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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 165 – Donghuang Baizhi 2/2 At a desert that was located at the northwest. There was completely no sign of human habitation at this place. If ordinary people were to travel through this desert, they would die within a few days, and become the vultures’ delicacies. Under the moonlight, two people arrived at the desert. The two were covered in cloaks, and while arching their bodies, they entered into the desert! After a long while, the two came to a stop. One of two began forming signs with both of his hands, and a faint ripple formed in front of him. Soon after, the two entered into the ripple, and the desert became completely silent once again. After the two entered into the ripple, they took off their cloaks and took in a deep breath. One of the two laughed, “The air within our Voidless Realm is the best after all, the air within the profane world is practically poisonous.” “That is only natural. The Voidless Realm is protected by the ancient Donghuangs. To be able to become a member of the Voidless Realm, it is a supreme honor.” “That’s right. If I am able to meet with the empress just one time, I would have no regrets left in this life of mine.” Soon after, the two gazed towards the mountain that was the tallest amongst all of the mountains. Their gazes were filled with boundless reverence and adoration. Soon after, to express their respect, the two slowly kneeled down and kowtowed towards that direction. Looking at the entire Voidless Realm, the Voidless Realm seemed to be situated on top of the clouds. The mountain peaks pierced through the clouds, and all of the buildings circled around the edges of the mountain peaks. On every mountain peak, there was an imposing palace situated there. The palaces symbolized power and authority. However, at the tallest mountain peak, there was an imposing and glorious palace. Imposing looking godly dragons were carved onto the entire palace. Amongst the godly dragons, eight godly dragons could be seen each twining onto a white jade obelisk and glowering with their sharp claws stretched out. Wind appeared around all of the dragons, and the dragons seemed like they possessed the might of destroying mountains and rivers. Just looking at the palace was enough to make one gasped in amazement. Within the space of the top of the palace, a waterfall was actually flowing out from the space. The water sound was gentle, seemingly just like the beautiful sound of guqin. Around the palace, trees intertwined with each other, and the chirping of birds and cicadas rang out. Sitting amongst the trees, quietly listening to the beautiful sound of the flowing stream, and being blown by the gentle breeze, just how much of an enjoyment would that be. The flowing stream flowed towards a channel and flowed downwards the mountain. Afterward, the stream flowed towards the mountains that were below the tallest mountain, seemingly just like a champagne tower. In the end, the stream flowed all the way down into the clouds, and the whereabouts of the stream were unknown after that. Right now, from each of the palaces, there were people heading towards the main palace. The eight elders arrived at the front of the imposing and unordinary palace and began waiting while with their backs arched. At the front of the place stood four imperial guards that wore gold gowns and silver armors. A faint killing intent was being emitted out from each of the imperial guards. After a long while, one of the imperial guards shouted out, “Enter!” The eight elders slightly straightened their bodies, then began walking into the palace. Within the throne that was situated in the middle of the palace sat a woman that looks imposing and unordinary. The woman possesses a picturesque appearance, and a pair of eyes that were beautiful, but had a layer of coldness layered on them. A dragon-phoenix gold crown was worn on her head, and the dragon design purple gown that was worn on her body brought her cold aura all the way up to its peak. This was a woman that would make other men not even dare to raise their heads! This woman was called Donghuang Baizhi! “Subordinate kowtow in salute to the empress!” The eight elders gave their formal greetings. Donghuang Baizhi who was sitting on the throne slowly raised her hand. Her beautiful eyes were calm and not a single billow appeared in her eyes. The eight elders that were below Donghuang Baizhi stood up, then moved to their respective positions. The eight elders split and stood at two sides, with each side having four people. “Yuan De, just what is the matter that has to be discussed so late in the night?” Donghuang Baizhi asked faintly. A relatively short and small elder stood out and said while with his hands cupped together, “Empress, a devil substance appeared in the profane world!” “That Nine Demons Pagoda is still not enough to be counted as a devil substance.” Donghuang Baizhi said indifferently, seemingly not placing the Nine Demons Pagoda in her eyes at all. “Subordinate is not talking about the Nine Demons Pagoda, what subordinate is talking about is the girl that was holding onto the Nine Demons Pagoda!” http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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