sumptuous breakfast was made. At the dining table, Ye Hua was naturally sitting at the main seat. “We will leave after we have finished eating.” Ye Hua said. “We are leaving so urgently?” Qing Ya seemed like she still has not had enough fun. Ye Hua took a bite of the bread, then said faintly, “I have to go and pick up a younger female cousin of mine. This cousin of mine wants to enter into the city and attend school, at that time, you remember to help her arrange the procedures.” “Oh, so this is the case. I will make a phone call and make the arrangements now then. How big is your younger female cousin? Is she in junior high school or senior high school?” Junior high school or senior high school? Ye Hua moved his gaze towards Lie Gu and Wei Chang, and the latter expressed that they do not know. “Hmmm, she’s 8 years old.” Ye Hua himself also didn’t know if Ye Zizi belongs to junior high school or senior high school, because he himself has never attended school before. Qing Ya thought for a while, then muttered, “If she’s 8 years old, she should be attending primary school, and most likely third grade of primary school.” “That’s right, that is the case.” Ye Hua said. Qing Ya immediately gave Long’an City’s General Manager Liu Hang a call and told him to go and arrange the procedures. After all, the new school term was about to start soon. “Ye Hua, give your younger female cousin’s details to me later on.” Qing Ya said. Speaking of details, Ye Hua felt that Ye Zizi should be an unregistered resident. I will get Xiao Jiu to handle Ye Zizi’s identity later on. “Alright, I will give you her information later when we returned back home.” After breakfast, everyone left the valley. Towards Lie Gu’s women, the night could be said to have been a very exciting night for them. Of course, Lie Gu himself also had his fun in the end. However, towards Wei Chang and Tang Wei, it was simply indescribable. In actuality, the one who was the happiest was Ye Hua as he was finally able to make Qing Ya surrender to him. Take a look at her right now, she is leaning in my embrace at all times, she basically can’t leave me anymore. After getting on the highway, Qing Ya who was lying in Ye Hua’s embrace asked curiously, “Ye Hua, why have I never heard you say that you have a younger female cousin?” “En, I have not met with this younger female cousin of mine for a very long time already.” Qing Ya petulantly gave Ye Hua a punch, “Alright, you are keeping everything a secret from me.” Hooking onto Qing Ya’s chin, Ye Hua immediately kissed onto Qing Ya’s lips, causing Qing Ya to become dazed. “Annoying! There are still people here!” “Just treat them as they are invisible.” Wei Chang and Lie Gu were very wounded, especially Wei Chang. Why is His Honor able to flirt with his woman so easily and smoothly, and I’m not able to? Taking this chance, I have to properly secretly learn His Honor’s flirting techniques. Meanwhile, Ye Hua wants to say that, my flirting techniques are something that you won’t be able to learn for this entire life of yours. To be able to have a girlfriend, you should be content already. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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