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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 188 – Ancient ferocious beast! 2/2 Ye Zizi shook her head, “Originally, you could have still lived, but you just had to head towards your death. Even if you waited at the other side for an eternity, you still won’t be able to see us.” Qing Yutong smiled, then took out a stone from her system and threw the stone up towards the air, and immediately, the entire area was lighted up! With the area lighted up, the two finally saw how Heavy Dust looked like. A lion head and an alligator body, this Heavy Dust is most probably a hybrid I suppose… “This is the ugliest ancient ferocious beast that I have ever seen.” Ye Zizi mumbled. “This is truly a sore to the eyes, I didn’t expect that an ancient ferocious beast would be this ugly.” Qing Yutong couldn’t stand looking at Heavy Dust anymore. These two have pretty good taste in aesthetics, but in actuality, despite what they said, Heavy Dust still looked rather mighty and impressive. Heavy Dust’s body length was close to 300 meters, and when it stood up, its height was around 10 stories high. The hair that was at the bottom of its neck was just like a bunch of incomparably sharp golden thorns, and the scales on its body caused its defense power to be extremely high. To want to break through its defense, it was not an easy thing at all. And the important point was its four huge claws that were each radiating out a cold light. Standing at the front of Heavy Dust, Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi seemed just like two black dots, appearing incomparably insignificant compared to Heavy Dust. Heavy Dust could be seen slowly crawling towards Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi. Every time Heavy Dust moved, the entire cave would tremble for a moment. All ancient ferocious beasts possessed intelligence. These two weak humans actually dare to disregard me and moved their faces away from me! Don’t think that just because you two look good, I will spare you twos' lives! Roar!!! Heavy Dust let out a huge roar. The huge roar’s might was soaring and was definitely the perfect move to scare little children. When the Ying Family that were outside the cave heard Heavy Dust’s angry roar, while feeling astonished, they sighed. But unexpected to them, a louder angry roar emitted out from within the cave, and a frantic aura swept out from within the cave and blew away the altar and everything. Ying Xiang said gravely, “This Heavy Dust’s strength became somewhat stronger again…” What kind of joke was this Ying Xiang even cracking, that angry roar from just now belonged to Ye Zizi. And right now, Heavy Dust who was still all-mighty just a while ago was actually currently hiding at a corner, hiding its head in its chest and shivering, seemingly just like a small cat that was hurt. In actuality, Qing Yutong was also rather shocked by Ye Zizi. Ye Zizi’s strength is not ordinarily strong, that loli voice of hers is not made by a voice changer, right? “Lalala, lalala, ultraman fighting a little monster~” While swinging the little bear that was within her hand, Ye Zizi hopped to the front of Heavy Dust, then stretched out her leg and kicked onto Heavy Dust’s sharp claw. “Big Sister Qing, quickly come over, this ferocious beast actually painted black color nail polish on its claws, this ferocious beast is so coquettish…” Heavy Dust: “You liar! My claws are naturally black in color okay! Don’t think that just because you are strong, you can slander such a good beast like me!” Qing Yutong walked over and let out a breath, “Black color is not nice, how about we paint the claws into red color?” “Alright, Zizi likes red color~” The ancient ferocious beast Heavy Dust was feeling very despair right now. While speaking, the two actually really began painting Heavy Dust’s claws, completely not joking around at all. “What are you being shy for, lower down your claw, I can’t even reach it.” “Stretch over that claw to me, you are acting just like a little lady, you must have never experience the outside world.” Heavy Dust: “……” Under Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi’s roasts, Heavy Dust wished it could die from despair. These two are practically inhuman, painting the claws that I am the proudest of into bright red color. Even more, they want to make me wear contact lens, I really f**king want to die! Qing Yutong patted onto her hands, “Zizi, how is it, do you think it looks beautiful?” Looking at Heavy Dust who had a face full of grievance, Ye Zizi hugged onto the little bear and said, “Won’t we know about that once we bring it out for a walk?” “Hehe, makes sense. Zizi is truly smart, quickly come and let big sister have a kiss.” While speaking, Qing Yutong hugged Ye Zizi into her embrace and kissed onto Ye Zizi. “Aiyo, Big Sister Qing, you saliva monster…” Heavy Dust covered its face, I am still a child… Qing Yutong could be seen taking out a multi-colored magic wand. After lightly waving the magic wand, Qing Yutong immediately kept away the magic wand. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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