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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 184 – The two that can’t remain idle 1/2 A single mother, giving birth to the child while enduring huge pressure, and having to lock her own child in the house due to being compelled by circumstances, that kind of pain, only Donghuang Baizhi herself would understand. How would Donghuang Baizhi not want her daughter to be able to enjoy the joy that children her daughter’s age would be able to enjoy? But, for the sake of the entire Voidless Realm, Donghuang Baizhi endured, and endured. However, right now, Donghuang Baizhi couldn’t endure any more! Everything that had been repressed in her heart had all exploded out now. Whoever that dares to make thoughtless remarks behind my back, kill! The news was currently only being spread about at Voidless Realm, but it could be believed that, without long, the news will begin spreading out within the entire Cultivation World. What does the matter of your Ying Family’s second prince becoming a eunuch even count as? The empress has an illegitimate daughter, and the empress was even searching everywhere for her illegitimate daughter! Relatively speaking, right now, Ye Hua was actually quite tragic too. Ye Hua was taking photos like a robot, and even had to wear different kinds of smiles on his face. Even more, I had to listen to the words of a person that is called a photographer, you tell me, isn’t this infuriating? If not for being able to hug onto this foolish woman, I would have long quit the photoshoot. However, it must be said that, when wearing wedding dresses, Qing Ya is really beautiful to the max. Ye Hua decided that he was going to properly keep this woman with him for the entire rest of his life and let her accompany him till the end of time! However, upon recalling that he had to continue taking the photos till nighttime, Ye Hua almost couldn’t endure it anymore. On the other hand, Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi were very relaxed. The two each lied down on a beach bench. The big one wore a sexy bikini, while the small one wore an adorable version bikini. While drinking their fruit juice, the two enjoyed the gazes of the countless people. Ye Zizi hugged onto her little bear and said while feeling bored, “Big Sister Qing, let’s find something to do, I’m so bored…” “We have sat here for such a long time already, and yet no one came to provoke us, what can I do about it…” Qing Yutong who was wearing a pair of sunglasses let out a long sigh. I have already worn until so sexy, and yet no one has any reaction. Could it be that, all of them know that I am digging a hole for them to jump into, and all of them are highly intelligent? Ye Zizi smiled mysteriously, “Big Sister Qing, Zizi has a good plan.” “What good plan?” “Do you still remember the conversation between the two men during the morning? The person that we stepped on last night is a big shot, and yesterday, he even sent someone over to kill us.” Towards the hitman that came over last night, Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi both tacitly knew about it. Qing Yutong of course knew that Ye Zizi was not an ordinary person, or to be precise, Qing Yutong knew that the people that were at her brother-in-law’s sides were all not simple people. Similarly, Ye Zizi also knew that Qing Yutong was not ordinary. Qing Yutong nodded her head, “I remember. That hitman is truly stupid to death, he practically threw the face of the hitman world.” “Aiyo, Big Sister Qing, I am not talking about the hitman~” “Then, what are you talking about?” “Big Sister Qing is so stupid, what I’m trying to say is that we can go and find that idiot from yesterday.” Ye Zizi already has a plan in her mind. This is definitely going to be fun! If it isn’t fun, I won’t demand any money~ Qing Yutong suddenly came to a realization as she hugged onto Ye Zizi and pressed Ye Zizi into her embrace, “My Zizi is truly so smart.” “Hmmm, hmmm, hmm, I am going to suffocate to death.” The surrounding people were dazed from looking. I really want to become the loli and get pressed into the beauty’s chest by the beauty. “Then, let’s quickly think of a plan. How are we going to get captured?” Qing Yutong couldn’t wait anymore. This is so exciting~ Ye Zizi looked at Qing Yutong’s growth, then look a look at her own growth, and felt that it was really not balanced… “Don’t look anymore, wait until you grow up, yours will definitely grow tremendously.” Qing Yutong pinched onto the little fellow’s face and said, while completely having no idea about the fact that Ye Zizi was only able to grow until this big. Qing Yutong’s words were a bit hurtful towards Ye Zizi. Ye Zizi pouted her little mouth. Zizi do not feel happy right now. “Let big sister have a kiss~” Lots of the surrounding men had to walk while arching their backs, and some even sat on the ground awkwardly and looked up towards the sky. A child’s temper could be said to come quickly and leave quickly. “Big Sister Qing, let’s go out to sea~” “Good idea, let’s go out to sea!” After finish speaking, the two went and rent a luxurious yacht, then proceed to head out to the sea. After stopping the yacht at the sea, the two began waiting for people to come and catch them. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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