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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 16 – Do you still remember what you called me? At this moment, Qing Ya’s phone suddenly rang, and Ye Hua immediately shook Qing Ya, “Your phone is ringing!” “Hmm, hmm, hmm~” Ye Hua had never seen before such an irritating woman, he suddenly sort of regretted his decision on that night. Picking up the phone and taking a look at it, he saw that it was an unfamiliar number and straightforwardly hung up the call. But he didn’t expect that the phone would start ringing again! Ye Hua took a few huge deep breaths. He felt that he was on the verge of going berserk. Immediately, he answered the phone call. “Qing Ya, are you asleep?” Long Aotian asked tenderly. Ye Hua coldly replied with a stiff face, “She is asleep!” After finish speaking, he hung the phone. Long Aotian who was far away at High Ocean City was stupefied. Looking at his phone, he scratched his hair. It was a man that picked up the phone just now! It is only 11 pm right now, it must definitely be someone that she hired to act as her boyfriend, it must definitely be…haha…After sitting still for a while, Long Aotian rushed out hurriedly and drove towards Long’an City in the late night. After waiting for a while, Ye Hua finally felt a bit of sleepiness, and he unhurriedly lied down on the bed! In the end, just when he was about to prepare to sleep, Qing Ya suddenly turned over and actually used her leg to press onto him! This woman's hands are even embracing onto me too! Furthermore, her head is actually resting on my chest, and the important point is that she is even dripping saliva too! I really want to use magic and go back to a month back, then nothing would have happened. But after thinking about it, forget about it…Stroking onto Qing Ya’s flat belly and feeling that familiar blood vessels, Ye Hua’s jittery mood calmed down. “Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm~” Qing Ya who was in her dream let out a bunch of faint breathing again. Ye Hua really wanted to shout out, “Hmmm your head! Are you finish or not? Why did I not see you hmmm, hmmm, hmmm during that night? Oh, that’s right, she fainted in the end during that night.” “Ye Hua, I want to beat this pig head of yours to a pulp…” Qing Ya who was sleeping soundly muttered out. Ye Hua’s face was gloomy. I really want to kick this woman awake, forget about her dripping saliva, but she even talks in her sleep too! Listening to countless curses, Ye Hua gradually fell asleep. A sun slowly raised from the east, and the golden sunshine sprinkled over the earth. Qing Ya was like an octopus, hugging onto Ye Hua without any image at all. Actually, she had the habit of hugging a doll when she sleeps, belonging to the type of people who lacks a sense of security. “Ring, ring, ring.” The phone suddenly started ringing. Ye Hua’s brows wrinkled, my phone is normally turned off at night, the phone that is ringing right now definitely belongs to this woman! “Your phone is ringing!” Ye Hua shouted in a deep voice. Qing Ya muddle-headedly raised her head, stretched out her hand and picked up the phone, “Who is it! Calling during the early morning!” “Qing Ya, it is me, Aotian~” Long Aotian drove the car and hurried over because he wants to know if it was real or fake. Ye Hua said in displease, “Next time when you sleep, remember to turn off your phone!” “Got it, got it, you sure are long-winded!” Qing Ya said impatiently, and immediately hung up the phone, then turned off the phone, and went back to continue sleeping. Long Aotian who was sitting in the car was stupefied, this man’s voice is the same as the voice from yesterday night! Could it be that they really slept together! This is not possible, I, Long Aotian, is, after all, a peerless immortal doctor, how could the woman that I have selected be slept by other men, this is not possible! Immense anger caused the steering wheel to become deformed, and Long Aotian’s ordinary face became even more twisted and malevolent-looking. Qing Ya! If you dare to do something that let me down, I will definitely make you pay for it! At the other side, Ye Hua was not sleepy anymore and said indifferently, “Until what time do you want to sleep till!” Qing Ya wrinkled her brows, then immediately raised her head, while with a panic expression on her face. Why am I lying in his embrace? I must have definitely been pulled into his embrace by him. “What did you do to me!” Qing