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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 178 – All round stimulation 2/2 “Jiejiejie…” Imperial translation: “What kind of garbage game is this, I have never f**king win in this game before. This game is practically scamming my money! I am going to uninstall this game and withdraw from the mobile gaming world from now on!” After finish speaking, Death Mage really went and uninstalled the game. His determination was truly frightening! Opening the international news, Death Mage began reading through the news. This was a skeleton who cared about the major events that were happening in the world… Suddenly, an advertisement attracted Death Mage’s attention. “Hello everyone, I am Zhazha Hui! I have acted in many shows before, but when it comes to games! I like playing Blue Moon Fantasy! Upon entering into the game server, you will be able to earn money! Selling a blade for 999 rmb is not a dream.” Death Mage’s attention was attracted by the advertisement’s words, especially the part where it said that one would be able to earn money upon entering into the game server. Is this game this formidable? Death Mage who had vowed that he would never play mobile games ever again just a while ago immediately downloaded the game. This game feels pretty decent, I topped up 648 rmb, and didn’t expect that there was actually a cashback system, this is truly a pretty decent game, or perhaps, it should be said that, this is a game that has a conscience. Death Mage wants to express that he was feeling very happy right now. The character that Death Mage picked was naturally warrior. First, I will buy all the various kinds of equipment, then follow along with the missions. And afterward, I will begin killing in all directions. This feels so great. F**k, the fishing game is practically garbage, this Blue Moon Fantasy is much more interesting. “What game is this?” Not sure when, Xun Fang woke up. While looking at Death Mage’s phone screen, Xun Fang asked suddenly. “Jiejiejie…” Imperial translation: “A game where you can earn money!” After looking at Death Mage’s phone screen for a while, Xun Fang was suddenly struck with an epiphany. This game that this skeleton is playing seems to be a fighting game. If I’m not able to kill you in real life, it is not possible that I am not able to kill you within the game! “Wait for me! I am also going to play the game!” While speaking, Xun Fang leaned against the bedhead, picked up her phone, and began downloading the game. After finish downloading the game, Xun Fang even specially asked Death Mage which server he was playing at, then proceeded to enter into the server secretly, intending to attack Death Mage by surprise. “Knock, knock, knock.” The sound of door knocks rang out. Death Mage was currently enthusiastically playing with his game, after casually waving his hand, the door was opened. With an excited expression on his face, Dou Fushi walked into the room, and right after walking into the room, Dou Fushi covered his face. I am still a child, is it really fine for the two of you to be like this? Xun Fang seemed to have already become numb. While leaning against the bedhead, Xun Fang asked faintly, “What’s the matter?” Dou Fushi said with a serious look on his face, “Sister-in-law, I gave a go at calculating our luck just a while ago, and I got the result that there is a fortune waiting for us today.” Xun Fang silently tapped onto the top-up button, and 648 rmb was gone immediately… “Oh…” Looking at the two that had no intention of getting off the bed, Dou Fushi felt very hurt. “Big brother, sister-in-law… It is not possible for this younger one to provide for the two of you forever, there will come a day where I run out of money.” “Ha! Ha! Ha!” The sound of the warrior chopping rang out. Dou Fushi was a bit in despair. These two blood-sucking insects… “If we are able to successfully acquire the fortune, big brother, sister-in-law, the two of you won’t have to worry about not having money to top up in your games, and becoming rank 1 in whatever games that you all are playing won't be a problem at all!” As expected, Death Mage and Xun Fang slightly raised their heads. Death Mage wanted to become the game’s rank 1. While Xun Fang wanted to kill the person who wanted to become the game’s rank 1. Death Mage typed on his phone, “Let’s do it!” Dou Fushi became exalted as he said hurriedly, “I calculated that there would be a fortune being transported over from the north. It is most probably some experts that would be transporting the fortune. Since big brother and sister-in-law possess formidable fighting strength, as long as we are able to intercept the fortune, we will not have to worry about clothes and food anymore in the future!” As long as Xun Fang was able to kill the skeleton that was beside her, she could do anything that was asked of her. “Open your mouth.” Xun Fang said faintly. “Huh?” “Open your mouth!” Dou Fushi opened his mouth helplessly, and Xun Fang flung her hand right afterward. Dou Fushi could only felt that he swallowed something. “You have already eaten my half dead half alive pill, if you dare to bluff me, I won’t give you the antidote for the pill!” Xun Fang shouted out coldly, and her aura of that of a sect master exploded out at this moment. Dou Fushi immediately swore that he won’t ever bluff her. “Go outside and wait.” Xun Fang said coldly. After Dou Fushi left the room, Xun Fang took out the packet of maltesers that was under the blanket, then ate one of the maltesers chocolates. This is rather delicious. “Jiejiejie…” Imperial translation: “Nice manipulation.” Xun Fang took a glare at Death Mage, “Jie your head, quickly get up and prepare to work!” After finish speaking, Xun Fang got off the bed and began changing her clothes. Xun Fang did not avoid from Death Mage at all when she changed her clothes. Meanwhile, Death Mage immediately turned his head away from Xun Fang. This shameless woman, actually trying to seduce me during broad daylight. Although I am just a skeleton, playing the fishing game has allowed me to train the speed of my fingers. My fingers are able to vibrate 100 times per second! Even more, I can control how deep my fingers go and give you an all round stimulation, guarantee to leave you wanting for more. After finish changing her clothes, when Xun Fang turned her head around and saw that Death Mage was looking towards the outside of the window, she snorted. If Death Mage possesses a human body right now, it was reckoned that he would have a shy look on his face. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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