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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 163 – Don’t want to go to school, want to eat chicken 1/2 At a place that was located at the other side of Zijin City, this place lost its former glory, and seemed rather oppressive. When night arrived, the entire manor was pitch-black, seemingly just like a haunted house. This was the Xiao Manor that had lost its former glory! Xiao Yi was currently sitting cross-legged in a secret room and cultivating with a calm mind. However, how could his mind be calm! From the slightly wrinkled brows of his, it could be seen that he wasn’t calm at all. My beloved wife is dead, and I don’t even dare to hold a funeral for her at all. Up till today, her corpse is still being freeze. My son only knows that her mother went on a business trip. It has only been a few days and he is already throwing a tantrum wanting for his mother to come back. But, could she even come back?! She can’t! Opening his eyes, Xiao Yi’s eyes were filled with bloodshot. The big battle with that black robe caused my vitality to flow backward, which caused an injury that is unable to be removed to be left behind in my body. Furthermore, the death of my beloved wife caused my heart and veins to become greatly damaged. With such injuries, I’m afraid that there isn’t any way to reverse my situation anymore, and I won’t be able to hold out for much longer. However, if I were to die! What would happen to them! What would happen to my child! My past enemies would thrust their spearheads towards them! Thinking up to here, blood spilled out from the corner of Xiao Yi’s mouth again. Xiao Yi’s body condition was critical and beyond cure right now! Dragging onto his heavy body, Xiao Yi opened the door of the secret room. However, the moment that he walked out of the room, his slightly arched back became straight. Some sufferings and hardships have to be swallowed by myself, to avoid my women from becoming worried. While enduring the spiritual energy that was moving around in chaos in his body, Xiao Yi came to the lobby. Who knew, all of his women were currently gathered together, and seemed to be having a meeting. “Brother Xiao, you have come out from your closed-door cultivation!” Yu Qi hurriedly walked up and supported onto Xiao Yi. Yu Qi’s stomach was already bulging slightly. Looking at Yu Qi’s stomach, Xiao Yi squeezed out a smile, “Are you all still fine?” “En, Brother Xiao, you don’t have to worry about us, we are all fine.” Yu Qi supported onto Xiao Yi and brought him to the main seat. With a grave expression on her pretty face, Shu Nan walked over to her husband’s side, wanting to feel her husband’s pulse. Xiao Yi knew Shu Nan’s intention, and thus avoid Shu Nan from feeling his pulse. Not only did going into closed-door cultivation not have any use, but my injuries have even worsened too. I don’t want them to come to know of such an outcome. Even if they have to know, now is not the time too. Shu Nan wrinkled her willow brows and was incomparably worried. The more husband acts like this, the more it shows that his injuries are very serious. “What were you all chatting about?” Xiao Yi tried his best to maintain a relaxed look on him. I have been in closed-door cultivation for those past few days, and I am completely unaware of everything that happened outside. Yu Qi smiled and said lovably, “Nothing much, just some company’s matters.” “Is there even a need for you all to act like this for some company’s matters? Go on and tell me the truth, no matter what, we have already gotten through the most enormous matter…” Xiao Yi laughed miserably. If time could be reversed, I should have learned from Wang Dabao and paid up the money that I lost from the bet. I have truly enacted out the phrase ‘given away a bride, and lost one’s army on top of that’ to the fullest! The few women took a look at each other, and in the end, Shu Nan began telling everything that happened during the past few days to Xiao Yi. “Wushuang came to deliver the money? He has the heart.” Xiao Yi felt a bit gratified in his heart. At the least, I didn't become brothers with him for nothing. However, Yu Qi didn’t interpret it like that, “Brother Xiao, during the day that Wushuang came, you were already in closed-door cultivation. And during that day that Wushuang came, he was a bit absent-minded. From what I see, things aren’t as simple as just him coming over to deliver the money to you.” “Perhaps he was worried about my injuries. Wushuang is a rather good guy, he didn’t throw stones at us while we are down like the other families.” Xiao Yi's middle qi area was very weak, and thus his tone sounded very weak. The few women didn’t continue talking about it anymore, to avoid their husband from getting angry. We have to take things slowly, because the next matter is even more serious. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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