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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 169 – Damned ghost~ 1/2 Xun Fang who had just calmed down was immediately triggered again, “Damned daoist priest, I am going to chop you into a million pieces!” Who is husband and wife with this skeleton, are your eyes blind! Death Mage immediately began typing on his phone with one hand, then showed it to Xun Fang, “He seems to be rather rich, it won’t be too late to kill him after we have taken his money away from him.” Xun Fang who was angered to the point that her chest was moving up and down gradually calmed down. After calming down, she said lovably, “Let go of me.” Death Mage let go of Xun Fang’s willow waist. I didn’t expect that the feel of touch of a human would be pretty decent, it’s soft and feels very comfortable. No wonder both His Honor and master have a woman, they are most likely fond of this point that the humans possess I guess, hugging onto a female human at night to sleep would feel comfortable. Looking at Xun Fang that was not far away from him, Death Mage seemed to have understood why His Honor wanted him to make Xun Fang fall madly in love with him. So His Honor is actually indirectly rewarding me. I am truly foolish, only now then did I understand His Honor’s intention. I didn’t expect that His Honor would be this concern of his subordinates’ private lives. I feel truly touched. Xun Fang walked to the front of Dou Fushi and shouted out, “Hand over your money!” Dou Fushi originally thought that he was going to die and didn’t expect that the evil spirit husband and wife would only want his money. If it is just money, it’s not a problem at all. “Big Sister Ghost, this is my entire wealth.” Dou Fushi took out his empty-looking wallet. Within the wallet, there was only 20+ rmb, he was even poorer than Xun Fang and Death Mage. Xun Fang gave Dou Fushi a kick. Seems like Xun Fang’s temper was very big. “Don’t think that I don’t know, in this current age, who would even carry cash on themselves, use WeChat and transfer your money over to us!” Xun Fang shouted out. The f**k! The evil malicious spirits of this age are keeping up with time, they actually know how to use WeChat to rob money from people! I have truly underestimated this evil malicious spirit’s skills. “Damned ghost! Quickly come over!” Xun Fang shouted towards Death Mage. However, Dou Fushi who was kneeling down on the ground was a bit dazed. Damned ghost? Are the evil malicious spirits in this age so affectionate with each other? “Big Sister Ghost, this humble one is not rich too. Nowadays, there are lesser and lesser ghosts, most of the ghosts have already been captured by the few big sects. I really don’t have much money!” Dou Fushi pleaded pitifully. “Humph! So you are an orphan. Don’t try to quibble, transfer your money over now!” Dou Fushi’s heart was bleeding. After adding Dou Fushi’s WeChat, Xun Fang shouted out, “Transfer ten thousand rmb over first for now.” Even ghosts also know that WeChat’s daily transaction limit is ten thousand rmb… Death Mage happily received the ten thousand rmb, then began typing on his phone, “You can kill him now.” Xun Fang raised her hand. “Big Sister Ghost, I can still transfer another ten thousand rmb to you tomorrow!!!” Dou Fushi immediately shouted out. Who cares if I still have another ten thousand rmb or not, it is more important to survive first. Upon hearing that, Death Mage became exulted. However, Xun Fang did not care that much. Only his death would be able to make me calm down. This person is practically a money tree, he is able to produce money every day, how much of a pity would it be if he were to die. Death Mage held onto Xun Fang who was currently going berserk. However, Xun Fang’s hand had already landed. Dou Fushi looked at the ground beside him that was split open and his back turned cold. Big Brother Ghost is much nicer, Big Sister Ghost is too ferocious. “Let go of me, I am going to kill him! Damned ghost, quickly let go of me!” Xun Fang began struggling within Death Mage’s embrace, biting and scratching onto Death Mage. Death Mage let out a breath. This woman has really gone insane. Seems like I have no choice but to use my extreme technique. As long as I use this technique, I guarantee that she will faint immediately. The extreme technique that Death Mage was talking about was… Kiss of Death! Death Mage presented the second kiss of this lifetime of his. With her beautiful eyes opened wide, Xun Fang looked at Death Mage’s empty eye sockets, and fainted soon after… Dou Fushi slowly lowered his head. I am still a child… “Big Brother Ghost, are you short of money right now?” Dou Fushi asked. While hugging onto Xun Fang, Death Mage typed onto his phone, “Continue.” “Just now, this humble one passed by a winery and heard someone said that a big matter is going to happen at Sanya, and furthermore, that there would be money to earn during the big matter.” Although Dou Fushi didn’t manage to clearly hear what the person said, Dou Fushi felt that this was more or less what the person meant. “Is there really such a matter?” Death Mage typed and asked. In order to save my life, even if the matter doesn’t exist, I have to say that it exists. “Big Brother Ghost, how would I dare to bluff you?” Death Mage thought about it for a bit. Since a big matter is going to happen at Sanya, it means that I would definitely be able to collect information at Sanya. Furthermore, while I’m at Sanya, I would also be able to earn money, isn’t that just great? “If you dare to bluff me, you are dead meat!” Death Mage typed onto his phone. Soon after, Death Mage waved his hand, and the three immediately disappeared from the park. When they appeared again, they were already at Sanya. Death Mage was really truly traveling to places without traces, while Ye Hua still has to wait for tomorrow’s scheduled flight. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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