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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 194 – The three who are having a hard time 1/2 Wei Chang stretched out his hand, and the Xuan Yuan Sword that was within the guitar box floated onto his hand. Wei Chang said faintly, “This sword is garbage, and your life is garbage too.” Wei Chang let his hand loose, and the Xuan Yuan Sword landed back into the guitar box. However, Wei Chang purposely left an aura of his on the sword. Upon hearing Wei Chang’s words, and seeing the Xuan Yuan Sword landed back into the guitar box, Xiao Yi began coughing severely. Xiao Yi tried with all his might to crawl towards Wei Chang. He wanted to crawl to Wei Chang and beg him, beg him to save his wives and child. “However, you are very lucky, I like saving garbage’s lives.” A black fog entered into Xiao Yi’s head, and the latter immediately fainted. “Brother Xiao! Brother Xiao!” “Tell him, I can save him, but at the same time, I can also kill him!” Shu Nan was very sensible as she kneeled down and said, “From now on, Xiao Family should listen to your orders!” Wei Chang nodded his head, and his body disappeared. Soon after, he appeared at the back alley. “Xiao Tang, let’s go.” Wei Chang said with a slight smile. “En~” Tang Wei smiled tenderly. Within Leisure Bar, Shu Nan was currently feeling her husband’s pulse. After feeling her husband’s pulse for a while, she finally let out a breath of relief. Brother Xiao’s pulse is very stable, and his vitality has become much surging compared to before. That person is too formidable, to actually be able to save a person who is about to die soon. Shu Nan carried Xiao Yi onto the booth, and with her mind finally at ease, she began waiting for Xiao Yi to come to. 10 minutes later. Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm~ Shu Nan became dazed! Why is Brother Xiao moaning… Isn’t that a woman’s specialty? “Where am I at?” Xiao Yi raised his head while in a daze and asked. Shu Nan’s heart sank. It couldn’t be that something went wrong, right? “Brother Xiao! Look at me!” Shu Nan held onto Xiao Yi’s face and said nervously. Xiao Yi who had a dazed look on him suddenly smiled brightly, then hugged onto his own woman. Shu Nan was startled for a moment, and afterward, she punched onto Xiao Yi with her tender fist, “You scoundrel, you scared me to death!!! I’m going to beat you to death!!!” Xiao Yi tightly hugged onto the woman who was within his embrace, and after a long while, he said tenderly, “Shu Nan, thank you.” “Brother Xiao…” Listening to that strong heartbeat, Shu Nan could be considered to finally be completely at ease. “Alright, let’s go back.” Xiao Yi stood up. Looking at the Xuan Yuan Sword that was lying within the guitar box, there was no great change in his expression. After covering the guitar box, Xiao Yi picked up the guitar box. “Brother Xiao, are we going to leave just like this?” Shu Nan took a look at the surroundings and asked confusedly. Xiao Yi nodded his head. A trace of black fog flickered within his black pupils, “En, there are still a lot of things waiting for us to go and do, I am going to see just how many people are going to betray me!” Shu Nan nodded her head. This time’s narrow escape through death could be counted as a miracle. However, although that is the case, the things that are going to be happening next are going to be much more dangerous. Everyone is eyeing at Brother Xiao’s Xuan Yuan Sword. Looking at Brother Xiao, he seems to be intending to continue to pretend to still be sick and lure out those enemies that are hiding within the dark. A miraculous day passed by just like this. As one of the three big powers, Ying Family was engrossed within the ocean of pain, and on the other hand, for Xiao Family, who was an ordinary family, it was a joyful day for them. From this matter, it could be shown that luck was truly very important. Alright, I’m just bluffing, in actuality, everything was within a moment of Ye Hua’s decisions. On the next morning, Ye Hua was once again pulled out of bed by Qing Ya. Of course, only after pulling for an hour, then did Qing Ya finally pulled Ye Hua out of the bed. This caused Qing Ya to not know whether to laugh or cry. This Ye Hua is such a big person already, and he is actually trying to sleep in. If I don’t give him two kisses, he wouldn’t even get off from the bed and would act shamelessly. Ye Hua who was pulled out from the bed was in a very bad mood. And since Ye Hua was in a bad mood, someone else was definitely going to be out of luck. Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi were precisely the ones that were going to be out of luck. Today’s shoot was an outdoor shoot, thus it was definitely going to be exhausting… Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi couldn’t even run away even if they wanted to, their butts still hurts right now. However, the pairing of a big bridesmaid and a small bridesmaid was indeed very interesting. With the addition of the two in the shoot, the outdoor shoot was about to catch up to a celebrity's signature signing event. Asides from the photographer who was taking photos, there were also a bunch of other people in the surroundings taking photos. After all, the people who were being shot, the man was handsome, the women were beautiful, and furthermore, there was a little loli. The combination of the four was truly great. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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