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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 182 – Red and green brothers 2/2 Looking at the cashier rapidly pressing onto the menus that Little Ah Li ordered, Little Brother Red couldn’t help but look at his wallet, then looked towards his big brother. Big Brother Green let out a breath. We will let the little ancestor eat whatever she wants first. When the time comes, and the little ancestor’s parents know how well the two of us treated her, they would definitely give us more money. In no time, Little Brother Red carried the foods to the table. Donghuang Li was already at the point where she couldn’t wait anymore. When the foods arrived, Donghuang Li grabbed onto a food with each of her hands and began wolfing down the foods. If Donghuang Baizhi were to see her daughter’s table manners right now, she would definitely give her daughter a lesson. “Ah Li, after you finished eating, we will go and look for you daddy and mommy, okay?” Big Brother Green asked with a light smile. The two ordered only a cup of cola to share with each other because they couldn’t bear to spend money to buy 2 cups. The cola that is sold here is so expensive. Right now, our main focus is to feed the little ancestor and let her have her fill. Donghuang Li was already enchanted by the delicacies that were in front of her. Without thinking at all, Donghuang Li replied, “Alright.” Hearing that Donghuang Li agreed to go and look for her daddy and mommy after she finished eating, the two brothers let out a breath. This little ancestor is not someone that we can provide for. Half an hour later, Little Ah Li rubbed onto her stomach, “Ah Li had her fill.” The red and green brothers looked at the crumbs that remained from the foods. I’m really curious about just how this little ancestor managed to stuff all those foods in her stomach. However, it’s great as long as she had her fill. “Ah Li, let’s go and look for your daddy and mommy now, alright?” Big Brother Green endured the pain in his heart and said. Just this meal alone cost me a month’s worth of expenses. Donghuang Li pouted her small mouth, “Ah Li does not want to go back.” Pfft! If you don’t want to go back, how are we going to be able to receive the money! Little Brother Red hurriedly persuaded, “Ah Li, if you don’t go back home, your daddy and mommy will be worried.” Donghuang Li remained silent… Would mother be worried about me? Mother most probably wouldn’t be worried, she doesn’t even like Ah Li, Ah Li feels so heartbroken. Upon thinking up to here, Ah Li began crying. The f**k, what kind of situation is this right now? The situation caused the red and green brothers to become stupefied, and a lot of people were starting to look towards their direction. Little ancestor, please don’t cry, the ones that should be crying should be us. “Uncle Green, Uncle Red, Ah Li has caused trouble for you two, Ah Li will just leave on her own now…” While speaking, Donghuang Li wiped her tears away and got off from the stool while with a dispirited look on her face. Right now, the issue is not about whether you are causing trouble for us or not, we have already invested our money on you, we can’t let our investment go to drain now. The red and green brothers immediately chased up to Donghuang Li. “Ah Li, you are thinking too much, how would you be causing trouble for us.” Big Brother Green squeezed out a smile and said. Ah Li sniffled a few times. Suddenly, Ah Li recalled of her Aunt Qing. Aunt Qing said that she was going to bring me along to play, thus, I might as well just go and look for Aunt Qing. “Ah Li wants to go back now…” The f**k, the little ancestor has finally come around, this is great! Big Brother Green hurriedly asked, “Ah Li, where is your house at?” “Long’an City.” I remember that Aunt Qing said that she lives in a bar that was located at Long’an City. Upon hearing the city’s name, the red and green brothers were dumbfounded. I have never heard of such a city before. “Check and see where this Long’an City is located at, I feel that it shouldn’t be too far away.” Big Brother Green said happily. We should be able to receive at least 1000 rmb worth of thank you fee, right? Little Brother Green took out his phone and searched for Long’an City. Immediately, he got the result. “Big… big brother…” “Straighten your tongue!” “This Long’an City…” “What’s the matter?” “Long’an City is located 3000+ kilometers away from here! It is located in the south!!!” “3000+ kilometers!!!” Big Brother Green was practically about to cough out blood. The toll charges and gas money for traveling to Long’an City are not a small sum of money! Little Brother Red said in a low voice, “Big brother, how about we forget about it? This business deal is not worth it.” Big Brother Green let out a heavy sigh. Right now, we have already invested close to 400 rmb, if we are to give up halfway, all of the money that we have invested will be going down the drain! After pondering for a bit, Big Brother Green decided to gamble this one time, and hope that a bike would be able to turn into a motorbike from this gamble! http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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