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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 187 – Mom, forget about me 1/2 Although these two girls were blathering nonsense, I did indeed think of killing my little brother! However, what is laughable is that, I actually got baited into speaking out the truth, I am truly foolish! Ying Kangshi kneeled in front of his father and said angrily, “Father! Ying Hou violated the family rules, I hope for father to punish Ying Hou according to the family rules!” Along with Ying Kangshi speaking out, all of the relatives stood up, cupped their hands together, and shouted out, “Hope for family head to punish Ying Hou according to the family rules!” Ying Hou knew what fate was awaiting him. Instead of staying here and waiting for my death, I might as well try to run away! Ying Hou could be seen suddenly rushing towards the outside. This kind of thought was very stupid, but towards the current situation, Ying Hou did not have any other choices. The relatives easily captured Ying Hou and made him kneel down beside Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi. Ying Hou glowered at the two girls beside him, and Ye Zizi could be seen suddenly making a face at Ying Hou, “Bleh, bleh, bleh~” Ye Zizi’s action caused Ying Hou to become even more infuriated, and Ying Hou could be seen trying to kill these two girls with all his might. However, the result of Ying Hou’s action just merely served to further prove that Ying Hou was guilty. “I am going to kill the two of you! I am going to kill the two of you!” Ying Hou’s expression was distorted, and ferociousness appeared in his gaze as he shouted towards the two girls that were beside him. Ying Jingshan remained silent, but how could his heart not be feeling pained right now? The mere words of the empress actually caused Ying Family’s brothers to harm against each other, and for the position of the family head, the relatives even want me to kill my own son! What an irony! What a great irony!!! A day ago, the relatives were crazily jealous of my family, my big son was going to take up the role of the family head, and my small son was going to marry the empress, just how glorious was it for my family? But, a day later, my small son lost his manhood, and my big son wants to kill his little brother, what a disgrace this is! Such a turnaround like this caused the relatives to feel astonished, but also laughable at the same time. This is a hard to come by chance for us! In actuality, the main culprits are currently sitting in the main hall, just that, all of you are blind. However, it must be said that, Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi really saved Ying Kangshi’s life. If not for the two, Ying Kangshi would have definitely been poisoned by Jiu Ye. “Hou’er, Kang’er…” The weak Yu He could be seen running into the main hall from the outside. Seeing that both of her sons were kneeling down on the ground, tears immediately fell like rain from her face. “Just what are you two doing, get up, what misunderstanding is there that cannot be resolved!” Yu He shouted out heart painfully. Ying Xiang said faintly, “Big sister-in-law, your big son wants to kill his little brother and in thus violated the family rules!” “What! That is not possible, how would Hou’er want to kill Kang’er, that is not possible! Hou’er! Tell your mom that it’s not true!” Yu He shook onto her son and said with a hoarse voice. She had cried for quite a long while because of her small son's matter, causing her vocal cords to become hoarse. And right now, she was told that her own big son wants to kill his little brother. This was practically like a thunder appearing from a clear sky to her! Ying Hou who was kneeling down on the ground did not have the face to face against his mother. With his head lowered down, Ying Hou remained silent. Yu He ran to the front of her small son and wailed, “Kang’er, you are the most obedient towards mother’s words, how could your big brother want to kill you, there must have definitely been a misunderstanding!" Ying Kangshi did not look at his mother, and instead said gravely while with his head lowered, “Ying Hou is guilty and deserves to be punished! Ying Hou should be punished according to the family rules!” Yu He fell onto the ground in shock and could not believe it. The big brother wants to kill the little brother, and the little brother is requesting for his big brother to be punished according to the family rules! Why! Why did a fine family suddenly turn into such a state within just a day! “Jingshan, quickly say something! You cannot kill Hou’er, he is our son!!!” Yu He kneeled down in front of her husband and pleaded. Everyone remained silent and did not speak, because the result has already been set. Listening to her wife’s plead, how could Ying Jingshan not want to save his son? But, sitting on this position, how do I even save Hou’er! What can I even do to save Hou’er! “Jingshan, I’m begging you, if you are going to kill Hou’er, let me substitute for Hou’er to die instead!” When all was said, in the end, Yu He did not commit any mistakes, she just merely wanted to save her own son. However, when one marries into such a family like this, although they could enjoy the benefits that were brought forth from authority and power, there were a lot of things that they have to be prepared to lose too. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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