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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 162 – Tie up that author for me! 1/2 Zijin City. Within Tang Family Manor, Tang Wushuang was currently sitting on the sofa tremblingly. Behind him stood his two wives, Quan Anrong and Mu Jieya. At the center of the main sofa, a middle-aged man was sitting there. The man had a glossy and shiny center parting hairstyle, thick eyebrows, big eyes, tall nose, and the shape of his face was the golden proportion. Just that, the man’s attire was a bit casual, a shirt, adding on with a flower pattern shorts and flip-flop sandals. The man was looking at his phone. After picking up the teacup and taking a sip, the man’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly. Upon seeing that, Mu Jieya immediately walked forward and personally poured tea for the man. Suddenly, the man shouted out, “This goddamned author didn’t post a new chapter again! Forget it that he uploads slow! But to always break off from uploading new chapters too! Even more, he actually dares to shamelessly request for tips and recommendation tickets! Wushuang, help me send a box of razor blades to this author! No, forget it! Help me find this author instead and get him to upload a new chapter every day, if not, beat him to death!” Tang Wushuang gave a forced laugh, “Alright master, I will immediately go and see to it.” The man’s name was Gui Chengren. Five years ago, Gui Chengren saved Tang Wushuang who was at his dying breath and taught Tang Wushuang a bit of capability. Afterward, when Tang Wushuang returned back to the city, he put his capability to use and took back everything that belonged to him. Gui Chengren placed his phone down, then picked up the teacup and took a sip again, “After a few years since we last met, Wushuang, your harem chamber became bigger again.” “It is all thanks to master’s fortune, if not, how would Wushuang even be able to have the accomplishment that he has today.” Tang Wushuang said sincerely. In actuality, Tang Wushuang wasn't really intimate with his master. Tang Wushuang’s master could be said to be an existence whose traces were very hard to find. “You have indeed accomplished in obtaining women, but your power and authority still have not changed in the slightest bit. As your master, I am a bit disappointed.” Gui Chengren placed the teacup down, then took out a stick of cigarette. Upon seeing that, Tang Wushuang immediately walked up and lighted up the cigarette for Gui Chengren. Soon after lighting up the cigarette, Tang Wushuang said, “Master, after climbing up to this step, disciple could be said to have the intention to want to climb higher, but is powerless to do so. It is too hard to climb up another step from where I am right now.” “With your current wisdom, it is great enough if you didn’t fall down from where you are right now!” Gui Chengren took a puff, then said in disdain. Tang Wushuang lowered his noble head. In front of his master, he did not have any bit of temper at all. Master is able to stab me to death with just one finger. “The reason that I came here today is to ask you why you did not snatch over the ancient godly item! Although the ancient godly item is not worth much money, it is able to help you pave the path ahead!” Quan Anrong could be heard saying, “Master, you can’t blame it all on Wushuang, he called over Ye Xiao to help him snatch over the ancient godly item, but that Ye Xiao did not keep his word. And also…” “Anrong, don’t speak!” Tang Wushuang shouted out gravely. Gui Chengren’s gaze congealed and he said slowly, “Wushuang, not only do you not have the ambition to improve yourself, the woman that you taught out is undisciplined too! When men are having a conversation, what place is there for a woman to interfere!” Quan Anrong’s pretty face immediately collapsed. “The two of you leave first.” Tang Wushuang said gravely. Originally, I wanted to bring the two of them along by my side so that they could be of a bit of use in this situation. After all, their brains are very good. However, I didn’t expect that this would be the outcome. Mu Jieya pulled onto Quan Anrong and quickly left. Our husband's master is temperamental, and also very strange, to be able to be so obsessed with reading a novel. “Master, they are not sensible, so please don’t be angry with them anymore.” Tang Wushuang fawned. I require master’s help for the current situation. “It’s one thing that they are insensible, but you are following along them and being insensible too. Your wisdom is being blinded by your lust!” Tang Wushuang hurriedly responded, “Yes, yes, yes, master, you are right.” “Back then, being prompted by a sudden impulse, I saved you and imparted to you a bit of martial technique. During the first few years, your performance was pretty good, but your performance this year made me felt very disappointed. When you go out, don’t say that you are my disciple!” Tang Wushuang hanged his head down firmly and listened to his master’s reprimand. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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