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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 161 – This black robe is extremely frightening 1/2 Originally, Qing Ya thought that Ye Zizi would stick to her very much and didn’t expect that… Ye Zizi would be snatched away by her sister. It is merely a few pieces of clothes, you tell me, isn’t this hurtful. Ye Hua walked to the front of Qing Ya and said faintly, “This is just only the beginning, there will be enough for you to suffer in the future.” After finish speaking, Ye Hua walked towards his room, preparing to take a bath. Qing Ya seemed to have also understood why Ye Hua was worried. Look at that cocky look on my sister, seemingly like she is saying, I have a lot of pretty clothes that you don’t have, while Zizi’s eyes are shining, and has a face full of envy. After sighing, Qing Ya walked towards her room. Just nice, right when she entered the room, she saw that Ye Hua was currently removing his clothes. Originally, Qing Ya wanted to avoid Ye Hua for a while. However, upon recalling to mind that they were already old husband and wife, what did she even have to avoid from Ye Hua for. “What’s the matter, are you not going to play costume enticement with them?” “Go to hell.” Qing Ya snorted. “Since you are the one who wanted Ye Zizi to stay here, you will have to be in charge of her from now on.” Ye Hua said faintly, then walked into the bathroom. Qing Ya took a deep sigh, then sat at the bedside and covered her face. Ah, Ye Zizi doesn’t seem to be as loli as she seems to be on the surface… Currently, at Bai Family that was located in the north! Bai Cixin clasped onto the Nine Demons Pagoda and sized it up attentively. Meanwhile, the Nine Demons Pagoda’s black fog slowly wrapped itself around Bai Cixin’s hand. Wang Dabao and Bai Qi were both standing on one side. “Wife, be careful!” Wang Dabao shouted out worriedly. Bai Cixin shook her head and said tenderly, “It’s fine, don’t be nervous.” Sure enough, the black fog merely wrapped itself around Bai Cixin’s hand for a while, then retracted back into the pagoda. “Now that we have the Nine Demons Pagoda, our Bai Family will be able to break into the ranks of the aristocratic families!” Bai Cixin slowly placed the Nine Demons Pagoda down. Her beautiful eyes were filled with the yearning towards power and authority. “Big sister, congratulation, your wish has been fulfilled.” Bai Qi smiled. Wang Dabao was the same, “Wife, congratulation.” Bai Cixin laughed lightly, “Our Bai Family is not the only one that possesses an ancient godly item, Xiao Family also possesses an ancient godly item! However, there is only one quota!” “Big sister, how about we annihilate Xiao Family?” Bai Qi suggested. Bai Cixin picked up the teacup and lightly blew onto it, then took a sip. “I do indeed want to do that, but there are rules. Right now, Xiao Yi is at his weakest point, it is indeed a good opportunity.” Wang Dabao said gravely, “How about I go and probe him out for a bit first?” “No need, lest he becomes alert. Obtaining an ancient godly item is only the first step to entering into the ranks of the aristocratic families, and our goal is not just entering into the ranks of the aristocratic families, and is instead entering into the ranks of the three big powers that restrict the aristocratic families!” Speaking of the three big powers, Wang Dabao's and Bai Qi's expressions seemed rather grave. To be able to become an aristocratic family, the first requirement is to possess an ancient godly item. Every five years, there would be a selection based on votes. Originally, Xiao Family was sure to be able to enter into the ranks of the aristocratic families with no problem. Unfortunately, another ancient godly item appeared, causing Xiao Family to have to fight over the family that would come to possess the ancient godly item for the quota to enter into the ranks of the aristocratic families. Towards aristocratic families, the first reaction that people would have was mysterious. And towards the three big powers that were above the aristocratic families, the first reaction that people would have was indiscernible! After all, the three big powers have never appeared before. Everyone does not know about the three big powers’ foundations. And as for where the three big powers were located, or just how strong the three big powers were, they completely have no idea at all too. However, there was a contrast that could be seen clearly, which was that, all of the aristocratic families were restricted by the three big powers. If not, all of the aristocratic families would have long fought with each other. After all, who wouldn’t want to collect even more ancient godly items? And the reason that each of the aristocratic families possesses only one ancient godly item, it was because the three big powers have already given a warning. The warning was that, each and every aristocratic family was only allowed to possess one ancient godly item, and furthermore, they were not allowed to participate in the profane world’s plundering. Whoever that violates the warning given, their family would be exterminated! From this point, it could be seen just how much risk, Ye Xiao, the person that Tang Wushuang invited over to snatch over the ancient godly item endured. Luckily, Ye Xiao chose to leave at the very last moment. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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