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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 192 – I am too outstanding 1/2 A second later. Ye Hua said faintly, “A wise man submits to circumstances, I admire all of you!” Ying Family, “……” You have to at least give us time to consider about it. Others would normally give the other party one day to consider about it, and yet you only give one second? And after one second had passed, you say that we are wise men who submit to circumstances? This isn’t good, right? Aren’t you being too impetuous? “No matter what identity you all possessed before, from this moment on, all of you only have to obey one person’s orders!” Ye Hua shouted out faintly, “Xun Fang, come out.” Xun Fang who was standing at the most back was startled. What is he calling me out for at this timing? Death Mage pushed onto this foolish woman. His Honor is calling out for you, what are you still being in a daze for! Right now, Xun Fang was still currently wearing the work clothes of a hotel attendant. When Ying Family saw Xun Fang, their heads began buzzing continuously. Could it be that, from now on, we are going to have to obey the orders of a hotel attendant? “She is the person that all of you will have to obey from now on, and she will also be the one to pass on my orders to all of you. Of course, you all can choose to resist, but do not forget the price that you all would have to pay for afterward. There are lots of lots of families that have been exterminated by me, I wouldn’t mind exterminating one more family.” After finish speaking, Ye Hua silently ignited a stick of cigarette. Wei Chang once again shouted out in a deep and low voice, “Have all of you heard clearly what that has been said?” Ying Family was completely silent. A Huge Water Demon God could be seen smashing its fist towards the crowd! Bang! The entire small island began shaking violently, seemingly like it was going to explode and split into parts, and a huge wave was set off by the fist. All of Ying Family’s buildings turned into debris under the fist's might. “Have all of you heard clearly what that has been said!” Wei Chang shouted out once again, and the eight Huge Water Demon Gods could be seen to have already raised their fists. If their fists were to be punched towards the island, the entire Ying Family will be completely exterminated. “We have all heard clearly!!!!” Ying Shang shouted out loudly. And along with Ying Shang opening his mouth, more and more Ying Family members began opening their mouths too. When standing in front of absolute power, all kinds of resistances were useless, and all that could be done was to submit! Lie Gu shouted out, “Shout out in unison, and use Honor to address His Honor!” The entire island could be heard shouting out in unison, “We should solemnly obey His Honor’s orders!” It has been such a long time since I last experienced such a treatment like this. Ye Hua slightly closed his eyes. In the past, when I came across such a situation like this, I basically wouldn’t let anyone live. However, right now, things are different. Everyone has their own uses, as long as they are utilized well! Wei Chang, Lie Gu, and Ye Zizi who were standing behind were feeling very excited. It feels like we have returned back to back then again, I really want to kill till there’s nothing left~ Towards Wei Chang and Lie Gu’s girlfriends, what they have just witnessed tonight have completely changed their world outlook. So, things can actually even be done like this. Xun Fang was still in shock right now and still hasn’t come back to her senses. In actuality, within those people, Qing Yutong was the one who was the most surprised. I knew that brother-in-law is formidable, but I didn’t expect that he would be formidable to such a degree. No wonder the system wants me to hug onto brother-in-law’s thigh. Big sister sure is fortunate. With brother-in-law there to protect big sister, I can put my mind at ease about big sister. Ye Hua stretched out his palm and condensed out a piece of token, “Xun Fang, these eight Huge Water Demon Gods will now be under your control. Also, that cat over there should be under your control too. If they are disobedient, you can just kill them off! However, Huge Water Demon Gods are only able to appear at the sea.” Death Mage immediately made a gesture towards Xun Fang. Quickly kneel down, if not once His Honor becomes angry, he will even exterminate you too, and if you were to get exterminated, where am I going to find myself a wife? Xun Fang of course knew the rules. Xun Fang kneeled down and accepted the token with both of her hands. “You all can continue living on with your lives as usual, as long as you all obey her orders!” Ye Hua emphasized for the last time, then soon after, he snapped his fingers, and everyone disappeared! The eight Huge Water Demon Gods turned into seawater, and the ice platform and ice throne began melting quickly. If not for Heavy Dust still kneeling down on the ground, everyone would think that it was all just a dream… While with a somewhat dazed expression on his face, Ying Jingshan looked towards the ancient godly item that landed onto the ground that was not far away from him. The ancient godly items are indeed rubbish towards them. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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