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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 178 – All round stimulation 1/2 “What are today’s plans?” Ye Hua asked lightly. Qing Ya wiped onto her sexy small mouth, “I have already contacted them a while ago, we should be shooting indoor today. We have to strive to finish with the indoor shoot in a day. And tomorrow, we will be shooting outdoor. As for the two of you, you two can go and have fun and enjoy yourselves. Yutong, you will have to look after Zizi properly.” “Alright.” Qing Yutong nodded her head. Does Zizi even need anyone to look after her? Upon hearing that she could go and have fun, Ye Zizi immediately became excited again. I feel that the person that I stamped onto yesterday should be a big shot, and if nothing unexpected happens, we will come across that person again. I have to properly discuss with Big Sister Qing about how to play around with that person. Just thinking about it is making me feel excited. It is a pity that Big Skeleton Dragon and Gluttonous Monster are not here. “Shooting indoor for a day! And there is still an outdoor shoot tomorrow! Is it not possible to finish everything in an hour?” Ye Hua was in disbelief. Taking some photos actually requires two days!!! Two days are enough for me to watch so many episodes of Calabash Brothers: Save the Grandpa. Qing Ya knew that Ye Hua would not be able to bear with it, and thus she began coaxing Ye Hua, just like how a person would coax a child, “It will be very quick, there are only 10+ sets of clothes~ Moreover, you can hug onto me during the entire duration of the shoots~” “That is more like it!” Qing Ya was feeling a bit headache. It sure is vexing when your husband is so clingy towards you. Looking at Ye Hua right now, he practically wishes he could hug onto me for 24 hours a day. Ye Hua is truly becoming more and more adorable, especially how he looks when he stiffs his face. If Donghuang Baizhi was able to hear Qing Ya’s thoughts, who knows what kind of reaction Donghuang Baizhi would have? Just thinking about it was enough to make one feel a bit excited. Seeing that everyone was more or less done with eating, Qing Yutong pulled onto Ye Zizi and said, “We are done eating, we will be going back to our room to sleep.” “Remember to call someone to change the glass window, it’s dangerous to leave it just like that.” Qing Ya reminded. “Alright.” “Big brother, sister-in-law, Zizi won’t be accompanying with the two of you anymore.” Ye Zizi waved with her hand that was holding onto the little bear and said with a smile. Ye Hua gave a warning to Ye Zizi, telling her to not go overboard, while Qing Ya had a smile on her face as she thought to herself, “Little Zizi sure is adorable.” In order to be able to receive information that was much more accurate, Ye Hua contacted Wei Chang. “Is there any information to report?” “Your Honor, give subordinate a minute.” Wei Chang immediately contacted Death Mage. “Is there any information to report!” Right now, Death Mage was no longer staying in the park anymore, and was currently staying in a hotel. Although the hotel was not very high quality, at the least, there was a bed now. “There is! There seem to be some big movements at South’s Sanya. Originally, I thought that the people that gathered at Sanya was going to start fighting with each other, but in the end, this morning, more than half of the people that came to Sanya left Sanya!” It’s fine as long as there is information, what I’m afraid of is that there isn’t any information at all. Wei Chang replied, “Alright! You did well, continue on with what you are doing!” “Yes! Master!” Death Mage took a look at the unconscious Xun Fang who was lying right beside him, then began focusing on playing his game. I didn’t expect that such a piece of information like this would be able to allow me to receive master’s praise, this is truly great. Wei Chang proceeded to report the information to Ye Hua, and after hearing the information, Ye Hua praised Wei Chang, “You are finally doing things right, however, you have to take a step further in investigating this matter.” “Yes! Your Honor!” Afterward, Wei Chang contacted Death Mage and ordered Death Mage to further investigate the matter. Death Mage who was lying on the bed naturally accepted the order unconditionally. However, Death Mage was having a bit of a temper right now… http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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