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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 173 – Amateur hitman 1/2 At the downstairs of Sanji Hotel, there was a bar called Sanji Bar. The venue of the bar was rather big, and the bar's business was extremely good. At the bar, there wasn’t any lack of men that were looking for a one-night stand, and also, there wasn’t any lack of women that were looking for excitement. As long as you have money, you could really do anything that you want here. The DJ that was in the bar controlled the atmosphere of the venue, and countless men and women were crazily shaking their bodies and enjoying the excitement of body contacts with strangers. At a booth that was within the corner of the bar sat two men. The two men’s attires were ordinary and not eye-catching. However, no one would have expected that one of the men was actually Ying Family’s second prince, Ying Kangshi. And at the side of Ying Kangshi was his personal attendant, Liu Bi. The two had the relationship of master and servant since they were small, and the relationship between the two was pretty good. Currently, Ying Kangshi was moving his head towards the beat of the music. Ying Kangshi was feeling immeasurably great, while Liu Bi who was beside Ying Kangshi seemed to be very worried. “Prince, we should better go back. Your big wedding is near at hand, it’s best to prevent any trouble from occurring.” Liu Bi suggested. Ever since the prince got the news, he became excited to the point that he could fly. Not only did he set up a feast and invited everyone from all over to come over and attend the feast, during the night, he even secretly ran out and came to the bar to have fun. Ying Kangshi laughed and shouted out, “Bibi, cheer up, who would know that I am here right now.” “But, I’m afraid that the big prince would try to do harm to you.” Liu Bi said worriedly. “Do you know why the empress chose me and not him?” Ying Kangshi revealed out a confident smile and asked. Liu Bi shook his head. Ying Kangshi patted onto Liu Bi’s shoulder, “Who would choose a thorn to marry? It is only natural that the empress would choose someone that is easy to control, someone like me for example.” Liu Bi seems to have come to a realization, “Prince is brilliant. However, marrying over to Donghuang Family is damaging towards prince’s reputation.” Ying Kangshi laughed heartily, then ignited a stick of cigarette, “Bibi, you really do not know anything. When you are able to press down onto the empress, you would have lived a life that was worth it.” “What prince just said is extremely right.” “It is unfortunate for the Donghuang Family to not have a male to inherit Donghuang’s inheritance. However, if it was not for that, where would I even have the chance to be able to marry the empress? In the end, to Donghuang Family, I am but just someone who sows seeds. However, no matter what, the seeds that would be sowed are my Ying Family's seeds!” Ying Kangshi gradually kept his smile away and said in a low voice. “That is only natural. Right now, prince, you are the target of envy of all the men in this world. Big prince’s expression during the day was…” “Haha, I reckon that my brother wished that he could kill me.” “Prince, I think it is better for us to go back, safety is the most important.” Liu Bi continued and persuaded. Ying Kangshi laughed, “Alright, alright, we will go back after playing around for a bit. Go and order a plate of fruits and two bottles of beer.” Liu Bi sighed. I reckoned that the prince must have most likely been bored to death from staying at home. The things within the secular world are truly just too attracting. Currently, Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi arrived at the entrance of the bar. Towards beautiful women, there was no need for them to queue up and the bouncer would straightforwardly allow them to pass through. When the two appeared within the bar, everyone’s eyes looked straight at them. The looks of these two women are too impressive! It was the first time that Ye Zizi came to a bar like this. After listening to the music for a short while, Ye Zizi became excited in no time. Ye Zizi’s ponytails began floating, and every strand of her hair began bearing their fangs, preparing to undergo a big purge in the bar. “Zizi, isn’t it exciting?” Qing Yutong shouted out loudly. Ye Zizi paused for a moment, and her ponytails calmed down. Ye Zizi replied with a loud voice, “Big Sister Qing, what are we going to do now?” “We are naturally going to start shaking and moving our bodies~” Qing Yutong pulled onto Ye Zizi and walked towards the dance floor. Just that, right when Qing Yutong turned around, she bumped into a person that was holding onto a tray, and the bottle of beer that was on the tray immediately fell onto the floor and shattered. Jiu Ye dazedly looked at the shattered beer bottle. A while ago, right after I arrived at this bar, I changed into the bar’s work clothes that were prepared for me. My chance to accomplish my orders was right before my eyes. I had spiked the beer with a bottle of poison, and all I had to do next was to just deliver the bottle of beer over to my target. The target was only 15 meters away from me. And yet, I bumped into this woman right after she turned around… Jiu Ye’s heart was bleeding right now. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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