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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 195 – Arrived at their destination 1/2 Ah Li rubbed onto her stomach. In actuality, she was very hungry… “Ah Li is not hungry.” Donghuang Li said with her tender voice, then moved her body closer to the fire. After those few days of interactions, red and green brothers understood Ah Li’s character, care a lot for others, and was also very considerate. Donghuang Li stood her body up, walked to Big Brother Green’s back, and said with a smile, “Uncle Green, you have been riding the motorbike for an entire day, let Ah Li help you massage your shoulders.” “Thank you, Ah Li. Uncle is not tired, uncle is still very energetic right now!” In actuality, Big Brother Green’s shoulders were aching. My shoulders feel like they are going to dislocate. However, Ah Li still continued and helped massage Big Brother Green’s shoulders. Suddenly, Little Brother Red said indignantly, “Big brother, those people within the family are too malicious, they actually reported us, and even said that we stole chickens from the neighboring village during a year ago!” “Sigh, you only see who are true to you during hard times, I have decided to withdraw from the family.” Big Brother Green lighted up a wrinkled looking stick of cigarette. “Good idea! Then, big brother, how about we create a new family on our own? What should we name our new family?” The little brother was very excited. Big Brother Green let out a mouth of smoke and said faintly, “Let’s call it, Buried Love Family.” “F**k, what a good name! This name is profound, artistic, and creative!” “Ah Li wants to join the family too~” Donghuang Li said with a smile on her face, her big eyes were about to turn into crescents. Big Brother Green smiled, “You this little brat can forget about it, wait until you grow up, then we will talk about it again.” “Humph~ Ah Li wants to join~” “Haha, then, there are now three people within our Buried Love Family, who will be the boss?” Little Brother Red stood up, having a look on him that was saying, quickly, pick me to be the boss. Donghuang Li immediately raised her hand, “Ah Li will be the boss~” Big Brother Green, “……” Little Brother Red, “……” Little Brother Red smiled and said, “Ah Li, what good is there in being a boss? Watch, Uncle Red will perform a frantic version of Thomas flair for you.” Whew, whew, whew… In a moment, the dust began flying everywhere, and Big Brother Green and Donghuang Li immediately covered onto their mouths and noses. “Don’t f**king spin anymore, that back mountain of ours was precisely spun flat by you.” Big Brother Green couldn’t stand it anymore. Little Brother Red stood his body up and patted onto his hands, “Big brother, during last year’s family contest, your Thomas flair was the one that received first place.” “Ah, Uncle Green was the one who received first place? So formidable.” Donghuang Li exclaimed in surprise. She felt that Big Brother Green was very formidable for being able to receive first place. Big Brother Green was very humble, “That is but a thing in the past, a great man doesn’t mention his braveries that happened during the past.” “Big brother, give Ah Li a short performance and show her what the first place’s Thomas flair looks like.” Donghuang Li followed along and said, “Uncle Green, Ah Li wants to see you spin.” “Alright, Uncle Green will perform for Ah Li then.” Big Brother Green could be seen standing up and patting onto his butt, then walked to where his little brother was standing at just a while ago. Whew, whew, whew… As expected of the family’s first place, the scene seemed as if a smoke bomb had been thrown there, Big Brother Green’s figure couldn’t even be seen anymore. Donghuang Li, “Cough, cough, cough…” Little Brother Red, “Cough, cough, cough, cough, cough…” Little Brother Red silently thought to himself, “And he still says that the back mountain was spun flat by me, the back mountain was evidently spun flat by him.” The joyful times always pass by very quickly. The three gradually fell asleep, and on the second day, they continued heading down south. Ten days later… The three stood at Long’an City’s public square and looked at the huge statue in front of them. A big aunt that was passing by took a look at them, then slowly took out five rmb and placed it on the floor. “Big aunt! Come back, which eye of yours saw that I look like a beggar!” Little Brother Red shouted out. The big aunt turned her head around and looked at him with a look of disdain, “Are you ill? The money isn’t for you too.” The corner of Little Brother Red’s mouth twitched. So, what you are trying to say is that I am even worse than a beggar! Donghuang Li picked up the five rmb that was on the floor and said to the big aunt, “Thank you, auntie.” The big aunt walked back to Donghuang Li, then took out ten rmb and gave it to her, “Little friend, quickly go and buy something for yourself to eat.” The motorbike broke down during their journey to Long’an City, and it was the kind of broke down where the motorbike couldn’t be fixed anymore. Furthermore, they have also used up all of the money that they had on them. However, Big Brother Green still insisted on not withdrawing money from the atm. Unless a situation where I have no choice but to withdraw from the atm arises, I won’t withdraw money from the atm. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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