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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 160 – Like-minded fellows 2/2 Afternoon 4 pm, they arrived at Leisure Bar’s entrance. Qing Ya brought Ye Zizi into the bar first, while Ye Hua still has a few words to say to Lie Gu and Wei Chang. “Do not slack off with the intelligence work, and remember to report back to me on time every day. Also, get Xiao Jiu to handle Ye Zizi’s identity.” Ye Hua said faintly. “Yes!” “Yes!” Ye Hua nodded, then lighted up a stick of cigarette while walking towards the bar. Wei Chang took off his seat belt and said, “You can head back home first, I’m going to go send Xiao Tang back home.” “Gluttonous Monster, are you still intending on sending your Xiao Tang back home by bicycle? You should drive a car and send her back home instead!” Right now, Lie Gu was merely lacking a gold chain to wear on his neck, Lie Gu was extremely rich. Lie Gu could be seen opening the car door and said, “I will give this car to you. Don’t be too miserly when chasing a girl, sometimes, you also need some materialistic items to grow your face.” Wei Chang went into a daze for a while. I feel that what Lie Gu just said is right, it is indeed inconvenient without a car. “I won’t be courteous with you then.” Lie Gu immediately revealed out a crafty smile, “I will hand the matters that His Honor instructed us to do just a while ago to you then~ Bye bye~” After pausing for a moment, Lie Gu added another sentence, “Properly seize your chance when night comes.” As brothers, I can only help you up to here. Wei Chang knew that Lie Gu wouldn’t give him a car for no good reason. However, for such small matters like these, I can hand them over to Death Mage to do. I will send Xiao Tang back home first for now, I still have to go to work tonight. Without long, Tang Wei sat in the car and cried out in surprise, “Uncle Wei, why did you suddenly want to buy this car?” Lie Gu must have definitely told her that I bought the car from him. “So that it would be convenient to fetch you.” Wei Chang rubbed onto Tang Wei’s cheek, and the latter seemed very shy. “But, this car is too expensive…” “It’s fine, Uncle Wei is able to afford it.” Wei Chang laughed as he began heading towards Tang Wei’s residence. Lie Gu also headed back home, after all, he still hasn’t handed over today’s rations to his women. Within the Leisure Bar. Right after Ye Hua just arrived upstairs, he heard Qing Yutong’s cry of surprise, accompanied by Ye Zizi’s cry of surprise. Pushing open Qing Yutong’s room door and taking a look, it was an eyesore… and even Qing Ya was dazed at one side. It could be seen that, Qing Yutong was wearing a level 3 helmet on her head and a level 3 bulletproof vest on her body. Right by her round butt, there was a frying pan hanged there. And furthermore, she was wearing a teacher outfit too. Ye Zizi’s gaze was fervent, seemingly like she had just found a like-minded comrade. “Brother-in-law, big sister, both of you only went out for a day, and your child is already this big…” Qing Yutong cried out in surprise, and soon after, she hugged onto Ye Zizi. What an adorable little loli. Ye Zizi felt that this aunt’s embrace was not as warm as sister-in-law’s embrace, but it still felt rather comfortable. “Hmm, hmm, hmm… Aunt, you are about to suffocate me to death.” Ye Zizi couldn’t endure it anymore. This aunt is too ferocious. Aunt!!! Qing Yutong immediately collapsed. Forget it that I’m called aunt by Ah Li, but right now, even this little loli is calling me aunt too. You tell me, isn’t this infuriating! “Yutong, she is called Ye Zizi, she is your brother-in-law’s younger female cousin.” Qing Ya explained. Qing Yutong’s eyes lighted up, “What are you calling me aunt for, you have to call me big sister, I am your sister-in-law’s little sister.” Since she is sister-in-law’s sister, I should indeed give her face. “Hello big sister.” “My god, you are too adorable. Where did you buy this princess dress from? It looks pretty good. I have also bought many princess dresses, but I didn’t really dare to wear them out, being afraid that others would think that I am a mental case. Great, now we can wear princess dresses and go out together.” Ye Hua said faintly, “Two mental cases.” “Really? Zizi has a lot of pretty princess dresses too.” “Zizi, do you know what cosplay is?” Ye Zizi shook her head, expressing that she has never heard of it. “Come, come, come, big sister has a lot of pretty clothes, big sister will share them with you.” “En, I like pretty clothes.” http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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