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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 175 – Ying Family 2/2 Suddenly, noise rang out from the outside. It has been a very long time since such a situation has happened at Ying Family. “I will go and take a look.” Ying Jingshan said gravely. “I will go with you.” The two put on their nightgowns, then walked out of the house. Upon walking out of the house, they saw Liu Bi weeping loudly, “Family head, madam, quickly save the prince, he is about to not be able to make it!” Ye Zizi and Qing Yutong weren’t gentle when they assaulted Ying Kangshi, especially Qing Yutong, she stamped onto Ying Kangshi’s crotch area with all her might. Towards this kind of man, Qing Yutong expresses that she would stamp on them whenever she comes across them. If Qing Yutong was to know that the person that she stamped on this time was Ying Family’s second prince, who knows what kind of reaction she would have. “What’s the matter!” Ying Jingshan shouted out as he walked up and hurriedly checked onto his son’s injury. Immediately, Ying Jingshan’s expression became scarily grave. Liu Bi wept loudly, “Family head, the prince is so tragic, he was stamped into such a state while he was still lively.” Ying Jingshan’s eyes were opened wide as he shouted out angrily, “Quickly call Godly Doctor Shen to come over!” Yu He took a look attentively at her son, and immediately, she began feeling dizzy. My son’s crotch area is filled with blood… After quite a while, Godly Doctor Shen rushed over. At the same time, along with Godly Doctor Shen, Ying Hou could also be seen rushing over. Ying Hou’s appearance was a bit lacking compared to Ying Kangshi’s appearance. Below Ying Hou’s chin, there was a mole there, which caused him to give others a feeling that he was cunning. Aside from Godly Doctor Shen and Ying Hou, Ying Family’s various relatives also rushed over here. Everyone sat at the main hall and waited for the result, while Liu Bi kneeled down in the middle and wept softly. Ying Jingshan suddenly slammed onto the table, “What are you crying for! Recount to me in detail about the course of the matter!” While choking with sobs, Liu Bi recounted the course of the matter. Liu Bi did not add fire to the matter, and also did not leave out any detail of the matter. Honest people were just the best to bully… The relatives that were sitting at the main hall finally knew what happened. From the looks of it, Ying Kangshi kicked onto an iron plate this time and ended getting beaten up. A thin figured middle-aged man took the lead to speak out his view on the matter. The thin figured middle-aged man was called Ying Xiang, he was Ying Jingshan’s little brother. “The empress just passed on the news to us this morning, and yet, before a day has even passed, Nephew Kang caused such a joke of a matter to happen. If words of this matter were to spread to the empress’s ears, how bad would that be? The empress would think that, are the men that Ying Family taught out all like this?” Ying Xiang’s words were somewhat like throwing stones at a person while they were down, and even more, Ying Xiang’s words were hidden with mockery. Ying Hou who was standing behind his father did not make a sound. Right now, being silent was better than not being silent. Liu Bi who was kneeling on the floor began speaking for his master, “The second prince only went to that bar to drink a few cups because he was feeling happy today. I reckon that the reason the prince ordered me to go and call over the two girls to join him was because the alcohol got into the second prince's head." Ying Shang was the third child amongst Ying Jingshan and Ying Xiang, he was middle-aged and slightly obese. Ying Shang could be heard slowly saying, “It is fine if the girls were all adult women, but amongst the two girls, there is actually an underage child! Big brother, if words of this matter were to spread out, it would throw our Ying Family’s face!!!” “The second prince really didn’t have any other thoughts towards the two girls. Back then, this humble one also did not really know just what happened. All of a sudden, the second prince’s pants caught on fire, and the two girls immediately went to help extinguish the fire for the second prince by stamping onto the second prince's crotch area. I do not know why I wasn’t able to move my body at that time, and all I could do was watch as the second prince get stamped while he was still completely lively…” Liu Bi hurriedly help to speak for Ying Kangshi. Ying Jingshan took in a deep breath, then asked, “Are those two girls ordinary people?” Liu Bi nodded his head, expressing that he did not discover anything peculiar about the two girls. Within Ying Jingshan’s mind, the first guess that he had was that his son was deliberately set up by someone else! “Did you discover anything peculiar?” Yu He asked. “There was a weird middle-aged waiter, he looked nervous during the whole time he was at our booth.” Liu Bi said after thinking for a while. Ying Hou who did not utter a single word the whole time suddenly froze for a moment. Ying Jingshan got his initial judgment. Seems like the news of Kang’er going out was known by someone, and Kang’er was plotted against by that someone! Right at this moment, an elderly man slowly walked into the main hall, then slightly bowed towards everyone. “Godly Doctor Song, how is Kang’er situation?” Yu He asked worriedly. Godly Doctor Song sighed, “I have already tried my best, the second prince no longer has his manhood.” Upon hearing such a result like this, Yu He’s vision turned black and fainted. “Yu He!” “Mother!” http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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