Ya said shyly and angrily. Ye Hua sneered, and pointed to his own pajamas, “Look at what you did!” “So disgusting, your saliva actually dripped all the way to your chest.” Qing Ya said with a face full of disdain. Ye Hua knew that this woman would not admit to it. Luckily, I recorded it down before I slept. When Qing Ya saw her sleeping posture and those alluring sounds she let out, her entire person immediately didn’t felt good. After thinking about it for quite a while, she said, “You pervert, you actually took a video of me secretly!” “Tonight when you sleep, distance yourself a bit further away from me!” Ye Hua said in a deep voice. Qing Ya precisely did not like this attitude of Ye Hua’s, the more Ye Hua acted like this, the more firm and upright Qing Ya was about it, “I am just precisely going to hug you when I sleep, what about it! You are my husband, what is wrong with me leaning on you!” Ye Hua suddenly recalled something and laughed lightly. When Qing Ya’s saw this smile of Ye Hua’s, she immediately felt unhappy, he is definitely ridiculing at me! “What are you laughing about, don’t hide about it!” Qing Ya shouted. “Laughing at you.” “What of me are you laughing at, what is there to laugh about!” Qing Ya sat her body upright, and her proud figure immediately displayed out. She didn’t really mind it, after all, the both of them even had a much intimate thing happened between them. Furthermore, they were husband and wife right now, although there was a bit of the feeling of impersonating in their identity as husband and wife. The corner of Ye Hua’s mouth raised up as he looked at Qing Ya. Qing Ya’s body trembled, she felt that something bad was coming. “Do you remember that night?” “That night?” Qing Ya muttered, then immediately remembered. “You are shameless!” Ye Hua laughed once again, “Do you still remember what you called me during that night?” Qing Ya flipped through her memory. I was muddle-headed during that night, what did I call him? What did I call him? Immediately! Qing Ya’s face changed greatly, and her face was as red as a tomato. “I forbid you to say it!” “You remember it already?” Looking at Qing Ya’s panic look, Ye Hua wants to say that he felt really great! Didn’t you like to be obstinate very much! “I forbid you to say it!” “When a certain person is excited, she called me…hmmm.” When Ye Hua was about to say it out, his mouth was immediately covered by Qing Ya. “I’m going to fight you to the death!” An hour later, the two of them sat down at a vendor stall to eat breakfast. The corner of Ye Hua’s mouth raised slightly, whereas the corner of Qing Ya’s mouth was lowered, and her exquisite small face was bright red. Seems like Ye Hua won this early morning’s contest. “The youtiao is too long, tear it into 3 pieces.” Ye Hua said lightly. (油条: Youtiao - Basically a long piece of deep-fried dough.) Qing Ya was just about to retort back, but when she saw the grin on Ye Hua’s mouth, she immediately surrendered. Picking up the youtiao with her delicate hands, she pulled onto the youtiao with both of her hands. The men that were in the surrounding all did not know what was going on, when they saw Qing Ya pulled the youtiao, their entire body shivered, this woman is too fierce already. “You look just like a woman that is filled with grievance right now.” Ye Hua picked up the youtiao, placed it into the porridge and stir it around for a bit. The taste is not bad. Qing Ya snorted, “This is all because of you!” “You could have not shouted it.” “You!!!” Qing Ya’s exquisite face turned red again. This bastard, clinging onto my black history and not letting go of it, he is too much of a bastard! Ye Hua elegantly drank a mouth of porridge, then said indifferently, “As long as you are obedient, I can not mention about it.” “You are precisely a bastard!” Qing Ya scolded in a low voice. “You are not obedient again.” “Why should I be obedient towards you!” “Because you called me…” “Don’t say it!” Qing Ya immediately covered Ye Hua’s mouth again, causing all the men in the surrounding to feel jealous of Ye Hua. Ye Hua wrinkled his brows and the latter immediately withdrew back her hands. Qing Ya always asked herself why she has to be afraid of Ye Hua, but she does not know why. She would always feel that Ye Hua was aloof and remote. Although she had ridiculed him about it before, her woman’s institution told her that, this aloof and remote of his was normal.

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