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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 165 – Donghuang Baizhi 1/2 As to how to accomplish His Honor’s order, Death Mage already had a plan. This is going to be a different and unusual way of working as a spy, a way that would be filled with blood and cruelness! I like this plan of mine so much~ On the other side, Ye Hua took a round of stroll outside, and when he returned back to the bar, there was a file folder in his hand. The file folder was sent over by Lie Gu, and within the file folder were the documents of Ye Zizi’s information. Right now, there is no need to even go and find Xiao Jiu, Lie Gu himself has the resources to handle things like this. Not bad, not bad, all of them are beginning to have brains. Returning back upstairs and opening the door of Qing Yutong’s room, Ye Zizi could be heard shouting and making a big fuss to the mic, while Qing Yutong and Qing Ya could be seen remaining silent. “Aunt, you are so noob.” Little Ah Li’s tender voice rang out from the earphones. Ye Zizi was angered to death, “Don’t call me aunt!” “But, you are Aunt Qing’s sister, if I don’t call you aunt, what do I call you?” Ye Zizi suffered ten thousand points of damage. Have you ever seen such a loli-like aunt! Qing Ya and Qing Yutong laughed lovably and didn’t speak. Placing these two little devils together, they can practically tear open the sky. Enduring the pain of being called an aunt, Ye Zizi decided that she was going to defeat Little Ah Li in the game by having an overwhelming lead over Little Ah Li. On the other hand, Little Ah Li seemed as if she knew what Ye Zizi was thinking about and began competing against Ye Zizi. Aside from these 4 people, the other 96 people were all suffering from being ravaged. Amongst the 96 people, the heads of 70+ people were split between Ye Zizi and Little Ah Li, and the remaining 20+ people could not endure it anymore and chose to kill their own characters. The result of this was that, as long as these two accounts appeared, various kinds of suicides would appear on the top of the screen. The game was practically unplayable for the people within the game when the two appeared, everyone could only kneel down when they come across these two immortals. Qing Ya and Qing Yutong got carried continuously as they strolled and followed behind Ye Zizi and Little Ah Li. I didn’t expect that Ye Zizi would be this formidable. At the start, she was still unaccustomed to the game, and yet, after just a few rounds, it is practically like she is hacking. At a certain live stream room, there were countless of bullet screen comments. “Streamer, aren’t you the king of immortals killer! Right now, two immortals appeared. Requesting for the streamer to go and kill the immortals.” “Same, requesting for the streamer to go and kill the immortals.” “Requesting for the streamer to return peace to the world of eating chickens.” The streamer within the screen could be seen holding onto his stomach and said while with a painful expression on his face, “My condition today is not good, my stomach is aching, I am done with streaming for the day.” After finish speaking, the screen turned black. Want me to kill immortals? If I were to try to do that, at that time, I would instead be the one that would get boiled by them. One of the immortals is the revolver monster, and the other new immortal that appeared is an archery monster. Should I consider changing occupation? The live stream room was in complete chaos right now. “The streamer actually ran away!” “Everyone, stop scolding the streamer. Perhaps, the streamer could really be feeling uncomfortable today?” “I would be damned if I believed him. There are two immortals destroying the balance of the game, and this streamer actually pretended that he has a stomach ache. The steamer might as well say that his period came.” “I heard that Goddess Yutong is going to begin streaming eating chicken. I am going to go watch my goddess. What is there even good to watch here, this streamer does not have skills at all and can’t even kill immortals.” “I’m leaving, I’m leaving, it would be better to go and watch an old woman play computer games than to watch this streamer.” “I’m unfollowing, I’m unfollowing, sorry for disturbing.” Looking at the bullet screen comments within the live steam room, the streamer was feeling very wounded. You guys’ demands are just too high. Do you all think that killing immortals is a very easy thing to do… However, right now… Little Ah Li and Ye Zizi were fervently killing people within the game, whoever that wasn’t able to kill others by headshot would be the one to lose. And the result of that was that the entire screen was filled with Little Ah Li and Ye Zizi’s headshot kills. Are these two not going to let us f**king play? Do these two think that they are formidable just because they have hacks? These two are being too much! The game company immediately began checking on the two accounts, and in the end, the game company discovered that the two accounts were incomparable normal. Could it be that, this is the latest hack? I have to call over all the technical staff and get them to work overtime. The two did not use any hack at all, so how would the game company be able to discover anything? In the end, the technical staff spent a huge amount of time and still did not manage to discover anything. Ye Hua stood behind Ye Zizi and watched her use her instinct to cheat. However, I didn’t expect that Little Ah Li would actually be able to come toe to toe against Ye Zizi. This Little Ah Li is a bit incredible. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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