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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 193 – I’m begging you 1/2 Ye Hua hurriedly returned to the wedding dress shop, and Qing Ya could be seen to have fallen asleep on the sofa. This foolish woman, to not even know to head back to the hotel by herself first. After changing his clothes, Ye Hua lightly carried his woman up from the sofa, and furthermore, it was a princess carry. Qing Ya pursed her lips and embraced onto Ye Hua’s neck, “You are back.” “If you are tired, why didn’t you just go back and rest?” Ye Hua said lightly. “Because I’m waiting for you, I’m scared that you wouldn’t be able to find me.” Ye Hua laughed lightly, “How would I not be able to find you?” Qing Ya smiled tenderly and buried her head onto Ye Hua’s chest. Qing Ya felt very sweet in her heart. Within these two days, lots of things happened within Ying Family, and it could be counted as a great calamity for Ying Family. Luckily, everything was restrained in the end! However, Xun Fang’s first order was that, tonight’s matter was not allowed to be spread outside, if not, Ying Family should be eliminated! Death Mage stood behind his own woman and watched her issued one order after another order. Why do the more I look at that back, the more attractive that back gets? Especially the way she looks when she instructs others, it is truly beautiful. Ying Family’s construction works were undergoing intensely. Xun Fang had been a sect master before and thus knew how to manage others. And in actuality, all she had to do was to manage and keep those Ying Family’s relatives under control. After finish giving out all of the orders, Xun Fang and Death Mage found a spot to sit at. While leaning against each other, the two began playing with their mobile game. In actuality, Xun Fang forgot about one matter, which was that the token within her hand could be used to control the eight Huge Water Demon Gods. The Huge Water Demon Gods were summoned out by Ye Hua, and the strength of each of those Huge Water Demon Gods was far above Death Mage’s strength. So long as Xun Fang wants, she could kill off Death Mage anytime she wants. However, not sure what reason, Xun Fang seemed to have chosen to forget about the matter regarding the Huge Water Demon Gods and still continued using her own method to try and kill off Death Mage. Right now, at Long’an City, Leisure Bar. Wei Chang brought along Tang Wei and appeared within the bar’s toilet. Tang Wei still seemed to be very shocked about what happened. That scene from just a while ago seemed just like a scene from a science fiction movie. That super huge water human almost smashed the island into pieces with just one fist. And at the scene, there were eight of those super huge water humans… His Honor is too formidable. Upon recalling the time where I went and gave a love letter to His Honor, I feel so embarrassed… “Uncle Wei, since it’s already so late, I will just go to your house and sleep for today.” Tang Wei tapped her toes onto the floor and said shyly. Right now, I’m still feeling very excited, I really want to do some shameful things with Uncle Wei right now. Wei Chang rubbed onto Tang Wei’s head, “Have you forgotten that Uncle Wei has a car? Uncle Wei can send you back home.” Tang Wei, “……” Uncle Wei is the most honest man I have ever seen, there is no one more honest than Uncle Wei! After walking out of the toilet, Tang Wei pulled onto Wei Chang, “Uncle Wei, they are still here…” Wei Chang suddenly slapped onto his own head. I forgot to tell His Honor about this. “Xiao Tang, you go and change your clothes first, I will go and ask them just what is it that they want.” “Alright, Uncle Wei.” Wei Chang walked to the main hall. On a booth, a pair of male and female were sitting on it. The male and female had a grave expression on their faces, seemingly like they had made an important decision. “I’m sorry, our bar is currently closing for business.” Wei Chang revealed out a professional smile. Right beside the male, there was a guitar box, and it seemed to be very important to the male. “I want to meet black robe.” The male straightforwardly said out his motive. That’s right, this male was Xiao Yi! And the female beside him was Shu Nan! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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