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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 19 – I will deliver protection over to you! But what could be confirmed was that Qing Family was very powerful right now. Within the country, Qing Family was one of the very best big corporations. Unfortunately, there was no male in the current generation of Qing Family, there were only 2 females! Although their talent was pretty good, they were still after all woman, and in the future, they would also have to marry. Therefore! If one was able to marry a woman belonging to Qing Family, it was equivalent to marrying with a mountain of wealth and becoming someone who other men would envy. Ye Hua was precisely a man who was able to marry a woman belonging to Qing Family. Unfortunately, the reason that he married the other person was because of the child within that person’s stomach, and there was completely no affection evolved at all. The air in the suburbs was much fresher, Ye Hua opened the window and slightly squinted his eyes. “Your family such is rich, to even specially build a road.” Ye Hua said lightly. Qing Ya let out a breath, “Having too much money is also worrying.” “I can help relieve your worries by a bit.” Ye Hua said faintly. “Ye Hua, do you really feel no shame in using my money? You are a man, don’t you know how to earn money yourself!” Qing Ya couldn’t help but reprimanded. Although I can support him for his entire life, I also don’t want to see him not having the motivation to better himself. Ye Hua rubbed his temple, his tone still as calm as usual, “It is not that I don’t want to earn money, it is just that earning money is a boring thing.” “Haha, can you not act cool…” “Qing Ya, you act much more than me.” “……” Just when the two of them was about to start quarreling, a red Ferrari F12 whistled past them, swirling up a bunch of tree leaves in its trail, and one of the tree leaves even fell onto Ye Hua’s shoulder. According to Ye Hua’s habits 5 years ago, Ye Hua would have already used the tree leaf that fell onto his shoulder to cut the car into half. Qing Ya wrinkled her brows and gazed at the Ferrari in front of her. Her beautiful eyes lighted up as she ferociously stepped onto the gas pedal. No matter was, Audi A8 was meant for commercial use after all, how would it even be a match for the Ferrari F12. In a short while, the butt of the Ferrari F12 disappeared from Qing Ya’s sight and Qing Ya decreased the speed of her Audi A8 unwillingly. “That fiancé of yours?” Ye Hua asked indifferently. “No, but it is someone even more annoying than that man!” Ye Hua’s interest seemed to be peaked. To be able to become someone who Qing Ya find annoying, the person should be quite a character right. “Tell me about that person.” “She is my sister, who has the same father as me but not mother, Qing Yutong!” Qing Ya said coldly, seemingly that her relationship was not that good with this sister of her. However, Ye Hua’s interest became much bigger, “Is it that celebrity, Qing Yutong?” “Well, is there someone else with that name? Wait, something is not right, don’t tell me that you are interested in her?” According to Qing Ya’s understanding of Ye Hua, this man was indeed not interested in the typical beautiful woman. Ye Hua nodded his head, “ I am of course interested in her. However, Qing Yutong she herself did not come to my bar, but instead, her big sister came.” Thinking up to here, Ye Hua laughed out once. This was the good point of not controlling things, everywhere was filled with surprises and unexpected things. A layer of cold frost immediately appeared on Qing Ya’s face as she said with a deep voice, “You are my husband right now, for you to say that you are interested in your sister-in-law right in front of me, I don’t think that it is appropriate right!” “What is there that is not appropriate, passion between a male and female is normal.” Screech!!! The tires left a black trace on the ground, and Qing Ya’s face became much colder. From her expression, it seemed as if she wanted to perish together with Ye Hua. “You say it one more time!” “Do you want to quarrel with me again!” Ye Hua asked coldly. “It is you who want to quarrel, you are my husband right now!” Ye Hua couldn’t help but take a cigarette, then lighted it and said, “It is true that I am your husband now.” “Then, why did you still say that you are interested in my sister!” Qing Ya questioned angrily. “I have never forced others, on that day, it was also you who was willing to do it. If it was your sister who sent herself up to my doorstep, I would not reject her.” Ye Hua straightforwardly lay out everything bare. Qing Yutong was a woman that Ye Hua relatively admired. 