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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 191 – One second to consider 2/2 Ye Hua lightly let out a breath of smoke, and the smoke could be seen slowly floating towards the heavily wounded Heavy Dust. When Heavy Dust who was lying within the ruins breathed in the smoke, its four limbs that were originally unable to move anymore gradually began to wiggle, and soon after, it suddenly stood its body up. Roar! Heavy Dust let out a long roar, and soon after, it bent its front legs and kneeled down towards Ye Hua! Right now, the hearts of everyone within Ying Family were crumbling. The reason that so many people died and become injured was so that we could knock down Heavy Dust. And yet, the man merely blew out a mouth of smoke, and Heavy Dust who was at its last gasp just a moment ago seemed like it was injected with a stimulant and immediately recovered back its vitality!!! Is this man still a human! Ye Hua could be seen lifting his hand upwards while with his palm facing towards the sky! The entire ocean immediately began boiling, and the seawater could be seen rushing upwards, forming into legs, waist, chest, arms, and then a head! Eight Huge Water Demon Gods surrounded the entire island and all of them were lowering their heads and gazing at everyone within Ying Family. Heavy Dust was already frightened to the point that it was trembling in fear. Before the Huge Water Demon Gods, Heavy Dust seemed just like a wild pig, only able to raise its head and look up towards the Huge Water Demons Gods. From this, it could be seen just how huge the Huge Water Demon Gods were. Not only was Heavy Dust feeling frightened, the legs of everyone within Ying Family were currently trembling too, and the ones who possessed weaker strength have long collapsed onto the ground. Ying Kangshi himself had already fainted from fright. It was still not finished yet. At the space below Ye Hua and the others, the seawater raised up towards them. However, while raising, the seawater was also rapidly freezing. Gradually, an ice platform was formed, and Ye Hua and the others stood exactly on it. An ice throne could be seen rising up from the ice platform, and Ye Hua unhurriedly sat onto the throne. After sitting on the throne, Ye Hua flicked the cigarette bud and shouted out faintly, “The two of you, still not going to come out?!” Everyone in Ying Family did not understand what this man meant. Who are the two people that this man is referring to? Ye Zizi and Qing Yutong who were hiding somewhere on the island both sighed, then rubbed onto their butts at the same time… Ying Jingshan saw two figures flew out from the side, and when he saw the appearances of the two figures, he felt a chill ran down his spine. So, it was actually the two of them! The Ying Family’s relatives who had seen before Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi were not feeling good right now, they felt like they were going to cough out blood. So, after running back and forth in circles, the two of them are the real culprits! The entire Ying Family was actually toyed around in circles by two women! Arriving at the ice platform, Ye Zizi lowered her head and stood together with Wei Chang and the others, seemingly just like a child who did something wrong. On the other hand, Qing Yutong did not even know where she should stand at. If I were to jump into brother-in-law’s embrace right now, I’m not sure what kind of reactions they would have. Of course, for something like that, I can only merely think about it in my head. For such a huge spectacle like this, only an idiot would do something like that. However, where should I stand at? I guess I should better go and stand at the back. “Yutong, come and stand beside me!” Ye Hua said faintly. No matter what, Yutong is my sister-in-law, this face must be given to Qing Ya. Yutong can treat it as standing on behalf of her big sister, I guess. Qing Yutong became exulted. Brother-in-law even brings along his sister-in-law when he is acting cool, I really want to give brother-in-law a kiss, I love brother-in-law. However, I cannot display out my joy on my face right now, if not, I will be throwing brother-in-law’s face. Standing at her brother-in-law’s side, Qing Yutong looked at the small island that was in front of her, at the Huge Water Demon Gods that were standing around the island’s surroundings, and also at the Heavy Dust who was kneeling down within the ruins. I have never felt such a feeling like this before. Wei Chang could be seen taking a small step forward and shouting out in a deep and low voice, “Kneel down!” The eight Huge Water Demon Gods shouted out at the same time, “Kneel down!” The huge might straightforwardly landed onto the backs of everyone within Ying Family, and the people that were flying within the air were immediately suppressed down onto the ground. People that belonged to Ying Family gradually kneeled down one after another, and as Ying Family’s family head, Ying Jingshan was still tenaciously resisting the might. How could I kneel down! Pfft! Ying Jingshan spat out a mouth of blood and his knees suddenly smashed into the ground. Upon seeing that everyone within Ying Family was kneeling down on the ground, Ye Hua said faintly, “The reason that I came today is to give you all a way out to survive!” “Of course, something like exterminating an entire family is not something that I have never done before. I will give you all one second to consider about it!” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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