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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 179 – Robbery! 1/2 The three walked out of the hotel, then hailed a cab and headed towards the outskirts. Right now, Death Mage knows to wear a mask and gloves when going outside. And in actuality, the mask and gloves were all prepared by Xun Fang, to prevent needless trouble from happening. The cab driver was feeling a bit worried. These three people are very weird, the youngster that is sitting at the front seems to be using his right hand to calculate something, but no matter how I see it, it seems as if his right hand is convulsing, and the expression on his face doesn’t seem really good too. As for the masked black robe that is sitting at the back, he has been playing with his phone ever since he got into the car, and furthermore, he opened his phone’s volume to such a loud volume. Peculiar sound that would make one’s hair stand on its end would ring out from the black robe’s phone from time to time. The female is the only normal one. The female looks so pretty, just like a fairy. However, ever since she got into the car, she has also been playing with her phone. Listening to the game sound that is coming out from her phone, it seems that she is playing the same game as that black robe. Could the game be Blue Moon Fantasy? As time went by, the further the driver drove, the location became more and more remote. Right now, beads of sweat were dripping out from the driver’s forehead. This isn’t a robbery, right?! “Stop!” Dou Fushi shouted out suddenly. The driver hurriedly stepped onto the brake, and the two that were sitting behind immediately bumped into the seat that was in front of them. However, the two of them didn’t mind it. Xun Fang pulled onto Death Mage’s robe, “Transfer 2000 rmb over to me.” Xun Fang didn’t have any more money to buy in-game currency, and if she doesn’t buy in-game currency, how would she be able to kill Death Mage in the game? Death Mage was not someone that was miserly. Immediately, Death Mage transferred 4000 rmb over to Xun Fang. In any case, I am going to become rich soon. After the three got off the car, the driver immediately stepped onto the pedal. I don’t ever want to come across these three people anymore. Dou Fushi took out a Chinese compass and shouted out gravely, “When searching for a dragon, look for the coiling mountains, each coil represents a trial, if there are a thousand of trials ahead of the entrance, it means that there is definitely an aristocracy living within!” Although Death Mage didn’t really understand what Dou Fushi was talking about, he felt that the words that Dou Fushi was shouting out sounded formidable. Xun Fang slowly lifted up her head and asked, “Isn’t this tomb searching chant? What correlation does it have with this time’s robbery?” Dou Fushi smiled, “Sister-in-law, this chant is usable for myriads of situations, it can even be used in the casino.” “Aren’t you someone who catches ghosts?” Xun Fang laughed, then continued playing with her game. “Sister-in-law, it’s hard to get by these days. Asides from catching ghosts, I also have to go and earn some extra income. Therefore, I would go and search around some tombs, then sell the golds, silvers, jewelry and so on that I found.” Dou Fushi let out a long sigh. It is all lies within those f**king novels. Where would there be that many tombs in this world? And even if there really were that many tombs, most of the tombs most likely have already been searched empty by others. There would not be even a scrap left to find if I were to go and search in those searched tombs. I even wanted to subdue some ghosts for myself while I was in some of the tombs, but there was not even a single sight of a ghost at all. You tell me, isn’t this infuriating? Xun Fang received the money that Death Mage transferred over to her. This skeleton is rather generous. There is no need to think too much, I will buy in-game currency with all 4000 rmb! Time to get a full set of equipment! The further the three walked, the more remote the place got. Suddenly, while holding onto the compass, Dou Fushi shouted out, “It is right here!” Death Mage and Xun Fang sized up around the place. What is this place? A worn-down factory? “What did you bring us here for? Are there golds underneath the ground?” Xun Fang asked. With a profound look on him, Dou Fushi stretched out his finger and shook the finger, “Big brother, sister-in-law, there are no golds underneath the ground. However, there are indeed golds within the sky!” Death Mage kept his phone away, “Jie jie jie~” Imperial translation: “Interesting!” Xun Fang sensed it too, and a look of disdain appeared on her face. Bang! Dou Fushi watched his big brother and sister-in-law soared towards the sky, and soon after, he shouted out, “Big brother! Sister-in-law! Bring me along too! I don’t know how to fly!” http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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