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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 175 – Ying Family 1/2 Right now, Liu Bi was carrying Ying Kangshi on his back and flying forward hurriedly above the sea. While flying forward, Liu Bi mumbled, “Prince, you have to hang on, we will be arriving back home soon!” If I had known that this would happen, I would have done my best to persuade the prince to return back home. Right now, such a big matter had happened, how am I going to explain about just what happened! Within the sky, Liu Bi suddenly came to a stop as he took out a token. After taking out the token, a white light appeared in front of Liu Bi, and he immediately entered into the white light. After passing through the white light, Liu Bi was still situated above the sea, however, this time, there was an island that was not far away from him. On the island, there were various ancient buildings, and a towering and majestic city gate could be seen stretching out to two ends. The city gate was faced against the sunrise. Looking at the city gate, the city gate was imposing, majestic, tough and durable, yet simple and unadorned. On the island, there were 20+ buildings. Although there were 20+ buildings, it doesn’t feel crowded, and the buildings don't feel like they were all identical to each other. Pavilions, pools, house mountains, strange-looking rocks, and bonsais decorated the 20+ buildings, just looking at the buildings would be able to make one exclaim in admiration. When the guard that was on the city wall saw that someone was flying towards the city wall, the guard immediately increased his alertness. Looking towards the person that was flying towards the city wall, the guard shouted out loudly, “Who are you!” “Quickly step aside, the second prince is here!” Liu Bi shouted out loudly. The guard became startled and he immediately kept away his weapon and lowered his head. Liu Bi did not think too much as he rushed straight towards the building that was located at the center. That was the place where Ying Family’s family head rests at. As Ying Family’s family head, Ying Jingshan did not have large numbers of wives and concubines. In this entire life of his, Ying Jingshan only had one woman by his side, and the woman was called Yu He. Yu He was the woman that Ying Jingshan came across back then when he entered into the profane world to experience the profane world and train himself. Although Yu He did not possess astonishing looks, she managed to touch the heart of this man that belonged to the Ying Family. To add on, Yu He was just an ordinary person. Nestling within her husband’s embrace, Yu He slightly wrinkled her brows and said, “Jingshan, would it be hard on Kang'er to marry over to Donghuang Family?" “How would it be? The other party is Donghuang Baizhi, the number of men that want to marry her is countless. For Kang’er to be able to marry Donghuang Baizhi, it is his fortune. Moreover, this marriage is quite good for both our Ying Family and Donghuang Family.” As Ying Family’s family head, Ying Jingshan naturally had to look at things comprehensively. And as a mother, Yu He was definitely only going to think about her child’s happiness. Yu He sighed lightly, “However, I just keep getting an uneasy feeling about this. I heard that the empress is extremely overbearing. I’m afraid that Kang’er would be at a disadvantage if he were to marry over to Donghuang Family.” “Things will change after they become married. Right now, what we should be worrying about is Hou’er's marriage. Do you have any lady in mind that you are satisfied with?” Ying Jingshan smiled and asked. In Ying Jingshan’s heart, he felt that his eldest son was more suitable to inherit his position. Originally, I thought that my small son would have to suffer a bit of grievance because of the matter of the family head position, but I didn’t expect that, my small son would actually be marrying to Donghuang Baizhi! Looking at my eldest son’s attitude today, he seemed to be feeling unhappy about it. However, after thinking about it, it makes sense that he would feel unhappy… No matter how huge your authority and power are, conquering a woman like that Donghuang Baizhi would be equal to conquering the world. Hou’er is hard-working since he was young, and he strives to become Ying Family’s family head. On the other hand, Kang’er is not that hard-working, and not only does he seems to be uninterested in becoming the family head, he also seems to be uninterested in fighting over the position of the family head! Right now, because of the empress’s words, his little brother’s status has far surpassed his status, so, how would he not be unhappy about it. The one that is not hard-working ended up being the one that is going to soar through the heaven. “Jingshan, I feel that we shouldn’t bring up the matter about Hou'er's marriage now, after all, Kang’er partner is the empress, it would be hard to avoid Hou’er from feeling unfair in his heart. If we were to find an ordinary lady for him to marry to, wouldn’t he end up becoming even angrier? I don’t want to see the two brothers have a falling out with each other.” Although Yu He was an ordinary person, but after marrying to Ying Jingshan, she had slowly learned to look at things with a wider perspective. Ying Jingshan let out a deep sigh, “I also don’t know if it is a good thing or a bad thing that the empress wants to marry with our family. Our Ying Family only wants to live our lives in peace, whatever strives for authorities and seizing of powers, all of it has nothing to do with us.” http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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