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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 183 – Big brother, the police are here 1/2 “I still have a card here with me, and within the card, there is 5000 rmb. 5000 rmb is enough for us to travel to Long’an City!” Big Brother Green could be seen taking out a bank card. Little Brother Red was stupefied, “Big brother, within this 5000 rmb, is it yes or no that the 4900 rmb belongs to me!!!” Big Brother Green patted onto his little brother’s shoulder, “Don’t mind those details, as long as we accomplish this business, we will be able to strike it rich!” “Big brother, let’s break up.” “Break your head, go and drive the car! We will head to the bank and withdraw money first!” Big Brother Green knocked onto the little brother’s head. “Big brother, I don’t have a license, this big city is unlike the countryside.” “I told you to get your driver’s license since long ago and you just wouldn’t listen!” “I mean, all the money went to you after all…” Little Brother Red said with grievance. “This is all for your sake, I’m helping you store the money so that you can get yourself a wife in the future. Right now, we are in need of using money, so we will use the money first.” Donghuang Li stood at the side, tapped the tip of her toes on the ground, and thought to herself, “Uncle Green and Uncle Red don’t have it easy too, I will properly repay them back in the future.” It could be said, the proudest thing that the green and red brothers had done was saving and helping out Donghuang Li, Donghuang Li was truly their little ancestor. Arriving at the bank, Big Brother Green ran to an ATM machine, but unexpected to him, all of the ATM machines were lacking cash right now, and he had no choice but to go to one of the counters to redraw money. However, there were many people inside the bank, and Big Brother Green had to queue up too. Upon recalling that the car was not parked at a car parking spot, Big Brother Green ran back and reminded his little brother, “You wait here and watch the surrounding, I am going to go and redraw money, if the traffic police come, notify me.” Little Brother Red nodded his head, then began being on the alert. The gains wouldn’t make up for the losses if we were to get issued with a violation ticket, I heard that there are various kinds of violations tickets in the big cities. The big cities are unlike the countryside, where we can park our car anywhere as we want. The moment Big Brother Green walked into the bank, he immediately attracted the security guard’s attention. What to do, Big Brother Green possessed the face of a bad guy. After getting the ticket, Big Brother Green went to queue up. Feeling very melancholy, Big Brother Green took out a stick of cigarette and lighted it up. The surrounding people had a disapproval look on their faces. The Little Brother Red that was outside was looking around in all directions. Suddenly! From the car mirror, Little Brother Red saw a police motorbike driving over. The traffic police were already beginning to issue violation tickets. Immediately, Little Brother Red’s expression changed as he hurriedly got off the car and ran towards the bank. After rushing into the bank, Little Brother Red immediately saw that lump of bright green hair and shouted out loudly towards the green hair’s direction, “Big brother, the police are here!” Along with Little Brother Red’s shout, everyone that was in the lounge immediately went into a daze. After remaining silent for a second, shrieks and screams immediately rang out from the lounge. “There is a robbery!!!” Big Brother Green was startled. In the next second, Big Brother Green ran over and pulled onto his little brother, then continued running, “What are you still being in a daze for, quickly run! There is a robbery happening here right now!” The two quickly ran out of the bank. However, a security guard could be seen immediately rushing out of the bank right after them and shouting towards them, “Don’t run! Quickly catch the two of them!” Big Brother Green was stupefied. What are you trying to catch me for, are you crazy! However, upon seeing the expressions on the two traffic police, Big Brother Green’s conditioned reflex was to run away. In the countryside, I have gotten into quite a few fights. After entering into the car, Big Brother Green immediately started the car and drove away. The two traffic police that were behind went into a daze for a moment, and soon after, they rang the siren and began chasing after the car! Furthermore, one of the traffic police began reporting the matter to the command center. Donghuang Li who was sleeping at the back of the car was woken up by the noise. While dazedly rubbing onto her eyes, Donghuang Li heard the sound of siren ringing out from behind. After opening the window and taking a look, Donghuang Li waved her small hand and shouted out, “Hello police uncles~” The expressions of the two traffic police that were chasing behind changed greatly. There is actually a little girl waving at us and crying for help! These two not only tried to rob the bank, they even kidnapped a hostage! This is a big case! http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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