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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman/ You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 167 – Ye Hua! I hate you! 2/2 Five minutes later, Ye Hua walked out of the bathroom. Qing Ya who was on the bed was currently booking the plane tickets. Seeing that Ye Hua walked out of the bathroom, Qing Ya became dazed for a moment, “So fast?” Ye Hua did not say anything as he lied down on the bed and pulled Qing Ya into his embrace. Qing Ya’s pretty face turned red. This fellow is becoming more and more shameless recently. In the past, he wished that I would stay far away from him, and right now, he wishes that I would stick to him 24 hours a day. However, it is really comfortable to lie in Ye Hua’s embrace. Also, lying in Ye Hua’s embrace gives me a very strong sense of security, seemingly like even if the sky fell, he would be there to hold onto the sky, and furthermore, he would be able to do it easily. “This quilt is too short.” Ye Hua said gravely. Qing Ya who was within Ye Hua’s embrace was startled. This fellow actually knows how to speak sweet words, did the sun rose from the west today? “Annoying~” Qing Ya bashfully gave Ye Hua a punch. We are already old husband and wife, and yet you are still trying to titillate me like this, big scoundrel. Ye Hua did not know what this woman was doing and continued saying, “This quilt is too short!!!” “I know~ I will still be with you in the next lifetime.” (Context: In Chinese, quilt and lifetime have the same pinyin. Quilt: 被子, Lifetime: 辈子. The pinyin of both 被子 and 辈子 are bei zi. So Qing Ya mistook Ye Hua for saying lifetime (辈子) instead of quilt (被子)." Ye Hua was stupefied by this woman’s IQ, “I’m saying that this quilt is too short! Quilt! Quilt!” In order to emphasize, Ye Hua even shook his legs that were not covered by the quilt. Qing Ya seemed as if she had eaten a mosquito and the corner of her mouth was slightly twitching. I actually thought that Ye Hua was saying that this lifetime is too short, I didn’t expect that he was talking about the quilt. Then… Just now, I even said that… Ah, it’s so embarrassing… Ye Hua slowly hooked onto Qing Ya’s bright red face and said faintly, “You are very greedy huh, to even want my next lifetime too.” “Go to hell, who wants your next lifetime.” Qing Ya straightforwardly buried her face within Ye Hua’s chest. This is too embarrassing. Ye Hua laughed lightly as he caressed onto Qing Ya’s beautiful hair. The days are gradually becoming less and less boring. Not sure how long had passed, Qing Ya suddenly asked, “Are you asleep?” “En?” Ye Hua responded. “I’m excited to the point that I sort of can’t fall asleep…” Upon thinking that they were going to take their wedding photos soon, Qing Ya would start thinking of various things in her mind like what she should wear that would make her look good, and what Ye Hua should wear that would make him look good. Ye Hua hugged onto Qing Ya’s shoulders and said faintly, “If your heart is calm, you would naturally be able to fall asleep.” “Ye Hua, let’s count goats together.” “Childish!” “Come on, come on, I want to fall asleep…” Qing Ya continued and said, “I will start.” “One goat.” Qing Ya closed her eyes and said. “Two goats.” Ye Hua said helplessly. “Three goats.” “Four goats.” “Pretty goat.” “Lazy goat.” “Goat meat…” Qing Ya mumbled. “Roasted goat.” Ye Hua wrinkled his brows. “Goat meat hotpot.” “Mala goat meat hotpot.” Speaking up to here, the two immediately opened their eyes. Qing Ya pouted her mouth and rubbed onto her stomach, “Husband, I’m hungry…” “I’m also feeling a bit hungry.” Originally, Ye Hua wasn’t hungry, but after counting goats and naming the various dishes, Ye Hua started to feel a bit hungry. What else was more important than eating? The two straightforwardly began heading out of the bedroom while wearing their nightclothes. However, after the bedroom door was opened, they immediately saw two thieves. “What are you all doing!” Ye Hua shouted out. Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi could be seen arching their backs and taking small quick steps. However, this was not the main point, the main point was their outfits. Hatsune Miku??? Qing Ya asked curiously, “What are you two intending to go out to do while dressing up like that? To go and scare people?” Qing Yutong immediately reacted over and said lovably, “Zizi said that she didn’t have her fill during dinner, therefore I am bringing her out to eat supper.” “Just nice, we are also going out to eat supper, let’s go together.” Qing Ya shook her head helplessly. The expressions of Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi immediately collapsed. Originally, they were thinking of going to disco. But in the end, before they were even able to walk until the staircase, they ran into Ye Hua and Qing Ya. Just how unlucky were the two? The four headed to that Song Prince Mansion Hotpot Store. The reason that they headed to that hotpot store was mainly because it was near. Just that, their group was a bit weird. At the front, there were two people who wore nightclothes and slippers, while at the back, there were two cosplayers, and amongst one of the cosplayers, there was a little loli. Looking at this group, others wouldn’t be able to make sense of just what kind of relationship the people within the group had with each other. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman/

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