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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 166 – I will marry! 1/2 Seeing that the empress did not speak, Yuan De continued and said, “The disciples that returned back from the profane world just a while ago reported that the death count of the battle over the ancient godly item was more than ten thousand people, and also, the number of people that went missing was up to a thousand. As for the over ten thousand people that died, they were all absorbed and turned into dried corpses. This must have been the doing of the person that was within the coffin.” Donghuang Baizhi took a look at Yuan De indifferently and said unhurriedly, “So what?” Yuan De was startled, and he hurriedly lowered his head. “Leaving aside that the aristocratic families are able to handle this matter, this matter happened at the south and the south is not under our management. If you all have anything that you all want to speak about, just say it straightforwardly, don’t beat around the bush!” Donghuang Baizhi said coldly. These eight elders have so much experience up their sleeves, would they not even know how to handle such a matter like this? Is there even a need to make such a big fuss about it. The eight subordinates lowered their heads and took a look at each other. Seemingly like they have already discussed together early on, all of them kneeled down onto the floor and said in unison, “We hope that the empress would think for the Donghuang's lineage and give birth to a boy as soon as possible and let the boy inherit Donghuang’s inheritance!” Donghuang Baizhi did not become angry and laughed instead. Immediately, everyone became absent-minded. “I presume that all of you have already picked a husband for me.” Donghuang Baizhi laughed lightly. However, a sharp viciousness was being emitted out from her eyes. Amongst the eight elders, a slightly obese elder stood out. This elder was called Xing Han, the beard on his chin was almost reaching to the floor. The beard could practically be used as a sweeper. “Empress, carrying on the family lineage is a heavenly law, and it is even more for the case of carrying on Donghuang’s lineage. Furthermore, because the whereabouts of the Nuwa's lineage is unknown, the people who possess ancient lineage are even more sparse now. Although the other two families are not worthy of obtaining the family name, Donghuang, as long as the empress gives birth to a male baby, and the male baby inherited Donghuang’s inheritance, Donghuang Family’s glory would shine once again!” While speaking, Xing Han kneeled down. When the others saw Xing Han kneeled down, they followed along and kneeled down. Donghuang Baizhi who was on the throne did not speak. Xing Han continued and said, “The north’s aristocratic families are controlled by us Donghuang, while the south’s aristocratic families are controlled by Ji Family. Although Ying Family resides in the south, they do not pay attention to worldly affairs, thus, subordinate feels that Ying Family is the best choice to choose from.” After pausing for a moment, Xing Hang continued and said, “Ying Family’s second prince, Ying Kangshi, possesses both talent and virtue, and his appearance is also rather handsome, he is the best candidate to be the empress’s husband.” “Finished speaking?” Donghuang Baizhi asked faintly. “Empress!!!” “All of you can withdraw.” Donghuang Baizhi waved her hand and stood up from the throne. Yuan De immediately rushed out, “Subordinate still has a matter to report! This matter is regarding Long’an City’s Leisure Bar!” Donghuang Baizhi’s tender figure suddenly shook, and various kinds of emotions immediately appeared on her face. Because the eight subordinates lowered their heads, they did not discover Donghuang Baizhi’s reaction. “A small leisure bar is insignificant.” Donghuang Baizhi placed her hands behind her back and was prepared to leave. Yuan De hurriedly shouted out, “Empress, the aggression between the north and south is the doing of this Leisure Bar’s boss, the boss of this Leisure Bar is called Ye Hua!” So he is called Ye Hua! This heartless man is called Ye Hua!!! Because Donghuang Baizhi’s back was faced against the elders, the elders were not able to see Donghuang Baizhi’s face that was filled with resentment and malevolent. However, everyone was looking at Yuan De. What are you bringing up such a small matter for? Yuan De did not pay attention to the gazes of the elders and continued speaking, “This man has a wife! The wife’s name is Qing Ya, and she is currently pregnant!” Yuan De’s every word was just like a sharp blade, stabbing straight into the most fragile place of Donghuang Baizhi’s heart! He has a wife! And she is currently pregnant! If that is the case, then what am I considered as! http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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