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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 160 – Like-minded fellows 1/2 This was the gaze of death that was coming from the Supreme Overlord. No, incorrect, the gaze was coming from the jealousy king! “Hug what hug!” Ye Hua shouted out coldly. In this world, there is only one person who can hug Qing Ya, which is me! As expected, Ye Zizi immediately withdrew her little hands that she stretched out, then lowered her head, causing Qing Ya who was looking at Ye Zizi to feel sorry for her. “What are you doing, to shout at a little girl.” Qing Ya glared at Ye Hua petulantly, then squatted down with her body and lightly hugged onto Ye Zizi, “Don’t pay attention to him, he is precisely a jealousy king.” Ye Zizi’s little face immediately turned from gloomy to sunny as she leaned on Qing Ya’s embrace with all smiles on her face, “Sister-in-law, your embrace is so warm~” This little girl really knows how to speak, she could stand toe to toe with Ah Li. “Zizi looks very beautiful, sister-in-law likes Zizi very much.” “Like what like! Go and pay the bill, it's time to head back home!” Ye Hua was very unhappy as he stood up, walked to the door, and ignited a stick of cigarette. Seems like I wasn’t ruthless enough when I burned Ye Zizi last night. Qing Ya laughed bitterly, “Ignore him.” “En, Zizi will listen to sister-in-law~ Whatever that sister-in-law says, Zizi will do whatever~” In the past, Ye Zizi did not have any support against Ye Hua. Right now, with Qing Ya as her support, who knows how high Ye Zizi was even going to fly. “En, Zizi is so obedient.” Qing Ya stretched out her hand and pinched onto Ye Zizi’s cheek. Wei Chang and Lie Gu were immediately startled! However, Ye Zizi did not have any drastic reaction towards Qing Ya pinching her cheek and was still smiling. This caused the two to be put at ease. They were afraid that Ye Zizi would instantly kill the madam when the madam pinched onto her cheek. Asides from Ye Hua, Qing Ya was the second person that dared to pinch onto Ye Zizi’s face. No, incorrect! Qing Ya was the first human that dared to pinch onto Ye Zizi’s face! The two who were still unfamiliar with each other just a while ago, they were already able to hold onto each other’s hand right now. Upon seeing that, Ye Hua gave Ye Zizi a serious warning, and towards Ye Hua's warning, Ye Zizi expressed that it was her sister-in-law who wanted to hold onto her hand, and it was not her fault. I would be damned if I believed your words! Half an hour ago, within the car, Qing Ya was sitting beside Ye Hua and cuddling onto him. Right now, with Ye Zizi sitting in the middle of Ye Hua and Qing Ya, it caused Ye Hua to not be able to eat his wife’s tofu anymore. “Go and sit in the car that is at the back.” Ye Hua said. Ye Zizi immediately revealed an afraid expression on her face, and with the sound of a plop, she hugged onto Qing Ya again. Qing Ya patted onto Ye Zizi, then said towards Ye Hua, “What are you being fierce to her for. You are the one who wanted to come and pick her up, and right now, you are also the one that is being fierce to her.” Wei Chang and Lie Gu pretended that they didn’t hear anything. “Lie Gu, when we arrived at Long’an City, bring Ye Zizi to go and find a house for her to stay at.” Ye Hua has decided to change his way of thinking. Those who hugged onto my wife, all of them must be burned to death. Without waiting for Lie Gu to reply, Qing Ya disagreed with Ye Hua’s idea, “You are letting an 8 years old little girl stay outside on her own? Is this how you should act as an older male cousin?” 8 years old? I’m afraid that, even if Ye Zizi isn’t 8000 years old, she should at least be 800 years old. “Sister-in-law, Zizi is afraid~” Ye Zizi said pitifully. “Ye Hua, don’t argue about the matter anymore. Yutong’s room is big enough, we can just let Zizi sleep in Yutong’s room.” Qing Ya proposed a proposal that could not be argued against. Just that, is it really okay to let two chuunibyou girls, who are at the same time also costume enthusiasts, stay together in the same room? Are you not afraid of the two of them creating a huge chaos? If Qing Ya was to know of the development in the future, she would have definitely agreed to Ye Hua’s idea and said, “It is a good experience for one to live outside on their own, a child should learn how to live independently by themselves at an early age.” Ye Hua took a glare at Qing Ya, “If anything were to happen, you settle it yourself!” “So be it, I will settle it myself if anything were to happen.” Qing Ya snorted. “Sister-in-law, you are so nice to Zizi.” Ye Zizi smiled sweetly, causing Qing Ya’s heart to melt. Just that, Qing Ya was very confused when she saw Ye Zizi’s scarlet red eyes. “Zizi, why are your eyes red in color? Did you wear contact lens?” Ye Zizi blinked her beautiful eyes, “Nope, Zizi’s eyes have always been like that since she was born.” Although it was rather strange for one to have red color eyes, the red color eyes were indeed rather fitting with Ye Zizi’s looks. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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