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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 168 – Evil spirits that are husband and wife! 2/2 At a park within Long’an City, the park was pitch dark. However, within the park, there were two figures sitting on a bench. The two figures were shimmering, and when one walked close to them, they could even hear the sound… Biubiubiu… The two figures were precisely Death Mage and Xun Fang. The two came to sleep in the park after they had moved out of the house and gotten back the rent money. Both Death Mage and Xun Fang were holding onto their phones, and on their sides, there were portable chargers. The two were pressing onto their phone screens with all their strength, especially Xun Fang, she seemed as if she were enemies with the phone screen. Suddenly, a warning appeared on Death Mage’s phone, indicating that the phone's battery was low. Death Mage picked up his portable charger and took a look, the portable charger had run out of battery. Immediately, Death Mage sent a WeChat message to Xun Fang. Xun Fang looked at the WeChat message and sneered. Want me to lend you my portable charger? Go to hell instead! Bluffing me and making me come out, telling me that you have a way to make money. This is the way? Sleeping in a park?! This scoundrel is basically swindling away my rent money to use to top-up for his game! Xun Fang replied, “Pay me back my money!” Death Mage immediately began typing and replied, “If you don’t lend me your portable charger, how am I going to catch fish, and if I don’t catch fish, how would I be able to pay you back your money?” Although what Death Mage just typed seems to make sense, Xun Fang wouldn’t be fooled by him. Xun Fang held the portable charger in her embrace and protected it, “Pay me back my money, pay me back my life, and pay me back my innocence!” Death Mage replied, “Don’t force me to use force!!!” Xun Fang was totally not afraid at all, “You can come and try!!!” Death Mage could be seen placing his precious phone together with the portable charger that was beside him, then pressed down Xun Fang onto the bench. This scene… was a bit alluring. “Damned skeleton, let go of me! Bastard! Your entire body is rock hard!” Xun Fang placed both of her hands onto Death Mage’s breastbone and pushed with all of her might. However, how would such a tiny amount of strength be a match for Death Mage? “Jiejiejie!” Imperial translation, “Are you going to lend it over to me or not!” Although Xun Fang did not know what Death Mage was saying, she seemed to be able to sense what he was saying, “I’m not going to lend it over to you, scram!” Death Mage could be seen grabbing towards the portable charger. However, the position that Death Mage grabbed towards seemed to be a bit off. The two seemed to have been pressed by a stop button… Death Mage felt that the thing within his hand was a bit soft, and thus he tried pressing onto it again. Xun Fang’s beautiful eyes were opened up wide. I actually got chest-attacked by a skeleton. “Shameless skeleton, I am going to kill you today!” Xun Fang could be seen turning from passive to aggressive as she pressed Death Mage down onto the bench. Death Mage’s reaction was quick as he pressed his hands onto… Xun Fang dazedly looked at the bone hands that were placed onto her chest and her expression became scarily calm. “Ha! Under the dark and windy night, you actually dare to take a man by force, evil female spirit! Today, I, Dou Fushi, should represent the heaven to uphold justice and save this innocent man!” A youngster who wore a yellow daoist robe and had a peach wood sword carried on his back could be seen suddenly appearing. When the youngster appeared, he could be seen holding onto a spiritual talisman within his hand. “Hurried law command!” Dou Fushi threw out a yellow color spiritual talisman, and the talisman stuck onto Xun Fang’s forehead. At this moment, Xun Fang received a hundred thousand points of damage. Are you f**king blind! Just nice, I didn’t have any place to vent my anger at. You can count yourself unlucky! Xun Fang ripped off the spiritual talisman that was attached to her forehead, and upon seeing that, Dou Fushi turned pale with fright, “Evil spirit! You have a bit of skill! See just how I am going to subdue you today!” “Subdue your f**king sister!” Xun Fang’s figure shot forward, and her figure turned into an afterimage. Death Mage sat himself up, then picked up Xun Fang’s portable charger and plugged the cable into his phone. Biubiubiu… Dou Fushi did not expect that this evil malicious spirit would be this formidable. This evil spirit is actually not afraid of any spiritual talismans and is even able to take on my peach wood sword with her bare hands. No matter, I am someone who has the ghost-catching system, so how could I be defeated by this evil malicious spirit just like this?! With the sound of a plop. “Big Sister Ghost, please spare my life…” Xun Fang was currently at the phase where she was going berserk. Everyone misunderstood that I have an affair with that skeleton, and now, even this daoist priest thinks that I was forcing myself upon that skeleton! You tell me, isn’t this infuriating! “I am f**king going to kill you!” The grievances within Xun Fang’s heart was indeed not weak. If not, how would have Dou Fushi mistook Xun Fang as a ghost? Dou Fushi looked at the incomparably malevolent Xun Fang and thought to himself, “I’m done for… I finally obtained a system, and yet, a year has not even passed since I obtained the system, and before I even had the time to go and act cool, I am going to die.” However, after waiting for quite a while, Dou Fushi did not feel any pain. Is this what death feels like? “Let go of me, I am going to kill this glib tongued daoist priest!” Death Mage could be seen holding onto Xun Fang’s waist with one of his hands, and Xun Fang was currently brandishing her hands at Dou Fushi, seemingly like she had moved all of the hatred in her heart towards Dou Fushi. Dou Fushi slowly raised his head, and at this moment, the moonlight just so happened to shine onto Death Mage’s face. Upon seeing Death Mage’s face, Dou Fushi’s eyes almost burst out of his eye sockets. “You two… you two are actually evil spirits that are husband and wife!” http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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