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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 161 – This black robe is extremely frightening 2/2 Bai Cixin placed down the teacup that was within her hand and said faintly, “Husband, have you moved your company to the north? After this matter, you can no longer go to the south anymore.” “Wife, you can be at ease, High Ocean City’s general headquarters is but an empty frame.” Wang Dabao was starting to get a bit cocky. Bai Cixin praised, “Husband, not bad huh, to know how to bind around with silk before it rains.” “After following and learning from wife, I am bound to receive some experiences.” “Then, husband, you tell me, what kinds of experiences did you manage to sum up this time?” Bai Cixin smiled tenderly. Wang Dabao immediately became dumbfounded. Bai Qi couldn’t stand to look straight at Wang Dabao. Who told you to act cool? You are in trouble now because of it. Wang Dabao coughed lightly, then said gravely, “This time, under wife’s brilliant leadership, our side managed to achieve an overwhelming victory, and to be able to do that, it is really not something easy. If not for wife’s intelligence, how would I be able to obtain the ancient godly item that easily?” Bai Cixin held onto her mouth and laughed lightly, “To be able to receive such a high evaluation from husband, I feel truly overwhelmed by favor.” “Wife rightfully deserves such a high evaluation.” Wang Dabao laughed mischievously and was looking very forward to the reward. After keeping her smile, Bai Cixin asked seriously, “Husband, tell me about everything that happened last night detailedly, do not leave out any details.” “Alright.” In the next hour, Wang Dabao displayed his eloquence to the fullest and created himself out to be an undying hero who was honored with a supreme treasure after undergoing seven rounds of battles. “Brother-in-law is truly exceptional, to be able to deceive those guys around in circles.” Bai Qi sighed. Although this brother-in-law of mine appears foolish, in actuality, he has a stomach full of evil tricks. After listening to Wang Dabao’s recount, Bai Cixin stood up with a grave expression on her face, “You are saying that, the black robe appeared at the start, and even brought along Cloud Sect’s Sect Master Xun Fang! And afterward, they ran away randomly?” “That’s right, I also feel very confused about it. When they suddenly appeared, I thought that they also came for the ancient godly item, but who knew, they suddenly ran away.” Wang Dabao also didn’t understand about this matter. “Xun Fang’s reputation became bad far and wide during a few days before, and yet, this black robe suddenly brought her along with him… letting her become angry… letting her become filled with hatred… Could it be that, he is trying to keep Xun Fang and use her for himself?” Bai Cixin mumbled. “Big sister, you are able to even think of that?!” Bai Qi exclaimed in surprise, while Wang Dabao chose to remain silent. If not, he would get asked questions by Bai Cixin again later. Bai Cixin continued and said, “Although I have never seen that black robe, experts like that black robe would definitely not commit lowlife things. About the matter that the black robe sullied Xun Fang, it must have definitely been made up by someone else. And that black robe made use of this point and made Xun Fang become isolated. This is also why that black robe suddenly appeared, that black robe wanted everyone to slander Xun Fang, and let Xun Fang take a clear look at her own situation!” After hearing that, Wang Dabao’s expression became grave. After letting out a breath, Wang Dabao said, “If that is the case, that black robe is too frightening, his mind is actually this meticulous!” “What happened to the little girl that was within the coffin in the end?” Bai Cixin asked. Wang Dabao shook his head, “I don’t know. Back then when I obtained the Nine Demons Pagoda, I immediately ran away, where would I even have the time to care about a corpse at that time.” “Then, who is that Emperor Cang that suddenly appeared?” “Who knows? But he seems to have connections with the people from the north.” Wang Dabao said. “What about the people that you brought along?” Bai Cixin asked. “I’m not able to contact them. I heard that He Feng, Shu Zhenhai, and Man Kai did not come back too, seemingly like they evaporated from this world.” Bai Cixin took in a deep breath, “Husband, Bai Qi, I feel that this matter is not that simple. Right now, we must act carefully. Regarding last night’s matter, the south’s powers will not leave the matter at rest, there will be a hard war that needs to be fought soon. Bai Qi, you go on and make the arrangements for the war to come.” “Alright, big sister.” After speaking, Bai Qi took the initiative to leave. “What about me?” Wang Dabao asked with a smile. Bai Cixin slowly walked over and held onto her husband’s hand, then said lovably, “Husband has been working hard outside for an entire night, therefore husband should be rewarded.” F**k, the main point is finally here. The two came to the bedroom, and Bai Cixin charmingly took a look at Wang Dabao, “Husband, this time, I bought a strengthened edition popping candy, and it’s mala flavor too~ Adding on with ice water, it should be pretty good.” Wang Dabao sat on the bedside and swallowed his saliva with all his strength. This is too exciting. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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