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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 185 – He is practically a beast 2/2 The main hall was completely quiet. Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi remained silent as they wait for the eunuch to arrive. Although the two were remaining silent, they were sizing up their surroundings. The middle-aged over there should be the big boss, and the youngster that is standing behind the big boss should be the big boss’s son. Then, what is the identity of the guy whose eggs were burst by us? Liu Bi could be seen supporting onto Ying Kangshi and walking into the main hall. Ying Kangshi walked in while limping, and when he saw the back views of the two that were within the main hall, he recognized who the two were, and immediately, he went berserk. “I am going to kill the two of you!!!” Even if they were to turn into ashes, Ying Kangshi would still be able to remember them. My manhood was stepped broken by these two! Ying Jingshan’s brows became wrinkled. A barrier appeared and protected onto Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi, while the pitiful Ying Kangshi took a few steps backward from the vibration. Ying Kangshi fell onto the floor, and because of the fall, his wound began hurting, causing his entire face to become distorted. Soon after, Ying Kangshi looked at his father in disbelief. “Father, let me kill the both of them!!!” Right now, there was already no whatever face left to talk about, Ying Kangshi kneeled in front of his father and pleaded. Ying Jingshan shouted out gravely, “I still have things to ask them about!” “Father!” “Shut up!” Ying Jingshan shouted out coldly. Ying Kangshi remained silent and stood up silently. Looking at the two women that were within the main hall, Ying Kangshi wished he could hang the two of them, then violently lash the two of them and listen to their screams that were filled with pain. Ye Zizi felt that it was time for her to perform. “You… don’t come over… Big sister… I’m afraid.” Ye Zizi looked at Ying Kangshi like she was looking at a devil and proceeded to lean towards Qing Yutong’s body with all her might. Qing Yutong immediately understood Ye Zizi. “You beast, to not even let go of a child!” Qing Yutong displayed out the image of a big sister very well, not afraid of power, yet at the same time, protecting her little sister. When the Ying Family’s relatives heard what the two said, they more or less understood just what happened, and all of them sighed and shook their heads. Meanwhile, Ying Kangshi almost spat out blood. You two were evidently the ones that stepped onto my manhood, and right now, you two are actually making a false accusation against me! “Father, don’t believe them!” The interrogation hasn’t even begun, and my son has already been crowned with the title of having bully an underaged girl. Right now, my son’s reputation is already smelly enough, and now, there’s this… Does he want to cause the entire Ying Family to smell too because of him! Qing Yutong’s performance was very great, especially that expression of hers that seemed like she wasn’t afraid of anyone, it was truly godly! Alright, perhaps, this couldn’t be said to be a performance, Qing Yutong was just merely acting out how she truly felt. “Don’t think that just because you all have an advantage in numbers, you all can bully me and my little sister! Zizi, don’t be afraid, big sister is here.” While lightly caressing onto Ye Zizi who was within her embrace, Qing Yutong said with anger. Ye Zizi pointed towards Ying Kangshi while sniffling, “It’s fine if you want to bully me, don’t bully big sister anymore…” Pfft! Ying Kangshi felt blood was rushing upwards from his chest. You two are obviously the ones that are bullying me! Looking at the two pitiful sisters, Ying Shang said gravely, “Big brother, I’m afraid that this matter has to be deliberated over.” Ying Jingshan thought for a while, then asked, “You two tell me, why did you two wound my son!” Qing Yutong pointed towards Liu Bi and said solemnly, “During that night, it was him who invited me and my sister to drink with your son.” Liu Bi went into a daze for a moment and did not retort Qing Yutong’s words. What this girl just said is indeed correct. “And your son, he actually proposed such an excessive request, wanting me and my sister to accompany him to… accompany him to… my sister is only 8 years old! How could there be such a malicious person in this world!” While speaking, Qing Yutong began crying bitterly, giving rise to the relatives’ pity. “She’s lying, I have never proposed such a thing before!!!” Ying Kangshi shouted out loudly. Because he was too agitated, his eyes had turned red. However, Ying Kangshi’s words appeared to be very powerless. It is normal for Nephew Kang to possess such thoughts, after all, these two girls do indeed look unusually outstanding. It would have been fine if he didn’t cause such a problem to arise from his actions, but since such a problem had risen from his actions, he is a disgrace to the Ying Family! Qing Yutong could be heard continue speaking, “My sister and I were almost made drunk by him, but not sure what happened, his pants suddenly got on fire.” “Although he possessed evil intentions, we cannot just do nothing and watch him die right? Thus, my sister and I joined hands and helped him to extinguish the fire. Because we helped him to extinguish the fire, he did not get burned to death by the fire. However, because we were feeling afraid, we left just like that after helping him to extinguish the fire.” Such a perfect explanation, Qing Yutong felt that she could go and write a novel already. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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