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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 167 – Ye Hua! I hate you! 1/2 Sitting on her daughter’s bed, Donghuang Baizhi lightly stroke onto the bedsheet. Looking at her daughter cry, Donghuang Baizhi’s eyes couldn’t help but turn red. That heartless father of yours is practically a swindler! Donghuang Li wiped away her tears. Seeing that her mother’s eyes were red, Donghuang Li couldn’t help but stand up and threw herself into her mother’s embrace. “Mother, don’t cry, Ah Li won’t play games anymore from now on, Ah Li promise that she will study diligently, and practice martial techniques diligently every day.” Donghuang Li hugged onto her mother’s waist and made a promise with her tender voice. Donghuang Baizhi lightly embraced her daughter. Ah Li is the closest person to me that I have. And the person that I hate the most is Ye Hua! What is funny is that I was actually still waiting… And yet, this was the kind of result that I got from waiting! Ye Hua! Since you are heartless, don’t blame me for being faithless! On the second floor of Leisure Bar. “Eh, Ah Li went offline.” Qing Yutong cried out in surprise. Ye Zizi became exulted as she said happily, “That little brat finally went offline, let me finish her off and lick her corpse.” “Zizi, hold on, perhaps Ah Li will come back online in a while.” Qing Ya said hurriedly. Qing Yutong stroke onto her chin and speculated, “I feel that Ah Li’s mom must have appeared. Who knows, Ah Li could be kneeling on a keyboard right now.” “Sigh, Ah Li’s mom is really… How could she have the heart to bear making a child kneel on a keyboard...” Qing Ya sighed. If it was my own child, I would definitely not be able to bear making the child kneel on a keyboard. Ye Hua stood up and said faintly, “Qing Ya, it’s getting late, time to go to sleep.” “Oh…” Qing Ya stretched out the sound of the word, then followed behind Ye Hua unwillingly. After the two left, Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi took a look at each other. Qing Yutong gestured with her eyebrows. And Ye Zizi immediately understood Qing Yutong. The two straightforwardly began changing their clothes. Being a huge fan of cosplay, this afternoon, Ye Zizi bought quite a few things on the internet. There were dark-looking series, young girl series, sweet-looking series, and so on. In any case, there were all kinds of series. Tongcheng’s delivery service was indeed fast. Right after Ye Hua returned to the bedroom, he said to Qing Ya, “Change the quilt and bed sheet.” “Why? Aren’t these all clean?” Qing Ya asked curiously. “I don’t like things that others had slept on and covered with.” Ye Hua snorted and sat at one side. Qing Ya was completely confused. What does he mean by that others had slept on and covered with? Aside from the two of us, was there anyone else who had slept on the bed too? Suddenly, Qing Ya seemed to have thought of something. Isn’t it just a doll? I really have to give it to him. “Quickly.” “Aright, alright, alright, I will change them…” Qing Ya said petulantly. After finish changing a new quilt and bed sheet, Qing Ya let out a breath, “Big boss, are you satisfied now?” Ye Hua took a look, “Aside from me, don’t put other things on the bed anymore in the future, if not, see if I will whip you or not.” “Lalala, I’m going to go shower.” While speaking, Qing Ya entered in the bathroom. While within the bathroom, Qing Ya was even humming onto a song. From the looks of it, Qing Ya’s mood was really good. Ye Hua stretched his neck, then changed into his nightclothes and lied down on the bed. For me, the Supreme Overlord, to let you hug onto me to sleep, just how fortunate are you? Without long, Qing Ya walked out of the bathroom. Seeing that Ye Hua was already lying on the bed, Qing Ya asked, “Aren’t you going to go shower?” “I have already showered when I came back home just now.” “Quickly go and take a shower again.” Qing Ya pulled onto Ye Hua’s hand and dragged Ye Hua out of the bed. Ye Hua wrinkled his brows, “Are you mentally ill?” Qing Ya sniffed, “Aiyo, such a strong cigarette smell, quickly go and take a shower~” Ye Hua sighed. This woman is really troublesome. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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