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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 17 – Two subordinates “As long as you don’t request anything too excessive, I will listen to you.” In the end, Qing Ya still surrendered to Ye Hua. I will temporarily give in to him for now, when the time comes where I catch a black history of his, I will let him have a taste of what I’ m made of! Ye Hua was very satisfied as he nodded his head, “You are making a bit of progress.” Qing Ya snorted, itching to pick up the bowl of porridge in her hands and cover it onto that perfect face. “After eating breakfast, let’s go buy some gifts, then go to my house to eat during noon.” Qing Ya pouted her mouth and said. Ye Hua did not oppose and lightly said, “En.” Qing Ya thought that Ye Hua would say some strange things, and didn’t expect that he would agree that easily. Seems like he is also not that unreasonable, tsk! He is precisely just finding things to do because he has nothing to do, I hope that nothing will go wrong today. When you enter a village, you have to follower the local customs, Ye Hua understood that. When meeting the female’s family, gifts had to be bought. However, in this world, there is no one that can bear to receive a gift from me, let alone eat together with me. Being able to eat with me, it is their blessing. Just like this woman, to be able to bear my child, it is the most worthy thing that she could be proud of, all the women in this world would be jealous of her. After buying some tobacco, alcohol and health maintain products, the two of them returned back to Leisure Bar. Qing Ya was at the room choosing what to wear. She definitely had to dress herself up prettily. Although she was already very beautiful, which woman would not wish that they could be even more beautiful? Whereas for Ye Hua, he was still wearing a western suit as usual. No matter when, whenever he went out, it would be a black western suit. This point wouldn’t change, even if it was a sizzlingly hot summer. Standing at the bar counter, Ye Hua mixed a glass of alcohol for himself. Alcohol and tobacco in this world are indeed good things. If I have to rank them, alcohol would be number 1, tobacco would be number 2, and women would with great difficulty be at least number 3 I guess. “Woof, woof, woof~” Lie Gu suddenly appeared and barked a few times towards Ye Hua. Imperial translation: “Your honor, I have already investigated everything, the killer belongs to an international hitman organization. I questioned his soul via torture and found out that he only received the mission to assassinate madam. If you want to investigate it furthermore, I will have to go to their general headquarters at London.” Ye Hua lightly took a sip of the rose rain that he mixed and said indifferently, “There is no need to investigate, kill all of them.” “Woof, woof, woof~” Imperial translation: “Your honor, I still have a date tonight, how about you ask Wei Chang go instead? It has been a very long time since he has eaten well.” Ye Hua squinted his eyes and looked at Lie Gu, “You are still messing around with that female celebrity?” Lie Gu immediately shook its dog head, then sat on the floor obediently and extended out his tongue. For a skeletal dragon to act like this, it was really speechless. Ye Hua sighed lightly, “Wei Chang!” The void suddenly became distorted and Wei Chang’s figure unhurriedly walked out from it. Kneeling down with one of his knees, and his right hand placed on his chest, he shouted out respectfully, “Your honor.” “Lie Gu said that you have not had your fill for a very long time already?” Ye Hua lighted up a cigarette. Through the smoke, his cold gaze looked at his own subordinate. Wei Chang said in a deep voice, “Your honor, you said that we have to be human-like, thus subordinate did not dare to eat too much.” “Lie Gu let you to go eat your fill. There is a hitman organization in London, you go and settle it.” Ye Hua said coldly. At this moment, he had already sentenced those people to death. Wei Chang was a bit melancholy and did not answer back straightforwardly. “What is it?” “Your honor, will you reimburse the air ticket to go to London and back to Long’an City?” “Bang!” The wine cup within Ye Hua’s hand immediately shattered. That woman was already vexing enough, and right now these 2 subordinates of mine actually dare to openly go against my order! “Seems like you two want to rebel against me huh!” Ye Hua’s pupils suddenly turned red, appearing seemingly bewitching. However, this was also the symptom right before Ye Hua gets angry. “Subordinate does not dare!” “Woof, woof, woof~” Imperial translation: “Subordinate does not dare.” “An