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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 194 – The three who are having a hard time 2/2 At a location that was 2500 kilometers away from Ye Hua and the others, there were three other people who were having it harder than Ye Hua, Ye Zizi, and Qing Yutong. “Big brother, are you really going to sell it?” Little Brother Red asked while feeling sad. Big Brother Green took a puff of the cigarette, and after looking at Little Ah Li who was standing at the side, he said gravely, “Sell!” “For just 3000 rmb, are you really going to sell it?” That’s right, right now, Big Brother Green had the thought of selling his car. This Wuling Hongguang car was bought by me by spending all of my savings. Although it was a second-hand, it still cost me 30k+ rmb. The car was used by me to ship goods. But right now, if I don’t sell it, what am I going to eat? “Big brother, let’s just go and withdraw money at an atm.” Big Brother Green stretched out his hand and slapped onto Little Brother Red’s head, “Are you stupid? If I were to go and withdraw money at an atm, wouldn’t I be revealing my own location to the police!” “They are able to track your location just from you withdrawing money out from an atm?” Little Brother Red asked confusedly. “Of course. The moment I withdraw the money from the atm, the bank would immediately be able to know which atm I withdrew from, and afterward, we would get surrounded by the police. This is how it always goes within the television. Why do you not grow a brain?” Little Brother Red pouted his mouth, “Who would think about that when watching television.” “Hey, are you still going to sell the car or not?” The shop’s boss shouted out impatiently. This car is not bad, I would be able to earn a few thousand from reselling it. Big Brother Green said hurriedly, “I’m selling it!” Donghuang Li could be seen walking with small steps to Big Brother Green’s side and pulled onto Big Brother Green’s shirt, “Uncle Green.” Big Brother Green who had a stiff look on his face turned his head around and smiled, “Ah Li, what’s the matter? We are going to have money soon. Uncle Green will treat you to eat McDonald.” “Uncle Green, Ah Li doesn’t want to eat McDonald anymore, it’s not delicious.” Donghuang Li could naturally see that the two uncles did not have any more money, therefore, how could she request to eat something so expensive again, she was currently already feeling very guilty in her heart. Big Brother Green carried Donghuang Li up from the ground and asked with a smile, “Then, what does Ah Li wants to eat? Uncle Green will buy it for you.” “Ah Li wants to eat buns.” The green and red brothers sighed in their hearts. What a sensible child. Rubbing onto Ah Li’s head, Big Brother Green smiled, “Alright, Uncle Red will bring you to go and buy big pork buns.” After taking a look at his little brother who was bringing Ah Li to the side to buy buns, Big Brother Green pointed to the motorbike that was at the side and asked, “Boss, how much is this motorbike?” “1000 rmb.” The boss immediately gave a huge price. Big Brother Green used to ride motorbikes quite often during the past. This motorbike seems pretty decent, however, 1000 rmb is too expensive, the most I can do is 500 rmb. “500 rmb for it.” “Won't do!” “Forget about it then.” “Hey, hey, hey, little brother, wait a minute, wait a minute, the price can be discussed over.” The boss immediately shouted. That motorbike has been placed here for two months already. Right now, it would be best for me to get the motorbike off my hands. “You can take it for 800 rmb.” “Bye-bye.” “600 rmb!” “Forget it.” “Alright, alright, alright, 500 rmb it is then.” The boss didn’t want to continue at it anymore. In any case, the motorbike would just be taking up space in my shop if I don’t sell it. With 2500 rmb in their pockets and a motorbike that was emitting out black smoke, the three set out towards the south. When they came across rain, they would search for a place to hide from the rain, and when night comes, they would just casually search for a place to rest at for the night. Although the journey was rough, the journey was filled with laughter and joy. On this night, they came across rain again. Big Bother Green hurriedly searched for a place to hide from the rain, and luckily, thanks to heaven’s blessing, they found a half-collapsed house at the side of the road. The green and red brothers’ afros had long collapsed, while Little Ah Li’s face was dirty. However, Little Ah Li’s eyes were incomparably bright. “The south’s weather is filled with rain.” Little Brother Red shook away the rainwater that was on his hair and sighed. Big Brother Green found a few pieces of dried woods within the broken-down house and used a lighter to set the dried woods on fire. Afterward, Big Brother Green looked towards Ah Li and asked, “Ah Li, are you hungry?” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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