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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 180 – Let him regret for back then 1/2 Upon seeing the ancient godly item that was stored within the last chest box, Dou Fushi was frightened to the point that he retreated back a few steps. It would be fine if the things that are stored within the chest boxes are just golds, but the more I look at the things that are stored within some of the chest boxes, the more frightened I am feeling. To be able to possess this kind of wealth, the person is definitely not anyone ordinary! Xun Fang walked to the last chest box and took a look. It could be seen that, there was a feather fan stored within the chest box. Xun Fang picked up the feather fan with her hand, then fanned the feather fan towards the worn-down factory. Bang! The entire factory rose from the ground! Dou Fushi was completely dumbstruck. Soon after, Xun Fang fanned the fan again, and the factory that rose from the ground abruptly landed back onto the ground. Dust began flying around from the impact. When the dust scattered, the entire factory had already turned into a flat ‘biscuit’. “As expected of an ancient godly item, God Leaf Fan!” Xun Fang said. Dou Fushi was scared to the point that he collapsed on the floor. While on the floor, Dou Fushi mumbled, “Just who did you all rob from?” “Voidless Realm.” Xun Fang lightly swayed the God Leaf Fan that was within her hand. The wind that is coming out from this God Leaf Fan feels very comfortable. Dou Fushi was completely confused. I have never heard of such a sect before. “A huge power that stands above the aristocratic families.” Xun Fang added on with a smile on her face. Pfft!!! Dou Fushi became giddy and felt that his vision was spinning around. I have only heard of aristocratic families, and have never seen them before. And yet, right now, I actually robbed from a power that stands above the aristocratic families! I’m finished! Let me die from poison right now, and at the least, there won’t be any pain for such a death like this. Suddenly! Xun Fang’s gaze turned cold as she abruptly fanned the God Leaf Fan that was within her hand towards Death Mage. Hurricane crazily attacked towards Death Mage, and Dou Fushi who was at the side was completely stunned. Just what is the situation between these two people? Just a while ago, they were still joining hands to rob Voidless Realm. Could it be that, sister-in-law is intending to take all the goods for herself, and therefore, she killed big brother? However, why didn’t she kill me? Could it be that!!! Could it be that sister-in-law took a fancy for my looks, and the reason she killed big brother is to let me take over big brother’s position! The f**k, sister-in-law is truly a real woman. I, Dou Fushi, should reluctantly accept your love, I guess. Seeing that Death Mage turned into a shooting star within the sky. A trace of arc finally appeared on Xun Fang’s face. However, before a second had even passed, the trace of arc disappeared. Because, that skeleton hand had once again held onto her waist, and that skeleton face was moving closer to her face. I didn’t expect that even the ancient godly item would be useless against him! Just let me faint right now. However, I’m not able to faint this time, and I am even able to feel my lips… I really want to die… Dou Fushi turned his face around. Big brother is too formidable, I have decided to reject sister-in-law’s love for me and follow along big brother’s footsteps. Sister-in-law, big brother is handsome and cool, you should just forget about me, I am not able to bear your love. Looking at sister-in-law holding onto big brother’s neck, the two seemed to be caught in a passionate kiss. I am still a child, is it really okay for you two to be like this? Shouldn’t you two be worrying about Voidless Realm’s revenge? At the least, you two should act like you all are a bit nervous. Seeing you two act like this, it is causing me to feel not really worried about Voidless Realm’s revenge anymore… “Jiejiejie~” Imperial translation: “Taste pretty good.” Xun Fang flew into a rage out of humiliation. How many times have I been kissed by this skeleton by force, you tell me, isn’t this infuriating! Xun Fang raised the God Leaf Fan that was within her hand once again. However, Xun Fang’s wrist was grabbed onto by Death Mage. Soon after, Death Mage typed on his phone, “This lousy fan is useless towards me, you can just be at ease and be my wife.” Wife!!! When did I f**king became your wife! You this shameless skeleton! However, after thinking about it, if I were to understand more about him, wouldn’t it be helpful for me? At that time, when I know of his weakness, I will kill him off with one strike! This plan seems pretty good. After thinking through everything, Xun Fang didn’t retort the word ‘wife’ anymore. Death Mage waved his hand and kept the 15 boxes of betrothal gifts away. I definitely have to keep a part of the goods for myself, and afterward, I will have to send some over to master, and also send a big share over to His Honor. After all, His Honor cares so much about his subordinate’s subordinate. Although those goods are not anything good, they are able to convey my respect and boundless admiration for His Honor. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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