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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman/ You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 163 – Don’t want to go to school, want to eat chicken 2/2 After a long while, Xiao Yi finished listening to everything. Xiao Yi didn’t have a very big reaction, and instead, he merely let out a breath. Heaven wants my Xiao Family to die! All of the women remained silent, not wanting to continue and provoke their husband. Yu Qi said solemnly, “Brother Xiao, Bai Family might be planning something unfavorable towards us, we have to plan ahead early.” “Bai Family? I’m afraid it’s not only just Bai Family! Right now, the Xuan Yuan Sword that is within my hand is practically a hot item, everyone is thinking of obtaining it!” Xiao Yi said coldly. I am truly a fallen tiger being bullied by dogs right now!!!! “Brother Xiao, how about we hand over the sword to them, and they can fight amongst themselves over the sword however they want.” Shu Nan’s suggestion could be said to be what all of the women were thinking in their hearts too. It’s fine if the sword is gone, as long as everyone is still here, it will do. However, Xiao Yi doesn’t think like that. If I don’t have the sword anymore, it would increase the speed towards my death. Right now, the reason that they don’t dare to set out to snatch the sword over from me is because they are not sure just how heavy the injuries that I suffered are. Once they found out about it, I’m afraid that they would immediately come over and snatch the sword over from me. Right now, the only thing that I can do is to use this Xuan Yuan Sword to exchange for their safety! “You all can be at ease, I have my own plans.” Xiao Yi laughed lightly. If the sword is not able to exchange for their safety, I will add on with my life then! All of them have blind trust towards their own husband, they thought that Xiao Yi really have some good plans, and thus, all of them gradually revealed out a trace of happy expression on their faces. “Brother Xiao, let’s go and eat first, only after having your fill, then would you be able to have the strength to do things.” Yu Qi said tenderly as she supported onto Xiao Yi’s left side, while Shu Nan supported onto Xiao Yi’s right side. Taking this chance, Shu Nan immediately felt onto her husband’s pulse, and her face which still had some color a while ago immediately turned pale, seemingly just like a piece of white paper. This kind of pulse is the omen that death is about to come!!! So, everything that Brother Xiao said just a while ago was all lies, Brother Xiao is going to die soon!!! Xiao Yi took a look at Shu Nan, and his gesture towards Shu Nan was very obvious, he was telling her to not speak of it. On the diner table, the happy atmosphere from the past was no longer there anymore, and what replaced the atmosphere was an oppressive atmosphere. Meanwhile, at Leisure Bar, it was time for everyone to eat too. Crayfish great feast… Qing Ya was immediately stupefied. He is practically trying to take revenge on me for not serving upon him during those few days. Not only is he a jealousy king, but he is also a petty fellow. “Wow, crayfishes, Zizi’s favorite.” Ye Zizi immediately wore the gloves and began eating. Ye Hua coughed lightly, hinting towards Qing Ya. Qing Ya bit onto her lips, and without choice, she wore the gloves and began peeling a crayfish for Ye Hua. After finish peeling the crayfish, Qing Ya dipped the crayfish meat into the broth, then placed it into her husband’s bowl. Ye Hua was very satisfied. This crayfish meat is truly becoming more and more delicious. Qing Yutong looked at the two. They reconciled after going out on a trip together, the speed that they reconcile sure is fast. Looking at big sister’s manner right now, there is no need to say too much, brother-in-law must have definitely been the one who came out victorious. “Brother-in-law, eat crayfish meat~” How could Qing Yutong let go of such a chance to bootlick her brother-in-law? If I want to have meat to eat, I have to bootlick brother-in-law. “Big brother, here, Zizi peeled a piece of crayfish meat for you~” Ye Zizi’s mentality was more or less the same as Qing Yutong’s mentality. In any case, both of them were heavily suspected to be bootlicking Ye Hua. Meanwhile, Ye Hua didn’t care too much. This is the treatment that a Supreme Overlord should enjoy, one word, comfortable! “Ye Zizi, you will have to go and start going to school in half a month's time. Properly study while you are there!” While eating the crayfish meat, and drinking iced sprite, Ye Hua said faintly. You are letting an old monster to go to school and study, are you not afraid of her eating up all of the teachers that are within the school? Sure enough, upon hearing about going to school, Ye Zizi’s expression collapsed, “Big brother, I don’t want to go to school, I want to eat chicken.” Ye Hua and Qing Ya immediately moved their gazes towards Qing Yutong, while Qing Yutong pretended that she didn’t hear anything and quietly peeled onto the crayfishes, “Big sister, eat crayfish meat. Brother-in-law, eat crayfish meat.” “Qing Yutong! How can you misguide a little child like this!” Qing Ya strictly reprimanded. It has only been a few hours, and this sister of mine has already made an innocent and gullible little loli become depraved. Right now, Ye Zizi doesn’t want to go to school, and wants to eat chicken! Qing Yutong raised up both of her hands and said in grievance, “Brother-in-law, big sister, this really isn’t my fault.” After finish speaking, Qing Yutong pulled onto Ye Zizi’s skirt. “Big brother, sister-in-law, this really isn’t Big Sister Qing’s fault, big sister merely taught me how to play the game, how to spray with the guns, and how to fight over airdrops, it is Zizi’s fault for becoming addicted.” Ye Zizi said pitifully. Pfff! Qing Yutong almost spat out a mouth of blood. You were obviously the one who begged me to teach you how to play, and now it becomes like I was the one who took the initiative to teach you how to play! http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman/

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