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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 176 – Completely empty 2/2 Within Ying Kangshi’s room, Liu Bi accompanied by Ying Kangshi’s side and tended after Ying Kangshi attentively. Right now, the prince’s complexion is pale, and he already has the look of a eunuch on his face… The prince is so tragic. “How is Kang’er?” Ying Jingshan walked into the room and asked. Liu Bi answered respectfully, “Godly Doctor Song said that there is no problem with the second prince’s life, and that the second prince will wake up in no time.” Right after Liu Bi finished speaking, Ying Kangshi who was on the bed wrinkled his brows and woke up. “Eh, father, Liu Bi, you all are here.” Ying Kangshi said with a slight smile on his face. Right now, Ying Kangshi still hasn’t come to realize that a part of his organ was missing. Seeing that the two had a strange look on their faces, Ying Kangshi immediately recalled of what happened just now. Lowering his head and looking towards his crotch, Ying Kangshi felt that… it was empty… “Prince, don’t touch it, Godly Doctor Song just finished applying the medicine a while ago.” Liu Bi reminded urgently. The corner of Ying Kangshi’s mouth began twitching. Upon seeing that his crotch area was flat, Ying Kangshi’s expression immediately changed greatly. “Kang’er, calm down!” Ying Jingshan was not feeling good too. After all, who would be able to put up with it if their son were to get crippled? “Father, save me, I… I don't want to be rodless! If I don’t have my rod, how am I going to marry the empress!” Two hours ago, Ying Kangshi was still on cloud nine and fantasizing about the empress’s body, and yet, right now… “Kang’er, just what happened?” Ying Jingshan did not want to give his son a blow. Kang’er, it is definitely not possible for you to marry the empress any more. Ying Kangshi’s expression immediately turned malevolent, “Father, it is those two girls! Those two girls definitely did it on purpose! I want to chop both of them into million pieces!!! And make them work as prostitutes for the rest of their lives!!!” “I heard Liu Bi said that, amongst the two girls, one of them was actually an 8 years old girl?” Ying Jingshan questioned. Although Ying Jingshan felt heart-pained for his son, he also felt hateful towards his son’s moral conduct. If it were not for you lusting over the two girls, how would such a thing have even happened! Even more, you actually tried to lay your hands on a child, my face has been completely thrown away by you! Ying Kangshi immediately recalled of Ye Zizi’s looks, Ye Zizi’s petite figure, and also Ye Zizi’s double ponytail. Unfortunately, even if he wanted to grab onto the double ponytail and crazily release himself now, it was no longer possible for him, and it was also no longer possible for the entire rest of his life. “Father, I merely invited them over to drink with me, I didn’t have any other motives.” Ying Kangshi hurriedly explained. Ying Jingshan let out a deep sigh. “Father, I still have to conduct the banquet tomorrow, I…” “I have already helped you to cancel the banquet. You just stay at home and properly recuperate. The people that injured you are currently being capture by Ying Hou.” After finish speaking, Ying Jingshan walked out of the room. Right now, Ying Jingshan’s mood was very horrible. Cancel! How can the banquet be canceled! If the banquet gets canceled, won’t I get ridiculed by everyone! Being ridiculed for standing them up was better than being ridiculed that you were a eunuch, right? Ying Jingshan’s thinking was very simple. Words of this matter cannot be spread out, if there is a need, Kang’er can just stay at home for the entire rest of his life, Ying Family cannot afford to throw away its face like this. However, what Ying Jingshan was hoping for was impossible, Ying Family’s face was definitely going to be thrown away this time! “Prince…” Liu Bi shouted out with concern. Ying Kangshi’s gaze was absent-minded. Ying Kangshi was not foolish! What father was trying to say just now was very obvious, right now, without my manhood, it is impossible for me to marry the empress! I’m unable to accept such a fate, I was so careful when I went out tonight! I must have definitely been discovered by someone when I went out! Big brother possesses the biggest suspicion! Upon recalling of his big brother’s expression during the morning, Ying Kangshi seemed to have confirmed that his big brother was the mastermind behind the matter. Ying Kangshi silently thought to himself, “What I am not able to obtain, you can forget about obtaining it too!!!” Looking at his prince’s gloomy and cold eyes, Liu Bi felt very worried. At Sanji Hotel, after finish bathing, Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi wore onto their adorable nightclothes. They looked truly beautiful to the max. It was normal for Ying Kangshi to have had such thoughts towards them. Even if there wasn’t Ying Kangshi, there would still be other rich tyrants that would invite Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi over for a drink, and their outcomes would more or less be the same as Ying Kangshi’s outcome. Ying Kangshi could only blame himself for being extremely unlucky, he was destined to not be able to become the empress’s man. “Zizi, you were truly clever just now.” Qing Yutong pinched onto Ye Zizi’s small cheek. Originally, when I saw that Ye Zizi was playing around with a lighter, I seized the opportunity and toppled the cup of alcohol. And right after I toppled the cup of alcohol, Ye Zizi was able to think of what to do in no time as she flung out the lighter towards that guy’s pants. The two that were able to cause destruction were sticking together, thus, it was obvious what was going to happen. This was also the reason why Ye Hua did not want Ye Zizi and Qing Yutong to be together. To Ye Zizi, being able to react to what Qing Yutong was trying to do and thus flung out the lighter was but a child’s play to her. Ye Zizi revealed out two adorable dimples, “Humph~ I could not stand looking at him from very early on. Originally, I wanted to burn him alive.” “The heck, Zizi, you are so violent. This won’t do, as a girl, you have to be a bit more gentle and well-behaved.” Qing Yutong earnestly guided Ye Zizi. “Big Sister Qing, Zizi learned it all from you, back then, you were stamping so happily onto that person.” “……” Qing Yutong shook her eyebrows. Ye Zizi immediately understood. The two opened their computers. Going to sleep without eating chicken first was impossible. However, right when the two were beginning to eat chicken, the hitman that Ying Hou sent over has already arrived! http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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