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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 184 – The two that can’t remain idle 2/2 While lying down at the front part of the yacht, Qing Yutong was starting to feel a bit sleepy, “Zizi, we have already waited for an hour, and I still don’t see anyone coming. The sun is going to set soon.” Ye Zizi felt that things can’t continue on like this. Those people are all blind, we beauties have already delivered ourselves to their doorstep, and they still don’t have any reaction. Ye Zizi lightly flicked with her finger. An incorporeal force struck onto the outside of the barrier, causing the seawater within the barrier to begin surging, and actually formed a huge wave. The huge wave then began surging towards the island that Ying Family was located at. The Ying Family and Ying Family's relatives that were currently holding a meeting sensed that the barrier shook, and the expression on all of their faces changed greatly. It has been a thousand years where the barrier did not shake in the slightest bit! I didn’t expect that the barrier would actually shake so much today! Ying Jingshan brought along everyone and flew out of the conference room. After flying out, they could see that a 100 meters tall huge wave was surging towards the island. The appearance of the 100 meters tall huge wave caused everyone’s scalps to feel numb. Of course, they were just surprised that this sea area which has remained calm for a thousand years actually set off such a huge wave. Ying Hou could be seen standing out and shouting out loudly as he pushed both of his palms outwards, “Protect!” Suddenly, the violently surging huge wave gradually descended downwards, and in no time, the sea became tranquil again. Ying Jingshan felt that something didn’t feel right. There have been too many things happening during these two days, and every single thing was all targeted at Ying Family. And right now, the barrier even shook! Just who is the one that caused the barrier to shake! “Hou’er, go out and investigate!” “Yes!” Ying Xiang smiled and stepped out of the group, “Nephew Hou, let uncle follow along with you and take a look at what’s going on.” “I will have to thank uncle for the help then.” Ying Hou cupped his hands and said, appearing very courteous! After all, if Ying Hou wanted to receive support, he had to satisfy the appetites of those relatives of his. Ye Zizi let out a yawn. I controlled my strength quite well just now, if I were to use a bit more strength, that barrier would have broke. And even more, if my power didn’t disappear after breaking the barrier, everyone within the barrier would have been killed by my power, and if that were to happen, it would be boring. Suddenly, 10+ people appeared out of nowhere. Ye Zizi became exalted, “Big Sister Qing, they are here, they are here!” Qing Yutong who had fallen asleep woke up and cried out in surprise, “Where, where?” Could the two of you at least give those people some faces? Those people are flying up in the sky. As normal girls, shouldn’t you two be astonished right now? Or at the least, you two should open your mouth wide, point to the sky, and shout, ‘demons’, and not be like right now, having an excited look on your faces… “Big Sister Qing, pay attention to your acting, you are over-exaggerating it!!!” Looking at Ye Zizi, she has an afraid look on her face, and her body was already curled into a ball. Qing Yutong just woke up a while ago and still haven’t come back to her senses. Right now, after coming back to her senses, Qing Yutong immediately hugged onto Ye Zizi and her entire body began trembling. Qing Yutong’s eyes were filled with fear, but deep within her eyes, she was incomparably excited. “Eh? Those two girls look very similar to the two girls that Liu Bi described.” Ying Xiang smiled and said, then slowly flew towards the yacht. After landing at the front part of the yacht, Ying Xiang began sizing up the two girls curiously. Killing intent appeared within Ying Hou’s eyes. Last night, the matter with the hitman disappearing indescribably all of a sudden has already made me feel very vexed. Although I don’t know if these two girls are really the two girls that Liu Bi came across, but looking at their appearance and age, these two girls are pretty much the same as the two girls that Liu Bi described yesterday! If uncle didn’t follow along with me, I would be able to just kill these two to prevent any secrets from being divulged. However, with the situation as it is right now, now is not a good time for me to make any moves! “Who… who are you all…” Qing Yutong’s acting immediately went online as she protected onto Ye Zizi who was within her embrace and asked while being frightened. Right now, Ying Xiang finally knew why his Nephew Kang invited the two to have a drink. These two girls are indeed very beautiful. The big one is sexy, and the small one is adorable, the two are truly not bad. “Don’t be nervous, I just merely have a question that I want to ask the two of you.” Ying Xiang revealed out a gentle smile and said. It would have been great if nephew wasn’t here. If nephew wasn’t here, I would be able to bring these two girls back and make them my slaves. How great would that have been? Ye Zizi hugged onto Qing Yutong, and even squeezed out tears, “Big sister, Zizi is afraid~” http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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