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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 181 – Leave from home 2/2 Donghuang Li had already long left Voidless Realm and was currently in the desert that was outside of Voidless Realm. With the scorching sun hanging above the sky, a small figure silently walked in the desert. While throwing a small stone up and down with her hand, Ah Li said with her tender voice, “Now that Ah Li left, mother will become happy…” After wiping away the sweat that was on her forehead, Donghuang Li raised her head and looked towards the sun, “It’s so hot… It would be great if it rained now…” Rumble… The sound of thunder rumbling suddenly rang out within the clear sky! A bunch of black clouds suddenly appeared, and the sky immediately began raining heavily. Donghuang Li was completely stupefied. Suddenly, Donghuang Li felt that her head was feeling very giddy. Soon after, Donghuang Li closed her eyes, covered her head with her hands and began running with her might, “Ah Li don’t want rain anymore, Ah Li want to leave this desert.” Biu. Little Ah Li went into a daze. The rain seemed to have come to a stop, but where am I right now? There is a road here… and there is also a prairie… However, Ah Li’s head feels very dizzy. Ah Li can’t take it anymore… Ah Li is going to faint… Little Ah Li finally couldn’t withstand the dizziness anymore and fainted by the roadside. Right at this moment, a godly car could be seen driving over from the distance. The car was a Wuling Hongguang car! “Big brother! Quickly look at the roadside, there is someone there!” The youngster that was sitting at the front passenger seat said. The youngster’s hair was dyed red. The big brother who was driving the car also had his hair dyed. However, the big brother’s hair wasn’t dyed red, and was instead dyed green. From the looks of it, the two should belong to the same family. The car came to a stop at the roadside, and the two took a look at the fainted Ah Li. “Big brother, what do we do?” “What else can do we do, why are you so stupid, carry her into the car of course!” As the big brother, the big brother felt very heart pained for how stupid his little brother was. “Did this little girl lost her way?” After carrying Donghuang Li into the car, the little brother asked curiously. The big brother lighted up a stick of cigarette, “Should be. Let's wait for the little girl to wake up first, then ask her. I reckon that her parents must be quite worried right now.” “Big brother, you are truly a good guy, little brother truly admires you.” Big brother couldn’t help but gave the little brother a knock on his head, “Are you stupid? The clothes that this girl is wearing are gorgeous, therefore she is definitely not an ordinary family’s child. Once we found her parents, would her parents not give us any reward?” The little brother immediately came to a realization and raised his big thumb, “Big brother is brilliant! Little brother willingly submits to big brother!” “Watch me and try to learn more from me!” “Yes, yes, yes!” Not sure how long had passed, then did Donghuang Li woke up. While rubbing onto her head, Donghuang Li said with her tender voice, “Where is Ah Li at right now?” The two that were sitting at the front became startled and the big brother immediately stopped the car at the side. “Little friend, you woke up?” The big brother asked with a smile. Ah Li pursed her little lips and said, “Uncle Green, hello…” Big brother, “……” The little brother immediately slapped onto his own thigh and laughed loudly, “Uncle Green, haha!!!” The big brother stretched his hand and knocked onto the little brother’s head. What do you all know about, this is this year’s trendiest color. Ah Li sat at the back with an obedient look on her and sized up the two curiously with her big eyes. “Little friend, what is your name?” The big brother asked with a smile. “Uncle Green, my name is Ah Li.” The little brother’s thigh was about to become swollen from being slapped by the little brother himself. “Why did Uncle Red cry?” Ah Li asked curiously. Brother Green smiled, “Uncle Red’s wife greened him.” (Context: In Chinese, saying someone got greened is practically the same as saying that person got cucked.) Donghuang Li was completely confused. Brother Red went into a daze for a moment. I feel that there is something wrong with what big brother jut said. “Ah Li, where are your daddy and mommy?” Big Brother Green asked. Such an adorable little girl, I have to quickly let her get back to her parents’ sides. And also so that I can earn some money once she got back together with her parents. Ah Li pouted her little mouth, “I hate the both of them!” The red and green duo sighed. From the looks of it, this little girl left home in a fit of pique. This kind of children will become fine once you coaxed them. Brother Red wiped his tears away, “Ah Li, it is wrong for you to leave from home, just how worried would your daddy and mommy be for you right now?” “They wouldn’t worry about Ah Li.” While speaking, Ah Li’s eyes turned red. Upon seeing that, Brother Green immediately took out a lollipop, “Ah Li, uncle has a lollipop here.” http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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