5 years ago, she went all the way from a small extra, to gradually becoming an international superstar, and Ye Hua witnessed the whole process. If it was changed to my own world, Qing Yutong would be an existence that would in the future become a female overlord. Hearing Ye Hua’s promise, Qing Ya let out a sigh of relief, “Be at ease, she won’t be like me and let you eat her up!” “What if it happens then?” “I will deliver protection over to you!” Qing Ya said ruthlessly. “Haha!” Ye Hua let out a bright laugh. Although this woman sometimes makes me angry, but sometimes, she also seemed very…what is it again? Using human’s words to say it, it should be adorable I guess. Actually, forget it, she is just stupid only… “You still dare to laugh! I am going to fight you to the death!” To speak the truth, Ye Hua was not good at fighting like this, facing against Qing Ya’s pinching technique, he did not have any way to retaliate at all because he was afraid of harming his own child. When Qing Ya discovered that Ye Hua was not retaliating, Qing Ya started going over the line. “Enough already!” Ye Hua couldn’t help but shout out. Don’t go too far and stop it now! Qing Ya snorted and drove the car towards the manor that was in front of them. 2 security guards stood outside the black iron gate. Just that, the uniform that the 2 security guards were wearing was much more high-grade compared to Wei Chang’s uniform. The uniform that the 2 security guards were wearing was at least western suit grade. “Big miss!” Qing Ya said coldly, “Open the gate!” The 2 security guards looked at Qing Ya entering into the manor foolishly. After a few minutes, they were still in a daze. “The big miss seemed to have changed…” One of them said foolishly. “En, she became much more beautiful, more beautiful compared to the second miss! However, I feel that the second miss is still…” “Conquering the second miss would feel much satisfying right, after all, the second miss is an international celebrity right now.” “Indeed, there is no need to argue about the second miss’s figure. However, who is that man? Didn’t the big miss’s fiancé already came?” “I feel that there will be a good show to watch today. The man that we saw in the car just now seems quite formidable.” Ye Hua who was sitting in the car laughed out once again, he heard the conversation of the 2 security guards. “The 2 security guards are comparing you to Qing Yutong.” “Humph!” Qing Ya snorted. Although my sister’s fame is very high, but I am not to be underestimated too! The building style of the manor was inclining towards the European style. At the house’s door, there was a rock garden fountain, displaying out a grand aura, and at the side, there was a helicopter. The Ferrari F12 from just before was already parked at one side. Parked near the Ferrari F12, there were a Rolls-Royce and Bentley. Just that, right beside the Bentley, a Passat was also parked there, seemingly sort of pulling down the quality of the cars near it. When Qing Ya saw that Passat, her brows wrinkled. I did not expect that Long Aotian would come this early. This car is even the car allocated to him by the company, this man sure is anxious huh. “When will you get a car for me?” Ye Hua closed the car’s door and said. In any case, I just precisely want to see the look of Qing Ya when she gets angry, she seems just too stupid when she gets angry~ Qing Ya said petulantly, “Isn’t the card with you? Whatever you want to buy, go and buy it yourself.” “Not sure how much the most expensive car would cost.” Ye Hua said in a low voice. And Qing Ya almost sprained her leg when she heard that. This bastard! “Ye Hua! Please don’t mess around anymore, we are already at my house right now, you have to listen to everything I say from now!” “Alright.” Qing Ya sighed. I hope that everything won’t be messed up later on. Qing Ya could be seen walking to the front of Ye Hua and using both of her hands to slightly tidy up Ye Hua’s collar. Until she was satisfied with how it looked, she then held onto Ye Hua’s arm and walked towards the door. And as for Ye Hua, his brows were slightly wrinkled. Just now, for a sudden split second, it felt very strange, it felt as if I was not that lonely anymore. However, this feeling went by in a flash. Looking at the building on me, it somewhat resembles that palace of mine. However, this building is lacking a bit of an austere aura, meaningless.

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