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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 183 – Big brother, the police are here 2/2 Big Brother Green snorted, “In the countryside, I am Dongming Mountain’s car god, if you can catch sight of my taillight, I will count that you win!” “Big brother, calm down! We are currently being chased by the police.” Big Brother Green said gravely, “As a person, one must have a heart that seeks to win, if not, what difference is there between being a salted fish!” “Big brother…” Little Brother Red was about to cry… Although, it must be said, Big Brother Green’s driving skills were really good, or perhaps, it could be said that Big Brother Green was bursting with luck, and he actually managed to get away from the traffic police’s chase. After stopping at the outskirts, Big Brother Green saw that his little brother was very silent. “Be at ease, this is just a misunderstanding, let’s listen to some music and alleviate our mood.” Big Brother Green patted onto the little brother’s shoulder and consoled. Opened the radio. “Right now, our radio station has a piece of important news to announce. Today, at 3 pm afternoon, two weirdly dressed men attempted to rob a bank, and even kidnapped a little girl as a hostage. The two weirdly dressed men were discovered by two traffic police, and a chase unfolded at the downtown. The suspect that was driving possessed outstanding driving skills and managed to escape from the chase of the two traffic police. Right now, the police have already issued an order for arrest. The car that the suspects were in was a Wuling Hongguang car, the car’s license plate number is, xxxxxx. If any resident discovered the two suspects, please report to the police without delay, the two suspects are dangerous people!” The old drivers that were listening to the news gasped with great surprise. “The f**k, the suspect is a car god.” “Formidable! Requesting to become an apprentice of the suspect!” “The suspects actually escaped using a Wuling Hongguang car! Such talent!” Right now, within the car, it was completely silent. Donghuang Li said in a low voice, “Uncle Green, Uncle Red, let’s surrender to the authorities.” Two rows of tears flowed out from Little Brother Red’s eyes. In the morning, I left the house in high spirits, and yet, within just a few hours, I have turned into a wanted criminal… Big Brother Green silently took out a stick of cigarette. Surrender to the authorities? That is not possible in this entire life of mine. Even if I am going to surrender myself, I have to first send Little Ah Li back home safely! “Ah Li, you be at ease, Uncle Green guarantee that he will send you back home!” Big Brother Green flicked the cigarette bud and said gravely. Looking at his big brother who was sitting at his left, Little Brother Red suddenly felt that his big brother’s entire body was emitting out gold light, seemingly just like a buddha descending into the humane world. “Go and remove the license plate, we will take the countryside road and head to the south!” Big Brother Green was still rather smart. Right now, we definitely cannot get on the highway and national road. “Big brother, please receive little brother’s bow!” Big Brother Green was very gratified, “Live together, and die together!” “Can you send me home first… I’m scared.” Big Brother Green raised his hand and gave his little brother a knock on his head,” Look at this ambition of yours!” After removing the license plate, they continued heading towards Long’an City. Donghuang Li felt that she was an inauspicious star. Mother doesn’t love me, and when I’m outside, I bring trouble to others. “Uncle Green, Uncle Red, Ah Li is sorry, Ah Li caused trouble for the two of you.” Donghuang Li said while sniffling. Little Brother Red said with a smile, “Ah Li, don’t worry, compared to us, your daddy and mommy are more anxious right now.” Right now, Donghuang Baizhi was indeed very anxious. The empress’s anger was not something to be amused with. Within a short period of time, the entire Voidless Realm was searched upside down. Right now, it can be confirmed that, my daughter is no longer at Voidless Realm anymore! The world outside is so big, and Ah Li is not even three years old, if anything were to happen to her… Donghuang Baizhi did not dare to continue on thinking, and even more, tears of regret began flowing out from her eyes. I have been too strict towards my daughter. Soon after, Donghuang Baizhi issued an order, the entire Voidless Realm was to search and bring back Ah Li at all costs! However, Voidless Realm’s people were all curious about one question, which was, who was Ah Li? And not sure who was the one, someone spread the news that Ah Li was called Donghuang Li, and that she was the empress’s daughter! This news caused the entire Voidless Realm to become shocked! The empress actually has a daughter! And no one actually knew about it! Then, who is Donghuang Li’s father? And who is the empress’s husband! Illegitimate daughter! Everyone realized just how serious the matter was. Donghuang Family was going to have to endure everyone’s criticizes, especially the empress! Ever since the empress had succeeded the throne, she was the representative of pure, holy, and dignified. And yet, right now, an illegitimate daughter actually appeared! With that, the empress’s public persona collapsed in an instant! Not only the empress, the entire Voidless Realm was also going to be implicated, and even more, Voidless Realm might even get pulled down from their position! After all, the north’s five aristocratic families were all covetously eyeing at Voidless Realm! How would Donghuang Baizhi not know of the consequences that this matter would bring forth? However, so what? This entire life of mine, I am living only for Ah Li. Without Ah Li, what would I even need that prestige for! I have already endured for close to three years! Now, I will let everyone know that, I, Donghuang Baizhi, has a daughter! And she is called Donghuang Li! As for the consequences that would arise from this matter, I, Donghuang Baizhi, will shoulder all of it! http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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