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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 189 – Big brother is here! 2/2 Ye Zizi who was nestling within Qing Yutong’s embrace pouted her mouth, “The little fellow seems like it isn’t a match against those people.” “En, the weapons within their hands are very strong.” Qing Yutong said. The two hid at a remote location and observed the battle. I didn’t expect that this Ying Family’s foundation would be this strong, if they were to be given a little bit more time, they would definitely be able to seal up Heavy Dust once again. The two observed the battle for another 10 minutes. Right now, Heavy Dust was already on the verge of collapsing, facing against Ying Family’s crazy bombardment of attacks, Heavy Dust could not persevere on anymore. “They are being too much, few thousand people fighting against one beast.” In actuality, Qing Yutong rather dislikes those people. Compared to those people, that Ying Hou could at least be counted as a man. Ye Zizi snorted, “Big Sister Qing, let’s go and help out the little beast, it is so pitiful... “Alright, let’s let them experience what is called true despair.” Qing Yutong stretched her body. Finally, I can let myself loose in a big fight. Right when the two were preparing to enter into the battle, Ye Zizi’s expression changed! “Big Sister Qing! Wait!!! Don’t go!!!” Ye Zizi kept away her constant smile and shouted out solemnly. Qing Yutong turned her head around and asked curiously, “What is it, Zizi?” “Big brother is here…” Ye Zizi’s expression sunk as she began pondering where she should go and hide at. “Ah! Brother-in-law is here!!!” Qing Yutong was startled too. I feel that my butt is starting to hurt a little… Hide… The two immediately understood each other’s intentions, let’s hide… Half an hour earlier. Ye Hua who was within the wedding dress store felt that his body and mind were both exhausted. Instead of taking wedding photos, I would rather have a fight with Ye Zizi. Upon recalling that there was still going to be another day of photoshoot tomorrow, Ye Hua felt that the entire sky was collapsing down onto him and a feeling of powerlessness emitted out from his body. Faced against such a thing like this, no matter how strong I am, what difference does it even make? Sometimes, I really want to go back to the past and just be a little skeleton who feels apprehensive every day. Sigh… Qing Ya who was wearing a pure white wedding dress walked over. Upon seeing Ye Hua’s bitter face, Qing Ya laughed in her heart, “Alright, don’t be angry anymore, I will give you a massage when we go back.” “Don’t think that just because you said a few nice things, my anger would disappear.” Ye Hua said gravely. In just this day alone, I have changed into 10+ sets of clothes, and right now, I am even wearing a bright red western suit. Even more, the shoes and socks that I am currently wearing are all red in color too. Qing Ya could be seen walking over to Ye Hua’s side, then lowered her waist and lightly kissed onto Ye Hua’s cheek, “Will it do now?” The boy who was holding onto the end of the wedding dress was stupefied. This woman is so beautiful, and yet she is actually fawning over the man, and even took the initiative to present her kiss to the man. There is no need to say too much, this man possesses mines, and even more, he possesses a lot of mines. Ye Hua pursed his lips. Qing Ya actually took the initiative, seems like I have educated her well. “Quickly go and change your clothes.” Ye Hua said petulantly. Qing Ya stretched out her index finger and hooked onto Ye Hua’s chin, then blinked her beautiful eyes and said lovably, “Little darling, wait for me~” Ye Hua dazedly looked at Qing Ya as she leaves. This woman is really… really… Ye Hua did not know how to express how he was feeling right now. She actually dared to try and tease me! Wait after we head back, see just how I am going to take care of you, you are practically undisciplined and out of control right now… Although those were what Ye Hua was currently thinking, the corner of Ye Hua’s mouth was rather honest, there was a slight arc there. Suddenly… Ye Hua heard the sound of a light roar. This caused Ye Hua to feel very curious. In the middle of the night, just who is bringing out their ferocious beast for a walk? To be able to hear Heavy Dust’s roar, to Ye Hua, it was very normal. After all, the distance between Heavy Dust and Ye Hua was not very far, and adding with Heavy Dust being excited about finally being able to come out of the cave, and thus roared very loudly, Heavy Dust’s roar naturally transmitted all the way into Ye Hua’s ears. Of course, others wouldn’t be able to hear until Heavy Dust’s roar. Even if Xiao Yi was called over, he also wouldn’t be able to hear until Heavy Dust’s roar. This was a kind of aura transmission, only super experts would be able to sense it, and adding on with the fact that there was a layer of barrier on the island, the difficulty of being able to sense the aura was increased. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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