hour later, if that hitman organization is not annihilated, I will annihilate you two!” Ye Hua fluttered his hand. What remains unseen was deemed to be clean. Seems like my decision was wrong, becoming human-like would cause one to rebel. In the past, there was no way that they would go against my order. It is also possible that it is because my temper had become much better than before. Lie Gu and Wei Chang were flung all the way to the Pacific Ocean and both of them were currently soaking within the ocean water. “Woof, woof, woof~” Imperial translation: “Gluttonous monster, you actually rejected such a good thing.” Wei Chang said helplessly, “His honor said that we need to be more human-like. I have been reading a novel recently, and the protagonist within that novel talked like this towards his boss.” “Woof, woof, woof, woof~” Imperial translation: “You will sooner or later be destroyed because of the novel. You even almost implicated me just now.” “Why did you not go, didn’t you like to do this kind of thing the most in the past?” Wei Chang asked in puzzlement. Searching houses and exterminating families were Lie Gu’s favorites. The number of people that died within his hand was immeasurable, especially females. “Woof, woof, woof~” Imperial translation: “The small celebrity invited me to go rock climbing today.” “I presume that there is definitely a cave within that mountain.” Wei Chang said indifferently as his body gradually floated up. The wet security guard uniform immediately became dry. “Woof, woof, woof~” Imperial translation: “How did you know that?” Wei Chang rolled his eyes, “If there is no cave there, would you even bother going there?” After finish speaking, a void black hole appeared in front of Wei Chang once again. After Wei Chang stepped into the void black hole, he disappeared entirely. “Woof, woof, woof!!!!” Imperial translation: “Gluttonous monster, you actually didn’t send me off to my destination, I’m going to be late for my date!!!!” Lie Gu howled in grief, then dog-paddled unhurriedly forward on the ocean water. However, a huge black figure suddenly appeared below Lie Gu, a huge whale opened its huge mouth and swallowed Lie Gu along with other fishes entirely, then submerged into the seabed. The surface of the ocean became peaceful once again, however, the huge whale that was in the seabed was a bit peculiar, seemingly feeling very painful as bloodstains emitted out from its huge mouth incessantly, attracting over countless of great white sharks! “Pop!” At both sides of the huge whale, 2 huge bone wings suddenly stretched out. When the bone wings stretched out, each of the wings were a few hundred meters long. Then, the head of the huge whale began to become distorted. With the sound of a ‘bang’, the head of the huge whale exploded and was substituted by a huge dragon head. The tusks within the mouth of the dragon head made one’s hair stand on its end, and the dragon tail pierced through the tail of the huge whale. This should be a huge whale that could fly right? “Woof, woof, woof~” Imperial translation: “Much faster now~” Lie Gu suddenly realized something, he had become so used to barking that after transforming back into a dragon, he was still barking. It doesn’t seem too good to still continue on barking right? If words of it were to get out, just how embarrassing would it be for me. “Roar, roar, roar!!!” The roars of a dragon formed huge vortexes at the seabed and immediately spread towards all directions. A huge whale which had a pair of wings swam freely and happily within the ocean. However, at the seabed of another direction, a small gold dragon could be seen, and it was currently vigilantly sizing up the surroundings. Just a while, he was swallowing fishes, and all of a sudden, he heard the frightening roars of a dragon. Could it be that, there is someone who has a swallowing system too!! How is it possible!! And his system rank is actually this high already!!! This place is not suitable for staying too long, I better go back to my school and eat some small fishes and earn a bit of money first! At the other side of the earth, at the outskirts of London, there was an ancient castle there. This place was the residence of a baron. Of course, this was just a false appearance. This was actually the general headquarters of Purgatory Hitmen. Internationally, it was also a well-known hitman organization, mainly because a young super hitman appeared in this organization before, and whatever mission that he had taken, he had a 100% completion rate. It was rumored that he had recently washed his hands clean of being a hitman and had already disappeared.

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