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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 164 – I will do it! 2/2 After finish eating the crayfishes, Qing Ya joined the chicken-eating squad. Ye Hua really didn’t want to say anything. How did you reprimanded them just now, and right now, you are playing together with them, where is your integrity at? Because Little Ah Li was online again, the bored Ye Hua came downstairs to take a look if the business has gotten better or not. However, when he came downstairs and took a look… Asides from my waiters, waitresses, and security guards, there is no one else! How is this possible! Ye Hua beckoned over Wei Chang. “Boss, what’s the matter?” “Where are the customers at!” Ye Hua asked gravely. Wei Chang shook his head, “I don’t know too.” A few months ago, this place was always filled with people, and whenever I came downstairs, there would be all kinds of screams. And yet, right now… After sighing, Ye Hua said, “I am going to go out for a few days tomorrow. After coming back, I want to see that the bar is filled with customers! If not, I will deduct your pay!” “Boss, I was just thinking of asking you to increase my pay…” Wei Chang said embarrassedly. Originally, my expenses were already so big after getting a girlfriend, and right now, I have to pay for the expenses of the car oil too. Ye Hua took a glare at Wei Chang, “The business is already like this and you still want me to increase your pay? I am already about to have to go and drink the northwest wind!” “Boss, there is a strong stir-fry crayfish smell on your body.” “……” “You even dare to talk back to me now huh?” “Subordinate does not dare.” Wei Chang said hurriedly. I am just merely feeling happy that Ye Zizi returned, and thus acted mischievously for a bit. “How is the matter that I asked you to investigate?” Ye Hua took out a cigarette and sat at the booth that was at the side. Wei Chang was slightly startled, I seemed to have forgotten about it. “It is still under investigation.” “If it really won’t do, you can go and add fire to the situation. The purpose is to get them to fight, the bigger the fight, the better it is.” “Yes!” After speaking finish, Ye Hua stood up and walked towards the outside. “Boss, where are you heading to?” “Heading outside to have a breather.” “En.” Wei Chang responded. Right now, His Honor has even learned to take a stroll after having a meal. Seems like, without too long, His Honor will go and dance fitness dances at public squares. Enough thinking, right now, I should quickly contact Death Mage. Taking out his phone, Wei Chang gave a call to Death Mage’s phone. However, after thinking for a bit, Wei Chang hanged up the call. It is a big waste of the phone bill to contact Death Mage by phone. “Death Mage!” Death Mage who was currently playing his game went into a daze, then hurriedly responded, “Master!” “His Honor has an order for you, the order is for you to go and act as a spy and investigate the movements of both the north’s and south’s powers.” Wei Chang felt that this was what His Honor meant. After all, only a spy would be able to collect a huge amount of information. It is always acted out like this within the spy dramas that I watched. “Spy!” Death Mage felt that he could not be called Death Mage anyway, because the mission he just received no longer has a connection with death. “That’s right, you have to report the information you gathered to me every day!” “Subordinate shall solemnly obey His Honor’s order!” After cutting off the connection, Death Mage let out a deep sigh. His Honor’s missions are getting harder and harder, how am I going to have the time to play games in the future? Biubiubiu… At Death Mage’s side, the sound of bullets being shot rang out. Xun Fang could be seen holding onto a phone and playing the fishing game too. That serious look on Xun Fang’s face seemed like she was currently taking revenge. That’s right, Xun Fang was precisely taking revenge right now. Since I am not able to defeat him in battle, I will defeat him in the thing that he is best at! However… This fishing game is too much of a fraud… I don’t have any money left, and right now, even three meals a day is a problem for me. Hmmm, I might as well refund the house and get back the deposit that I deposited for the house. Staying at Tianqiao Bridge is out of the question, however, the park is a rather good option. In any case, if I don’t kill him in this lifetime of mine, I would be ashamed to face against this life of mine! Death Mage immediately started typing on his phone, then tapped onto Xun Fang’s shoulder with his bone finger. “I have a way to earn money, do you want to do it or not?” After seeing the words on the phone, Xun Fang’s brows became tightly wrinkled. The way that he has to earn money is definitely not an honest way. However, without money, I won’t be able to defeat him. After thinking for a while. “I will do it!” “Jiejiejie…” Imperial translation: “As expected of the woman who likes me. Although you are ugly, you are determined!” http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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