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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 195 – Arrived at their destination 2/2 While holding onto the money within her hand, the dirty-looking Donghuang Li smiled and said, “Uncles, Ah Li has money now, Ah Li will treat you two to eat.” Green and red brothers rubbed onto Ah Li’s head and smiled, “Uncle is not hungry, Ah Li, you can just buy for yourself to eat.” “Won’t do, if uncles are not eating, Ah Li won’t eat too!” Donghuang Li pouted her small mouth, having a look on her that was saying, if you all are not eating, then I won’t eat too. Hearing Ah Li’s words, the green and red brothers took a look at each other, with just those words alone, it is already worth it for us to send Ah Li back home! After buying a bun, they split the bun into three pieces. However, Donghuang Li’s share was at least half the size of the bun, green and red brothers didn’t take too much. After finding a park, the three sat at a long bench and began to savor the world’s most delicious bun. “Ah Li, we have arrived at Long’an City, where do your daddy and mommy stay at?” Big Brother Green asked. I feel like I have gone through thousands of difficulties to finally be able to come close to sending this little ancestor back to her home. “Erm, Leisure Bar.” Donghuang Li said. Green and red brothers went into a daze for a moment, what does she mean by that? Please? (清吧, which means Leisure Bar, sounds like 请吧, which means please) “Leisure Bar!” Donghuang Li said with clear pronunciation. “Big brother, I have heard of bars before, but I have never heard of leisure bars.” Little Brother Red said confusedly. Big Brother Green stretched out his hand and slapped onto Little Brother Red’s head, “Are you stupid, it is most probably some fresh amusement thing within the cities. Look it up on Baidu.” “My phone is out of battery…” “Then, let’s find it by visiting one bar by another bar.” Little Brother Red let out a breath. Such a big city like this, how are we going to even find it… Seems like we still haven’t gotten through all the dangers within this ‘Journey to the South’. After finish eating, the three began looking for the so-called Leisure Bar. However, they suddenly discovered one thing, which was that, the bars seemed to be closed during the day and were only opened during the night. Walking on the flourishing big street, the three became the focal point. Suddenly, a fragrance blew over, and the three stopped their footsteps and looked towards their right side. “Song Prince Mansion Hotspot Store.” Green and red brothers pursed their lips, while Donghuang Li straightforwardly swallowed a mouth of saliva. “So many people are queueing up.” Donghuang Li mumbled. “Big brother, the food within this store looks very delicious.” Little Brother Red was about to start dripping saliva. “That’s right.” Donghuang Li said while mesmerized. Suddenly, a man who wore a western suit walked out of the store and stood outside of the store’s entrance to smoke. Looking at the three, the man wrinkled his brows and said, “The three of you, stand a bit further away, don’t affect my customers’ appetites.” Donghuang Li pulled onto Big Brother Green’s hand and said, “Uncle, let’s leave, don’t affect them.” Big Brother Green was very unhappy about it, “What are you making noise for, does this road belong to your family? I come from a village and even I am more cultured than you!” “Aiyo, still dares to talk back? Scram, if not, see how I am going to take care of you!” Donghuang Li pointed towards the manager and said with her tender voice, “Uncle, you are a bad guy!” “Oh? Where did this little beggar come from? Even more, this little beggar’s mouth doesn’t spare others, huh? Don’t even have a bit of basic upbringing!” When green and red brothers saw Little Ah Li’s eyes turned red, they immediately exploded and rolled up their sleeves, “I f**king dare you to say it again!” Upon seeing that the green and red brothers seemed like they were intending to fight him with all their might, the manager immediately hid into the store, “If you all still don’t leave, I am going to report to the police!” “F**k, if I don’t give you a lesson today, I will dye my hair green!” While speaking, Little Brother Red rushed into the store, causing the people that were queueing up to become startled and immediately stepped aside. Big Brother Green also rushed into the store. A bunch of fighting sounds immediately rang out within the store, and before a minute had even passed, green and red brothers ran out of the store while with a flustered look on their faces. After running out of the store, one of them carried Donghuang Li up from the ground, then continued running away with all their might. 10+ chefs could be seen rushing out from the store, and every one of them was holding onto a cleaver. “Big brother, there is an alley there, let’s run into the alley!” Big Brother Green stretched out his hand and slapped onto Little Brother Red's head, “What will we do if the alley leads to a dead-end, continue running!” “You are right.” And thus, the three of them ran past their final destination. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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